About Metermine


Metermine is a brand name of Phentermine weight loss medication. The rightholder of the brand name Metermine is iNova Pharmaceuticals. This company produces Metermine oral capsules, containing 15mg, 30mg and 40mg of Phentermine anorexic agent.

Metermine (Phentermine) medication was listed in Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods in July 2004. Packages with 3, 7 and 30 Metermine capsules were sold at Australian pharmacies for over 10 years.

Australian hospitals, specializing on obesity treatment, usually get packages with 300 Metermine capsules. People can buy Metermine capsules in Australia by a prescription only.

Metermine is not the only medication containing Phentermine, which is available on the international pharmaceutical market. In dozens of the world countries, you may find Metermine generic drugs that contain Phentermine anorexic agent just as Metermine.

In the UK, Metermine generic is available under the brand Ionamin, in New Zealand – under the brand Duromine, and in the USA – under the brand Adipex and nonproprietary name Phentermine Hydrochloride. The price of Metermine generic may be lower than the price of Metermine capsules (by iNova). Therefore, when people buy Metermine generic, they are compensating their costs for a short-term anti-obesity therapy.


Metermine capsules are prescribed to teenagers of 12 years and older, as well as to adults and elderly patients:

  • With BMI 25 to 29 (only with related risk factors)
  • With BMI 30 and higher (class 1,2 or 3 obesity).


Active substance Phentermine acts on the brain areas that participate in regulation of hunger and appetite. Stimulating dopaminergic, noradrenergic and partially serotoninergic nervous system, Phentermine suppresses the appetite and prevents overeating.


Metermine capsules may cause psychiatric side effects; therefore, they must never be taken by obese or overweight patients, who suffer from depression, anxiety, drug dependence or any other mental disorder.

Metermine is contraindicated to other groups of patients, including those, who have glaucoma or a history of cardiovascular disease. To see the full list of contraindications for the use of Metermine, visit your therapist or a pharmacist.


According the results of clinical trials, scientists have proven that Metermine capsules help to lose weight even those patients, who are severely obese. The largest weight loss rate is reached during the first few weeks of using Metermine.

In 2-3 months after the onset of anti-obesity therapy, Metermine efficiency decreases, so its use becomes pointless. A long-term use of Metermine not only reduces the effectiveness of the obesity treatment, but also increases the risk of drug dependence.

To Metermine could help lose weight without a serious harm for health, the daily dose of this medication must not exceed 40mg, and a maximal duration of use must not be more than three months.


It is recommended to use Metermine capsules right before or during a meal. Patient, suffering from obesity can be advised to use:

  • One Metermine 15mg capsule – once daily
  • One Metermine 15mg capsule – two times a day
  • One Metermine 30mg capsule – once daily
  • One Metermine 40mg capsule – once daily.

The maximum recommended Metermine dose for teens is 30mg. Elderly patients should take Metermine only under a supervision of a doctor.


If you want to buy Metermine or Metermine generic, but you have never used capsules containing Phentermine, learn the key information about this weight loss medication. If you will not find answers to your questions in Metermine review, then you can get all the information you need by phone or email.

  • Pharmacological group of Metermine – amphetamine derivatives.
  • Therapeutic group of Metermine – weight loss medication.
  • Marketing status of Metermine – Prescription Only.

Top 5 most obese countries

  • Mexico – 34%
  • United States – 32%
  • Syria – 32%
  • Venezuela and Livia – 31%
  • Trinidad and Tobago – 30%

Purchase of Metermine online

Ordering Metermine online, make sure the online pharmacy has the trade license for selling the prescription weight loss capsules. If you cannot find cheap Metermine capsules on online pharmacies, ask your doctor under which brand names Metermine generic drugs are available in your region.

Please note that if you buy several packages with Metermine capsules online, you can offset your costs for postal services.If you are seeking a pharmaceutical formula, which is able not only to help you control your appetite but also to assist in increasing the burning of body fat, Metermine is the slimming product you have been looking for so long.

The wait is over!

Unlike conventional diet pills that focus on only one area such as appetite control, fat burning or increase of energy, Metermine provides multi-level assistance in the management of overweight.

Pills are designed to help weight loss goals by:

  • Appetite suppression
  • Thermogenesis activation
  • Destruction of stubborn fat cells
  • Support of (normal) fat metabolism.

Order Metermine right now and this incredibly powerful, effective and safe slimming product will be delivered to you anywhere in the world.

Metermine helps reduce fat body mass while preserving lean body mass. Therefore, it is considered one of the best weight loss products available at today’s pharmaceutical market.

In addition to hunger decrease and appetite control, Metermine will help you to:

  • Prevent overeating
  • Reduce the size of each portion
  • Reduce the frequency of the main meal
  • helps to burn stored fat for energy
  • blocks the formation of new fat cells
  • facilitates the body’s natural fat burning process.

Taking Metermine, you will be able to control your appetite throughout the day, significantly to speed up your metabolism and to burn more calories.

However, this does not mean that you do not have to do anything to help your body to increase your amount of calories burned!

When using Metermine in conjunction with a calorie controlled diet and regular exercise program, you will be able quickly to reduce fat stores (body fat percentage), quickly to normalize fat cell function and to stimulate energy production for healthy weight loss.

If you want to achieve your weight loss goals faster, order Metermine right now in just a few minutes!

To buy Metermine online, you do not need a prescription. However, if you have never used Phentermine-based diet pills, you can find information about this appetite suppressant in our reviews before buying Metermine online.

Buy Metermine

Metermine weight loss pills contain active substance Phentermine and several inactive ingredients.

Drugs containing Phentermine are sold in many countries of the world, such as the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

Metermine is produced in Australia by pharmaceutical company iNova Pharmaceuticals. For clients’ convenience, iNova produces and distributes Metermine in form of capsules.


Obese patients can buy Metermine weight loss pills with different dosage:

  • Metermine 15 mg (grey and green capsules).
  • Metermine 30 mg (grey and reddish-brown capsules).
  • Metermine 40 mg (grey and orange capsules).

For patients who have poor color vision, capsules are covered with special signs indicating the dosage.


Metermine is powerful diet pills that can cause a significant impact on the body. Metermine is a stimulant of the central nervous system (CNS) and therefore to buy it, patients need a prescription. Metermine is available only at pharmacies; other kinds of retail sale are illegal.

A patient can get the prescription for Metermine after he was officially diagnosed obesity (BMI over 30). Also, Metermine prescription is issued to those patients, whose overweight (BMI 27 to 30) is accompanied by hypertension, high level of lipids in the blood or type 2 diabetes.

Before buying Metermine, a patient should visit a doctor and undergo a medical examination. The purpose of medical examination is to determine if patient can use Metermine without harm to health. The doctor can prescribe Metermine diet pills to those patients, who have no diseases, associated with the CNS, the work of heart and blood vessels.

After medical examination and getting a prescription, an obese patient can buy Metermine weight loss pills at any pharmacy. Metermine is sold in most pharmacies of Australia; therefore, overweight Australians can easily find and buy these pills.


The price of Metermine weight loss pills may vary in different pharmacies. Before buying it, patient should check out Metermine prices at pharmacies of his city or region. Usually, you cannot save much money this way, but at least something.


Patients, who have bought Metermine, should remember that these weight loss pills are similar to Amphetamine by their effect; meaning they must never be used for long time. Therefore, once you bought them, you should be ready that your appetite would be greatly reduced, so you should also reduce the amount of food in your daily nutrition.

  • The recommended time of use of Metermine is 5-6 weeks, maximum time of use – 12 weeks.

Maximal weight loss rate is observed on 3-4th week of using Metermine. Within this period of time, an obese patient can lose a great amount of weight only if he keeps a diet and increases physical activity.

Now (2014), Metermine is one of the most effective slimming pills that are available on the pharmaceutical market. Patient, buying Metermine can reduce his body mass by 5-15% within a short time and without painful hunger.

Metermine 40 mg

Metermine 40mg is a maximal dose an overweight or obese patient can take per day.

Metermine 40mg contains a larger amount of active substance Phentermine than other doses, and thus this dosage suppresses the appetite maximally.


Metermine 40mg is a dose, available just in several countries of the world. Metermine 40mg is produced and used for the treatment of obesity in Australia. In New Zealand, people cannot use Metermine (Duromine) 40mg anymore.


In fact, Metermine 40mg not only can reduce the appetite maximally, but also can cause side effects and other negative reactions. When using Metermine 40mg slimming pills, a patient has a high risk of:

  • dyspnea and other breathing problems;
  • difficulty of falling asleep and sleep problem;
  • emotional instability or uncertainty;
  • anxiety;
  • deterioration of spatial perception and stability.

The most severe side effects when using Metermine 40mg may cause a significant increase of the blood pressure and change in the heart rate. That is why, doctors recommend obese patients to take Metermine 40mg with caution.


When a patient uses Metermine 40mg, he can reduce his body mass by 5-15%. To minimize the risk of side effects, a patient should follow a few simple recommendations:

  • Take Metermine 40mg in the morning at one and the same time.
  • Increase physical activity and keep a diet.
  • Not to take more than one Metermine diet pill per day.
  • Not to take Metermine in afternoon.


Metermine belongs to the group of drugs that are very alike to Amphetamine. Therefore, Metermine should be used within 12 weeks maximum. A long-term use of Metermine reduces the efficiency of these weight loss pills and can cause both physical and psychological dependence, especially with the dose of 40mg.

A misuse of Metermine 40mg may cause an overdose. If any symptoms of overdose occur, a patient should immediately stop taking Metermine weight loss pills and visit a doctor.


Metermine must never be used together with medications that can affect the brain activity, especially if a patient is taking Metermine 40mg. When using Metermine and antidepressants (e.g. Nardil, Phenelzine, Parnate and Tranylcypromine), the risk of side effects and overdosage is much higher than usual.


When using Metermine weight loss pills, patients should refuse from drinking high amount of alcohol. Alcoholic beverages can change the pharmacological effect of Metermine diet pills and lead to unpredictable consequences.

If you have never used Metermine for weight loss, then you can ask a pharmacist about advantages and disadvantages of Metermine drug by phone or email, before ordering Metermine 40mg diet pills on online pharmacy.

Metermine and Rapid Weight Loss

From a medical point of view, the main goal of anti-obesity drug therapy is not weight loss, but a reduction of cardiometabolic risks factors that always come along with this disease. The choice of diet pills can affect both the weight loss rate and a patient’s health.

Metermine and similar generic drugs are the most popular weight loss pills in Australia, the USA, Canada and other countries of the world. When using Metermine, most overweight patients have noted that their appetite almost disappeared. Therefore, these pills are so popular.

A patient can reduce his body weight by 5-15% using Metermine diet pills within a short time. Metermine is very much similar to Amphetamine by its effect, so it must not be used for more than 12 weeks.

Metermine is one of the most powerful weight loss pills that not only can suppress the appetite, but also can cause a significant impact on cardiovascular and the central nervous systems. Patients should stop using Metermine if their body weight has not reduced by more than 5%.

Unlike other methods of obesity treatment, Metermine weight loss pills do not reduce weight by lessening the muscle mass or water in the body.

During the use of Metermine, the body mass reduction happens due to an increase of the fat burn rate.

Considering that Metermine diet pills are not meant for a long-term use, a patient should make an effort to achieve maximum results.

All the patients using Metermine slimming pills are recommended to keep a diet and change their lifestyle, so they usually do something for that.
However, to achieve a rapid weight loss, they are advised to visit a specialist in weight management.

Of course, a patient can make his own weight loss program, using the Internet and other mass-media information.

The most important thing in the use of Metermine slimming pills, is that a patient has a will power and that he is motivated enough to change his lifestyle.

Some patients misuse Metermine slimming pills in order to speed up their weight loss. Sometimes they:

  • increase the dose of Metermine on their own
  • take more than one weight loss pills per day
  • use Metermine for a time longer than prescribed by a doctor.

There were cases when patients had visited a couple of doctors to get more than one prescription for Metermine. Such patients must understand that Metermine is powerful weight loss pills and they should not be used without following the doctor’s recommendations.

Usually, a self-adjustment of the dose and time of use of Metermine diet pills do not increase the weight loss rate. A long-term Metermine abuse may cause many side effects, overdose, as well as physical and psychological dependence.

If you want to order Metermine weight loss drug, but you have never taken Metermine appetite suppressant in your life, then consult a pharmacist before buying Metermine diet pills online. Please make sure Metermine drug is not contraindicated to you and once you do this, you can register your purchase of Metermine online.

Metermine 30 mg

The right dosage of any slimming pills is one of the main parts in a successful treatment of obesity.

Metermine 30mg is a dosage, which allows to fight obesity effectively and which usually does not harm the body.

It happens that Metermine 15mg dose does not provide a significant reduction of appetite and food intake. It is caused by the fact that Metermine 15mg contains half as much of active substance Phentermine than Metermine 30mg.

Metermine 30mg is an optimal choice

Patients, who use Metermine 40mg, often complain of side effects. The majority of overweight patients can deal with such mild side effects as dry mouth, sleep disorders, dizziness and nervousness.

Such Metermine side effects as an involuntary movement of the limbs, frequent or uncontrolled defecation may cause inconvenience and discomfort. A significant increase in the blood pressure and heart rate can pose a real threat for health.

Metermine 30mg causes side effects rarely

Patients, who have dangerous side effects because of the application of Metermine 40mg weight loss pills, should reduce the dose down to Metermine 30mg. If side effects do not disappear, a patient should better use Metermine 15mg.

During the anti-obesity therapy, Metermine 30mg weight loss pills can lessen the appetite and speed up the metabolism. One of the main causes of obesity is a slowdown and violation of metabolism. Therefore, the exclusion of this factor will cause a positive effect on the obesity treatment.

Metermine can change the lifestyle

Not only Metermine can speed up the metabolism. When using Metermine diet pills, all the patients should stick to a diet and increase their physical activity.

A balanced diet can improve the metabolism of fat, carbs and proteins. A removal of fast carbs (e.g. sugar) from the diet speeds up the breakdown of fat deposits.

Any physical exercises during the use of Metermine 30mg increase the body’s need for calories. Walking or jogging (20-30 minutes per day) accelerate chemical reactions in the body and improve mental state of a patient.

Metermine 30mg is an optimal dosage, which reduces the risk of side effects and still helps to get rid of unwanted pounds. Within a short time, Metermine 30mg helps a patient to improve the body shape, reducing circumference of waist and cardiometabolic risk factors.

If doctor prescribes you Metermine 30mg pills, but they are very expensive at retail pharmacies of your city, you can order cheap Metermine 30mg pills on online pharmacy. When ordering Metermine 30mg weight loss pills online, you also get a pharmacist’s advice free of charge.

Metermine Contraindications

It is important to know that Metermine weight loss pills can greatly affect the blood pressure and heart work.

Therefore, common Metermine contraindications are associated with the following diseases and pathologies:

  • Noises and other abnormalities in the heart.
  • Hypertension of pulmonary artery.
  • High blood pressure.
  • High blood pressure in the eyes (glaucoma).
  • Change in the heart rate and rhythm.
  • Brain dysfunction, caused by blood vessel disease.

If patients have either of these diseases, they must not use Metermine weight loss pills, since it can cause irreversible necrosis of heart muscle or an acute cerebrovascular accident.

Overweight patients often suffer from heart disorders. Therefore, before and during the use of Metermine diet pills they should tell the doctor about any painful sensations in chest or heart.


Patients should also inform the doctor if during Metermine therapy they are going to use medications to reduce the blood pressure, containing such active substances as:

  • Clonidine (Catapres, Duraclon and Kapvay).
  • Methyldopa (Aldomet, Aldoril and Aldoclor).
  • Guanethidine (Esimil and Ismelin).


Metermine slimming pills must never be used in severe mental diseases and depression. The fact is that Metermine contains an active substance Phentermine, which can affect the brain functions.

Moreover, depressive disorders require the application of antidepressants or other drugs affecting a patient’s mind. Patients must never take Metermine diet pills along with MAO antidepressants, or 14 days after their use.


Metermine diet pills must not be used in allergy to Phentermine and in patients under 12 years old. Metermine can cause a negative effect on a child development, so these diet pills are contraindicated to pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Metermine diet pills have many contraindications; however, most obese patients can use them. When using Metermine, people should keep in mind an important thing: these are effective and thus powerful weight loss pills. If a patient follows all the medical recommendations, he can use Metermine and keep losing weight stably.

If you want to get rid of excess pounds by using Metermine weight loss pills, but you have never used this appetite suppressant, read Metermine contraindications carefully. Before purchasing Metermine drug online, you can get a qualified advice of a pharmacist regarding Metermine appetite suppressant.

Metermine 15 mg

Metermine is diet pills that are used to reduce extra weight and to treat obesity.

Depending on the obesity degree and concomitant diseases, doctors prescribe different dosages of Metermine: 15mg, 30mg or 40mg.

Metermine is produced in capsules, containing active substance

Phentermine in form of resins and some inactive ingredients. Metermine 15mg capsule contains the smallest amount of Phentermine. Metermine 15mg is a minimal dose, which can be used during anti-obesity therapy.


To buy Metermine diet pills, patients should undergo a medical examination and get a prescription for this drug. Usually, at the beginning of anti-obesity treatment, a minimal daily dose of Metermine 15mg is prescribed. This allows:

  • to determine an allergy to Phentermine or other ingredients.
  • to see the body reaction to Metermine.
  • to reduce the risk of severe side effects.


Most patients, who suffer from obesity, can take any dose of Metermine. However, there are categories of patients that are recommended to use a minimal dose – Metermine 15mg, such as:

  • Young people;
  • Patients with comorbidities;
  • Elderly people.

Obese patients of 12 years old and older can take Metermine weight loss pills. Typically, young people of 12 to 18 years old do not suffer from a severe obesity, so they do not have great problems with metabolism. Therefore, Metermine 15mg is a sufficient dose to suppress the appetite and reduce the body mass.

Dietary restrictions in a young age may have a negative effect on the formation of muscles, bones and main systems of the body. Thus, young people, taking Metermine 15mg need a balanced diet and a significant increase of physical activity.


To buy Metermine diet pills, patients should undergo a medical examination and get a prescription for this drug. Usually, at the beginning of anti-obesity treatment, a minimal daily dose of Metermine 15mg is prescribed. This allows:

  • to determine an allergy to Phentermine or other ingredients.
  • to see the body reaction to Metermine.
  • to reduce the risk of severe side effects.


Most patients, who suffer from obesity, can take any dose of Metermine. However, there are categories of patients that are recommended to use a minimal dose – Metermine 15mg, such as:

  • Young people;
  • Patients with comorbidities;
  • Elderly people.

Obese patients of 12 years old and older can take Metermine weight loss pills. Typically, young people of 12 to 18 years old do not suffer from a severe obesity, so they do not have great problems with metabolism. Therefore, Metermine 15mg is a sufficient dose to suppress the appetite and reduce the body mass.

Dietary restrictions in a young age may have a negative effect on the formation of muscles, bones and main systems of the body. Thus, young people, taking Metermine 15mg need a balanced diet and a significant increase of physical activity.


Metermine must never be used in severe heart disease or dysfunction of the central nervous system. Therefore, patients with mild or moderate disease, caused by obesity, are recommended to use Metermine 15mg.

Use of Metermine 15mg dose reduces the risk of cardiovascular and other side effects in patients, who have:

  • sleeping problems;
  • slight increase in the blood pressure;
  • breathing problems;
  • edema of the limbs;
  • change in heart rate;
  • nausea, vomiting or stomach cramps.


Obese patients over 65 years old have not been involved in Metermine clinical studies. Besides, elderly people often suffer from cardiovascular disorders; therefore, they need to take Metermine with caution. Metermine 15mg is an optimal dose for most of patients, older than 65.

If listed categories of overweight patients do not have a significant weight loss with Metermine 15mg, they are recommended to increase the dose up to Metermine 30mg.

When increasing the dose up to Metermine 30mg, patients from the listed categories should check out their blood pressure, the heart rate more often and visit the doctor regularly.

Metermine Dosage

Metermine is sold in form of capsules of equal size and shape, containing different amount of active substance Phentermine as a resin. Metermine dosage may differ: 15mg, 30mg and 40mg.

Metermine dosage is prescribed to patients according to their age, severity of obesity and common state. Do not change the dosage on your own! If a prescribed dosage does not suppress the appetite, you should consult a doctor.

Only the doctor can change the dosage of Metermine several times during anti-obesity therapy. When using Metermine, some capsules a patient cannot use anymore can remain (for example, 40mg).

To avoid confusion, Metermine manufacturer – iNova Pharmaceuticals (Australia) produces Metermine capsules of different color, depending on the dosage.

15 mg

  • Metermine 15mg – the shell consists of two halves of grey and green color.

30 mg

  • Metermine 30mg – the shell consists of two halves of grey and reddish-brown color.

40 mg

  • Metermine 40mg – the shell consists of two halves of grey and orange color.

Moreover, for people who cannot recognize colors, each capsule has a clear imprint indicating the dosage.


Metermine 15mg is a minimal daily dose, prescribed to patients with obesity. Usually, Metermine 15mg is prescribed to:

  • Young people of 12 to 18 years old.
  • Patients with comorbidities.
  • Elderly patients.

It is believed that Metermine 15mg reduces the appetite not very effectively. However, for the listed categories of patients this dose is quite enough to lose weight and fight obesity. Besides, Metermine 15mg is a dose, which causes side effects less often.


Metermine 30mg is the dosage, which is administered to overweight patients most often. It happens because Metermine 30mg can effectively reduce the appetite without causing too much side effects.


Metermine 40mg capsules contain the largest amount of the active substance Phentermine. Metermine 40mg suppress the appetite maximally, meaning this is the most effective dosage to fight obesity.

Please note that Metermine 40mg is a maximal dose that can be taken per day. Metermine 40mg can cause negative effect on the heart work and nervous system, therefore this dosage is never prescribed to patients with cardiovascular diseases and mental disorders.


Metermine weight loss capsules are designed for an oral use. Do not chew or break the Metermine capsule, regardless of the dosage. It is recommended to take Metermine capsules in the morning with plenty of water. Please note that you must not take more than one capsule per day.

If you want to become slim and improve your metabolism rapidly by means of Metermine capsules, but you don’t know what Metermine dosage is the most effective for you, then before purchasing Metermine weight loss capsules ask a qualified pharmacist any questions you have. Buy Metermine capsules online right now and get another pack of these weight loss capsules for free!

Manufacturer and supplier of Metermine

Metermine diet pills are produced by iNova.

This pharmaceutical company hold a leading position on Australian market of weight loss products. In addition to Metermine, iNova produces Duromine pills that contain Phentermine anorexic substance, just like Metermine.

  • Metermine 15mg pill is an equivalent to Ddd 15mg pill.
  • Metermine 30mg pill is equal to Ddd 30mg pill
  • Metermine 40mg pill is an equivalent to Ddd 40mg pill.

iNova is not just a manufacturer of Metermine, but also an exclusive supplier of these diet pills to the international market. Metermine pills have been available at Australian pharmacies since 2004.

iNova is the only rightholder or Metermine and Duromine brands, but not the only international supplier of diet pills, containing Phentermine controlled substance.

Weight loss drugs containing Phentermine are produced by several dozens of biopharmaceutical laboratories and pharmaceutical companies.

Therefore, Metermine price on the international market is influenced by a competition between Phentermine drug manufacturers.

If Metermine pills are very expensive in your town, try to find cheaper diet pills that contain Phentermine at pharmacies. Probably these diet pills are sold under the original brand names (e.g. Adipex) or a generic name – Phentermine (Phentermine Hydrochloride).

Metermine Without Prescription

Metermine is one of the best-selling weight loss pills in Australia.

In Australia and most other countries of the world, the number of people who want to get rid of obesity is growing all the time.

That is why the interest of overweight people to these diet pills is so obvious.

To buy Metermine, a prescription is needed.

You cannot buy Metermine weight loss pills without a prescription at any pharmacy.
To get a prescription for Metermine, a patient needs to be diagnosed obesity first.


Metermine prescription is issued to obese patients (BMI over 30) or overweight patients (BMI 27 to 30) suffering from diabetes, hypertension or dyslipidemia. Metermine is only prescribed to those patients, in whom these diet pills will not harm health.


The main reason of selling Metermine only by a prescription is that the application of these diet pills may cause side effects and affect the function of the body systems. When using Metermine, the following side effects may occur:

  • Dryness and unpleasant taste in the mouth; uncontrolled fear and anxiety; trouble sleeping and falling asleep; abnormal accumulation of fluid in ankles, feet and legs; extreme despondency and oppression; skin rash; frequent or spontaneous defecation.

Besides Metermine slimming pills can increase the blood pressure and affect the heart rate. Because obese patients often have some cardiovascular irregularities, it is clear why Metermine is not available without a prescription.


Typically, when patients use the prescription slimming pills, they are more responsible for treatment:

  • They do not change the dosage.
  • They take the pills at one and the same time.
  • They do not use the pills longer than indicated by a doctor.

If Metermine were available without a prescription, then patients, who wanted to become slim fast, would have abused these weight loss pills without realizing what consequences it could cause. Metermine contains an active substance, called Phentermine, which may cause physical or psychological dependence when abusing it or using for a long time.


Pharmacological effect of Metermine (Phentermine) is similar to Amphetamine and thus the sale of Metermine weight loss pills without a prescription is illegal. Controlling Health Authorities of several countries banned to use medications that contain Phentermine for obesity treatment (for instance, some of the European countries).

It is not difficult to get a prescription for Metermine weight loss pills. If obesity is not accompanied by a severe disease, most likely the doctor will prescribe Metermine to a patient. Patients, who are not allowed to use Metermine or those, who don’t want to undergo a medical examination, should use weight loss pills available without a prescription.

Buy Metermine 30mg

Metermine is available for sale in various doses – 15mg, 30mg or 40mg. Metermine 30mg is the best-selling dose in Australia. This is caused by the fact that Metermine 15mg does not always provide a significant decrease of appetite.

Metermine 40mg is not frequently used by overweight patients, since it is not recommended for use in high blood pressure and rapid heartbeat. These pathologies are common for patients with different types of obesity.

The application of Metermine weight loss pills may cause dependence, and sometimes, even euphoria. Therefore, Metermine sale is under a special control and is regulated by the law. Obese Australians can buy Metermine 30mg diet pills only at pharmacies.

Pharmacists do not sell Metermine 30mg without a prescription. You can get a prescription only during the consultation with a doctor. Before you buy Metermine weight loss pills, make sure the benefit from Metermine is higher than the potential risk.

The potential risks when using Metermine 30mg weight loss pills are the following:

  • Metermine may have a negative effect on the central nervous system and the work of the brain.
  • Metermine can adversely affect the heart work.

Of course, all negative consequences from Metermine slimming pills occur very rarely, but a patient should know about them and be ready to face them. When any side effects appear, a patient should consult his doctor. Some particular side effects require to reduce the dose or to refuse from using Metermine 30 mg.

In most cases, purchase of Metermine 30mg slimming pills is justified, since it helps a patient to lose the body weight, reducing the waist circumference. Besides, the cardiometabolic risks are greatly reduced in patients, who have lost weight by means of Metermine.

  • Responsible patient, taking Metermine 30 mg can lose up to 5-15% of his body mass. Such a great weight loss is achieved within 5-6 weeks of using Metermine slimming pills.
  • Patients can get these or even better results only if they stick to a low-calorie diet and increase their physical activity when using Metermine.
  • Every patient should take responsibility for purchasing and use of Metermine.

Most likely, obese patients have tried to reduce their body mass and few of them succeeded in it, before using Metermine. Metermine slimming pills give a real chance to get rid of obesity. You should never miss the chance that helps to change your life!

Metermine and Physical Loads

Metermine (Phentermine) is a stimulant similar by its pharmacological action to Amphetamine. Unlike other weight loss pills, Metermine acts right in the central nervous system and suppress the appetite effectively.

Metermine weight loss pills are prescribed to patients with BMI over 30, who did not manage to lose weight on their own and failed to reduce their waist size.

It is necessary to use Metermine as a supplement to a general weight loss plan, based on diets and changed lifestyle.

A modern lifestyle is considered the main reason of a global epidemic of obesity. Insufficient physical activity and high-calorie diet increase the number of obese people every year. Metermine slimming pills were designed for this kind of patients.


Australian Bureau of Statistics held a research and published the data about the health of Australian people.

  • Only one of ten young people is physically active more than sixty minutes per day.
  • One of three children is physically active more than an hour per day.

This disappointing data shows that a teenage obesity will keep growing in Australia year by year.


Australia is one of the few countries where Metermine slimming pills (Phentermine) combined with changed lifestyle are prescribed to patients older than 12 years. Teenagers are recommended to use a minimal dose – Metermine 15mg and make physical exercises of different intensity, at least 30 minutes per day.

Adult and adolescent Australians should be physically active within minimum 30 minutes per day. Only 40% of Australians do that. When using Metermine slimming pills, adult patients should spend at least 60 minutes per week for moderate and high-intensity exercises.

Healthy people waste about 30% of energy on physical activity. In less active people, these 30% of unused energy will most likely lead to formation of new fatty cells and an increase of body mass.


In addition to increased efficiency of Metermine weight loss pills; there are some other reasons to stay physically active:

  • It helps to reduce fat in the blood plasma.
  • It minimizes the risk of cardiovascular complications and heart attack.
  • It improves the quality and duration of sleep.
  • It helps to grow muscle mass and strengthens bones.
  • It reduces the risk of depression and other mental disorders.


Just as most of anorexigenic drugs, Metermine should not be used for a long time (12 weeks maximum). During the therapy with Metermine diet pills, a patient can reduce his body weight and change his life style significantly.

Obesity is a chronic illness, requiring a long-term treatment. Therefore, without high physical activity and a different lifestyle, patients will not be able to get rid of obesity and to keep the body mass at the same level.

If you are willing to buy Metermine slimming pills, but you don’t known what physical loads are the most effective for you, just ask a nutritionist about it. Ordering Metermine pills online, you get the consultation of a medical worker free of charge. You can ask nutritionist all your questions beforehand via email.

The Price of Metermine and Other Diet Pills

For the last 30 years, obesity reached epidemic proportions and this tendency is not decreasing these days. The World Health Organization believes is that obesity is one of the main problems of modern society.

Against this background, we see a phenomenal a growing number of different diet pills on pharmaceutical markets of all countries in the world. Weight loss pills manufacturers offer many goods at various prices and of different efficiency. Metermine is sold at Australian pharmacies and its price may vary significantly.


  • Transport costs.
  • Wages of employees.
  • Rental costs.
  • Utilities costs.
  • Marketing costs.

Even considering all these costs, the price for Metermine is sometimes smaller than for other weight loss pills.

It happens because the manufacturer of Metermine – iNova Pharmaceuticals (Australia) does not have such costs as other companies do. Unlike other weight loss pills, Metermine price does not include the costs for clinical trials and the development of chemical formula of the controlled substance Phentermine.


Metermine contains active substance Phentermine, which was used for obesity treatment since 1959. Other weight loss pills are used for obesity treatment not so long, and thus their price remains high.

  • Orlistat was approved by the FDA in 1999.
  • Sibutramine was approved by the FDA in 1997.

No wonder the manufacturers of weight loss pills want to cover their outlay on the development of product, its marketing and advertising. Billions of dollars are spent on the development of new medications every year. This is reflected in the price of products.


Besides, the legislation of many countries allows the developer of new slimming pills to remain a monopolist for a long time (10-25 years depending on the country). Slimming pills manufacturers take advantage of this and get an extra profit.

Diet pills, containing Phentermine, are produced in many countries worldwide (e.g. the USA and Australia). For over 50 years, several dozens of companies have participated in the production and distribution of Phentermine. A great competition on the pharmacological market cause the occurrence of a reasonable price for Metermine and its analogues.

If you are willing to buy anorexigenic drug containing Phentermine for weight loss, you can order Metermine diet pills online with no prescription in any country of the world. When you are ordering Metermine on online pharmacy, there is no need to fill out a medical questionnaire. Therefore, you can purchase Metermine online in just a few minutes. Prior to buy Metermine appetite suppressant, please make sure the delivery of this anorexigenic drug to your region is possible.

Metermine Side Effects

Some weight loss pills can cause severe side effects and therefore today they are not used for obesity treatment (e.g. Fenfluramine). Metermine can cause side effects as well. However, it is believed that the benefit from these diet pills is much greater than the harm.

Side effects are associated with the mechanism of action of Metermine. Most side effects, caused by Metermine slimming pills, occur in:

  • The central nervous system (CNS)
  • The cardiovascular system
  • The gastrointestinal tract (GIT).

Metermine slimming pills (Phentermine are well tolerated in most patients. The appearance of side effects depends on individual tolerability of a patient and Metermine dosage.

The dosage of Metermine is 15mg, 30mg or 40mg. Most often, side effects are caused by Metermine 40mg, rarely by 15mg. Sometimes Metermine 15 mg does not suppress the appetite to the maximum; hence, Metermine 30mg is considered an optimal dose for the majority of overweight or obese patients.

Usually mild side effects do not require changing the dosage and disappear without special treatment within a short time. If severe side effects occur, doctors recommend to reduce the dosage or stop using Metermine slimming pills.

Metermine contains an active substance Phentermine, which starts acting right in the brain parts, responsible for satiety.

Therefore, the common side effects arise from the CNS, for instance:

  • Temporal loss of consciousness
  • Erectile dysfunction or other sexual disorders
  • Difficulty with falling asleep or insomnia
  • Bad mood and aversion to activities
  • Emotional instability or uncertainty
  • Worry and anxiety.

In order to reduce the risk of these side effects, Metermine slimming pills must never be used in mental disorders.

Do not take Metermine within 14 days after the use of antidepressants of MAO group (e.g. Parnate, Tranylcypromine, Nardil and Phenelzine).

  • Besides, Metermine provides a significant impact on the blood pressure and changes the heart rhythm. Many patients, suffering from obesity, have heart problems. Therefore, they must be careful when taking Metermine slimming pills.
  • An overuse of Metermine slimming pills may cause not just cardiovascular side effects, but also an acute cerebrovascular accident and irreversible necrosis of heart muscle.

To minimize the risk of cardiovascular side effects, an obese patient is advised not to take drugs that affect the blood pressure and the heart work.

Even the overuse of coffee during Metermine therapy can affect the anti-obesity therapy and cause side effects.

During the therapy with Metermine diet pills, the GIT side effects occur rarely as a rule. The most common of them are: dryness in the mouth or unusual taste. In addition, people may have such unwanted side effects as uncontrolled defecation or a constipation.

Usage of Metermine diet pills and weight loss provide mostly a positive effect on a patient’s body and overall health. However, if any side effects occur, a patient should stop using Metermine and visit a doctor.

If you are taking Metermine diet pills, but they are pricey at local pharmacies, you can buy cheap Metermine pills on online pharmacy. When ordering several packs of Metermine drug, you can offset your costs for obesity pharmacotherapy.