Tenuate Retard


Tenuate Retard is a medication, which is used for treatment of moderate and severe obesity in adults and adolescents aged 12 years and older. The anti-obesity drug is produced by the pharmaceutical company Artegodan (Germany).

This weight loss product is not is available in the North American market.

In the US, however, you can find tablets that:

  • Contain the same active ingredient,
  • Are approved for the same therapeutic purposes.

If you were planning to buy Tenuate Retard, but you can not find these tablets in pharmacies, perhaps a similar medicine is sold in your city under patented and/or generic names:

  • Tepanil
  • Tenuate
  • Tenuate Dospan
  • Diethylpropion.

Some pharmacies provide an opportunity to buy Tenuate Retard online. Before you place your order though, ask the pharmacist if the delivery of Tenuate Retard to your country of residence is possible.

Indications for use

Tenuate retard is an appetite suppressant, which is used as a part of a weight loss program and diet plan for obesity and overweight treatment.
Medication is prescribed to patients, in whom other ways of losing weight do not provide the desired result.

Dosage forms

Tenuate retard is produced in the form oval film-coated tablets.

The active substance of Tenuate retard pills is an anorexiant agent Diethylpropion (known in some countries as Amfepramone).

Each tablet contains 75 mg of Diethylpropion, as well as inactive ingredients that have no therapeutic activity.

Tenuate Retard works by influencing the functions of the central nervous system, which:

  • Suppress hunger
  • Strengthen satiety.

By regulating the CNS functions, the appetite suppressant Tenuate Retard helps to:

  • Decrease appetite,
  • Monitor the frequency of food intake,
  • Reduce the amount of food consumed.

Dosing regimen

Tenuate retard should be taken once a day, between 8 and 10 am, regardless of meals. It is recommended to wash down the pills with a glass of non-carbonated water or fruit juice.

Tenuate retard 75 mg pills should be swallowed whole, without dividing into parts or chewing, since doing so can affect:

  • Release rate of the active substance
  • rate of the anorexigenic effect

The anti-obesity treatment course can last 4 weeks or more, and it should not exceed 3 months.

Use of Tenuate retard can contribute to an insignificant acceleration of metabolism, which will contribute to increased calorie consumption and faster weight loss.

Possible side effects and contraindications

Subject to compliance with the dosing regimen, the vast majority of patients tolerate Tenuate retard well. However, the use of this anorectic can sometimes result in undesirable effects.

The list of possible adverse events includes the following symptoms as most often manifested:

  • sleep disorders,
  • agitation,
  • palpitations,
  • nausea,
  • excessive sweating.

The experience of clinical application of Tenuate retard shows that the probability of these side effects development is the highest at the beginning of therapy, during the first few weeks.

When Tenuate retard is used for a few weeks, the intensity of adverse reactions decreases, and they gradually disappear. Long-term use of Tenuate retard (longer than 3 months) is associated with the development of dependence and tolerance in patients.

Tenuate retard is not recommended for use during pregnancy and during the breastfeeding period.

It should also be avoided in patients, who are hypersensitive to any component of the medication, or in such conditions, like:

  • high blood pressure;
  • hyperthyroidism;
  • increased pressure in the pulmonary arteries.

To avoid withdrawal syndrome at the moment of the drug cessation, patients should adhere to the recommended dosing regimen of Tenuate retard and the duration of the drug treatment for obesity.

Tenuate Retard

Tenuate Retard is a medication, which is used for treatment of moderate and severe obesity in adults and adolescents aged

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