Buy Metermine

Metermine weight loss pills contain active substance Phentermine and several inactive ingredients.

Drugs containing Phentermine are sold in many countries of the world, such as the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

Metermine is produced in Australia by pharmaceutical company iNova Pharmaceuticals. For clients’ convenience, iNova produces and distributes Metermine in form of capsules.


Obese patients can buy Metermine weight loss pills with different dosage:

  • Metermine 15 mg (grey and green capsules).
  • Metermine 30 mg (grey and reddish-brown capsules).
  • Metermine 40 mg (grey and orange capsules).

For patients who have poor color vision, capsules are covered with special signs indicating the dosage.


Metermine is powerful diet pills that can cause a significant impact on the body. Metermine is a stimulant of the central nervous system (CNS) and therefore to buy it, patients need a prescription. Metermine is available only at pharmacies; other kinds of retail sale are illegal.

A patient can get the prescription for Metermine after he was officially diagnosed obesity (BMI over 30). Also, Metermine prescription is issued to those patients, whose overweight (BMI 27 to 30) is accompanied by hypertension, high level of lipids in the blood or type 2 diabetes.

Before buying Metermine, a patient should visit a doctor and undergo a medical examination. The purpose of medical examination is to determine if patient can use Metermine without harm to health. The doctor can prescribe Metermine diet pills to those patients, who have no diseases, associated with the CNS, the work of heart and blood vessels.

After medical examination and getting a prescription, an obese patient can buy Metermine weight loss pills at any pharmacy. Metermine is sold in most pharmacies of Australia; therefore, overweight Australians can easily find and buy these pills.


The price of Metermine weight loss pills may vary in different pharmacies. Before buying it, patient should check out Metermine prices at pharmacies of his city or region. Usually, you cannot save much money this way, but at least something.


Patients, who have bought Metermine, should remember that these weight loss pills are similar to Amphetamine by their effect; meaning they must never be used for long time. Therefore, once you bought them, you should be ready that your appetite would be greatly reduced, so you should also reduce the amount of food in your daily nutrition.

  • The recommended time of use of Metermine is 5-6 weeks, maximum time of use – 12 weeks.

Maximal weight loss rate is observed on 3-4th week of using Metermine. Within this period of time, an obese patient can lose a great amount of weight only if he keeps a diet and increases physical activity.

Now (2014), Metermine is one of the most effective slimming pills that are available on the pharmaceutical market. Patient, buying Metermine can reduce his body mass by 5-15% within a short time and without painful hunger.