Weight Management Cosmetic Slimming

Cosmetic Slimming

If you truly want to lose weight, while diet, exercise or weight loss pills do not work well enough; you will begin searching new opportunities to fight the unwanted kilos.

Probably, you will first set sights on:

  • Invasive weight loss procedures.
  • Non-invasive weight loss treatment.

How to choose between invasive and non-invasive fat reduction procedures? After all, they are radically different. Let’s hunt down this question.

If you choose weight loss procedures, your surgeon will:

  • Makes changes to your stomach or small intestine, or both.
  • Performs liposuction (reduces isolated fat pockets).

Such surgeries do not allow removing excess skin or improving the proportions of the body. Even though these types of interventions are often chosen because of a fast weight loss, many patients complain of excess, loose skin.

Invasive weight loss procedures involve certain risks and, therefore, they are not a good choice for everyone. If you have good health, elastic skin and not a lot of excess fat, you can hope for the best results.

Thanks to new technologies, you can get rid of stubborn fat pockets without surgery and scars.

Non-invasive obesity treatment methods destroy fat cells in certain areas of your body, using:

  • Controlled cooling for freezing fat cells.
  • Radiofrequency technology for eliminating fat cells.
  • Cold laser, which creates a pore in the cell wall.

Such procedures take little time and do not require anesthesia. They may not be suitable for patients with significant amounts of fat.

No cosmetic procedure can guarantee that you will not gain extra kilos again. Diets and physical activity are required to maintain the results obtained.