Are you willing to become slimmer without much effort and quickly turn your dreams into reality?

Use Sibutril pills for weight loss, which have been designed especially to help you quickly achieve the most ambitious weight loss goals.

Learn all information about this medication that you should know, or immediately check out the answers to the most burning questions, like Sibutril vs other anorecticsSibutril advantages and How to buy Sibutril online.

Sibutril equals to a reduction in food cravings, appetite control and increase in thermogenesis in a single tablet.

About Sibutril weight loss pills

Sibutril is a product of the chemical company BASF and it was developed in the eighties to help fight depression.

Because after some time, however, no sufficient effect was found in this area, the drug was supposed to be withdrawn from the market, but it turned out that it could be used as an aid in weight loss.

This was confirmed by some clinical tests so that Sibutril can be taken as an appetite suppressant in addition to the diet today to reduce your own body weight.

Sibutril works differently vs other anorectics

Just like many appetite suppressants, Sibutril also affects the metabolism of the patient, but the mode of action is different from the first-generation appetite suppressants, which were forbidden for sale.

The active ingredient, Sibutramine, ensures namely that the two important neurotransmitters serotonin and norepinephrine are affected and cannot be taken up by the nerves.

This leads roughly to a reaction that affects the appetite and thus ensures that you feel less hungry.

Sibutril belongs to a group of centrally acting drugs stimulating certain parts of the brain and reducing appetite.

It is not intended to increase metabolism, yet, as already mentioned, medical studies have established that metabolism increases in most people during the use of this anorexigenic drug.

Just as other weight loss pills, Sibutril is intended as a monotherapy of overweight or obesity, combined with changes in lifestyle, such as adjustment of eating behavior and increase in physical activity.

Due to these changes, energy levels are increased and metabolism is normalized.

For the maximum effect from Sibutril use, users should follow some simple recommendations, such as:

  • Eat 5-6 times a day
  • Do not forget about breakfast
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables
  • Drink more water
  • Avoid fatty and high-calorie food

To get rid of extra pounds forever, you have to change your eating habits and carefully control the balance of macronutrients consumed – proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Most obese people know what a healthy diet is, but not all of them can resist hunger.

The drug suppresses appetite effectively, so you can use a variety of methods able to help increase metabolism.

It accelerates the intracellular metabolism and allows people to get used to a proper eating behavior.

Another important way to increase metabolism is physical activity.

Unfortunately, in modern way of life, it is difficult to find sufficient time for sports, therefore, most recommend moderate intensity physical activity to get rid of subcutaneous or visceral fat, including:

  • Daily walking
  • Work in the garden and home
  • Active games with children
  • Walking with pets

For a fast metabolism and maintenance of elevated energy levels, physical activity of high intensity is also required, e.g. running, fast cycling, swimming and active sport games.

This physical activity will help not only to increase the fat burning rate, but also to control weight after Sibutril discontinuation.

Effect of Sibutril (Sibutramine) therapy on metabolism should appear 1-2 weeks after the treatment beginning.

Weight control will not only speed up chemical reactions in the body, but will also ensure a positive effect over the functions of all body organs and systems.

Who can take Sibutril without any negative consequences?

Sibutril is a medication, which is truly capable of assisting your weight loss.

However, it should be noted that Sibutril cannot be used by each and every person, because side effects, caused by the use of this drug in certain diseases can cause fatal consequences.

Moreover, it is very important to consult a doctor before you pop the first pill to minimize any risks.

In addition, Sibutril is a prescription medication, which makes a close collaboration with a physician actually essential.

Do something good for yourself and enjoy your new figure, since trials on treatment with Sibutril have shown positive results.

Sibutril was clinically tested worldwide.

Generic of Sibutril is Sibutramine.

While Sibutramine is marketed in Europe under the name Sibutril, in the U.S. the same drug is sold under the name Meridia, and here is a possible scenario of your weight loss progress on Subutril:

  • Just a few days after the start of Sibutril use, you will realize that your body is able to function normally without excessive food consumption.
  • Within a few weeks after starting weight loss program, you will be able to make a huge step towards a radical change in your abnormal eating behavior.
  • In sustained motivation to weight loss, Sibutril will help you form healthy eating habits for a few months and you will learn controlling your appetite without using any prescription and non-prescription appetite suppressants.

Sibutril advantages

Besides suppressing the appetite, Sibutril provides other positive effects, such as lowering blood sugar levels (thus resulting in a lower risk of diabetes development), reduction in diastolic and systolic blood pressure (thus resulting in a lower risk of heart disease and stroke) and lowering the blood cholesterol levels, and reducing the risk of gout.

It is recommended to take Sibutril particular for the reason because fewer cases of apnea can happen.

At that, you also get a boost in your weight loss, which, in turn, provides a positive effect over self-confidence and motivation.

The main advantages of these slimming pills are as follows:

  • Powerful Anorectic Effect – to prevent binge eating episodes.
  • Effective Appetite Control – to reduce the frequency of food consumption
  • Thermogenesis Increase – to burn fat and reduce body fat percentage.
  • High Quality – guaranteed by the European Medicines Agency


Pharmacological effect

Sibutramine sympathomimetic amine is well absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract.

Maximum concentration in the blood plasma is achieved approximately in 60 minutes after oral intake of the drug.

Firstly, Sibutramine is excreted from the body by kidneys, less active components – by kidneys and intestines.

Warnings for the use of Sibutril pills

The active ingredient of Sibutril drug is Sibutramine, which, as mentioned, is a so-called sympathomimetic that belongs to the group of anorectics.

It interferes with the metabolism and inhibits the reuptake of the neurotransmitters serotonin and norepinephrine by the nerve cells.

This leads to an increased concentration of two active substances, in turn, causing faster satiation.

Besides these positive features, the drug, however, also causes unwanted side effects, which require careful attention.

Missing out or not addressing one of them might result in negative health consequences.

Read on to find out more details about possible side effects.

Sibutril precautions and side effects

Side effects of Sibutril are roughly divided into two groups, milder and severe.

While the former group includes headache, vomiting, dry mouth and nausea, which are typical adverse reactions for a variety of medications, the latter group requires a more careful attention and even urgent medical assistance.

These include arrhythmia and numbness, which are rather rare, yet still possible eeven without any various pre-existing health conditions.

Sibutril precautions include such health issues, as:

  • cardiovascular disorders,
  • hyperthyroidism,
  • angina pectoris,
  • epilepsy,
  • high blood pressure,
  • liver and kidney dysfunction.

Cardiovascular patients are rarely recommended using Sibutril, especially when unobserved by a healthcare professional.

Therefore, if you have or suspect having any cardiovascular condition, don’t risk having a heart attack, and consult with your doctor to choose another option or adjust the dosing schedule for Sibutril.

In your desire to achieve a positive weight loss effect, you should not underestimate the importance of observing the dosing schedule and the duration of the pills use.

Those who observe basic recommendations and have none of the enlisted medical conditions, however, have high chances to achieve weight loss without suffering from any severe side effects.

Don’t forget about the need to use this drug as short as possible, as a kick-start, and not a lifelong weight loss aid.

Weight reduction should not come at the expense of your health.

What should I discuss with the doctor

In order to maximize the efficiency of Sibutramine stimulant, inform your physician about all the drugs you are using (prescription and non-prescription drugs), e.g. antidepressants, painkillers, antihistamines, NSAIDs, etc.

Sibutril 15 mg

The anorectic drug Sibutril is available in two strengths, 10mg and 15mg.

Obesity treatment usually starts with the lowest Sibutril dose, with a further increase to 15 mg per day.

To avoid insomnia, it is recommended to take Sibutril 15 mg in the morning, regardless of the meal.

You should take the pill whole, without chewing, washing it down with a glass of liquid.

To ensure an effective weight loss, it is recommended to take Sibutril 15 mg in combination with a low-fat diet or a meal plan, recommended by a professional nutritionist.

Even if you usually consider food restrictions very stressful, this medication will help you cope with unpleasant cravings and suffering.

Patients, satisfied with their weight loss results, share their experience and success stories on Sibutril 15 mg forum.

For authenticity, they upload photos of themselves before they started the obesity treatment and after Sibutril use.

Those patients, who want to start fighting with excessive weight and can not decide on buying Sibutril, will find it useful to check out consumer reviews on forums, dedicated to this appetite suppressant.

The majority of potential buyers are often interested in how does Sibutril 15 mg work and where you can buy cheap Sibutril 15 mg.

Needless to say, we have already covered the mechanism of action of this appetite suppressant, so we won’t bore you repeating the same information over and over again.

However, you might discover that people report of different experiences, so you might find it useful to read the reviews – just to make sure that you can sort out the beneficial and normal effects from those, which require doctor’s attention.

How to buy Sibutril

Those patients, who want to buy Sibutril 15 mg at a low price, can be recommended to order Sibutril 15 mg online.

As a rule, online pharmacies offer the most affordable price for Sibutril.

However, it is crucial that you find a pharmacy with a good reputation, and better opt for those who ask for a prescription.

Otherwise you risk losing your money and the drug altogether, because the customs will seize it.

To find a reliable online source of Sibutril, you can read consumer reviews posted on Sibutril forums.

We were searching for such positive reviews, as well, just to see, if there is a place, where you can really buy Sibutril online.

We managed to find a place, where you can buy a variety of weight loss medications, including the one that contains Sibutramine 20 mg (the same active ingredient, as Sibutril contains).

Besides, if your body does not respond properly to the Sibutril, you can buy Phentermine on that very online store.

How cool is that!

Many online pharmacies offer its customers a fast and free Sibutril 15 mg delivery.

And don’t forget to calculate the amount of Sibutril pills, required for treatment before you place your order, because it may affect the final cost of your anti-obesity treatment.

Moreover, you should be aware that it is not recommended to take Sibutril 15 longer, than 1 year, and only provided that your weight loss progress is gradual and permanent.


Store Sibutramine at room temperature in its original package under a tight lid.

Keep the drug away from sunlight and moisture.

You should limit the access of children and other people to the drug.

Sibutramine is a potent appetite suppressant, which you can buy at pharmacies by prescription only.

Please note that the sale of Sibutramine drug without prescription is illegal in the majority of developed countries.

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