The Price of Metermine and Other Diet Pills

For the last 30 years, obesity reached epidemic proportions and this tendency is not decreasing these days. The World Health Organization believes is that obesity is one of the main problems of modern society.

Against this background, we see a phenomenal a growing number of different diet pills on pharmaceutical markets of all countries in the world. Weight loss pills manufacturers offer many goods at various prices and of different efficiency. Metermine is sold at Australian pharmacies and its price may vary significantly.


  • Transport costs.
  • Wages of employees.
  • Rental costs.
  • Utilities costs.
  • Marketing costs.

Even considering all these costs, the price for Metermine is sometimes smaller than for other weight loss pills.

It happens because the manufacturer of Metermine – iNova Pharmaceuticals (Australia) does not have such costs as other companies do. Unlike other weight loss pills, Metermine price does not include the costs for clinical trials and the development of chemical formula of the controlled substance Phentermine.


Metermine contains active substance Phentermine, which was used for obesity treatment since 1959. Other weight loss pills are used for obesity treatment not so long, and thus their price remains high.

  • Orlistat was approved by the FDA in 1999.
  • Sibutramine was approved by the FDA in 1997.

No wonder the manufacturers of weight loss pills want to cover their outlay on the development of product, its marketing and advertising. Billions of dollars are spent on the development of new medications every year. This is reflected in the price of products.


Besides, the legislation of many countries allows the developer of new slimming pills to remain a monopolist for a long time (10-25 years depending on the country). Slimming pills manufacturers take advantage of this and get an extra profit.

Diet pills, containing Phentermine, are produced in many countries worldwide (e.g. the USA and Australia). For over 50 years, several dozens of companies have participated in the production and distribution of Phentermine. A great competition on the pharmacological market cause the occurrence of a reasonable price for Metermine and its analogues.

If you are willing to buy anorexigenic drug containing Phentermine for weight loss, you can order Metermine diet pills online with no prescription in any country of the world. When you are ordering Metermine on online pharmacy, there is no need to fill out a medical questionnaire. Therefore, you can purchase Metermine online in just a few minutes. Prior to buy Metermine appetite suppressant, please make sure the delivery of this anorexigenic drug to your region is possible.