Zembrin: a herb which help boost your brainpower

Mental and intellectual activity is often accompanied by fatigue and tiredness.

You can return normal intellectual activity, if you buy supplements with Zembrin.

It is the extract of the plant Sceletium tortuosum, especially adapted for use in bioadditives.

History and purpose of Zembrin use

For more than 300 years, people of South Africa used Sceletium tortuosum as a remedy for gastrointestinal and respiratory disorders.

Yet, the main purpose of Sceletium tortuosum is to eliminate stress and anxiety, maintain a healthy sleep, and improve endurance.

Now you have the opportunity to buy supplements with Zembrin, a derivative of Sceletium tortuosum.

In South Africa, it is now possible to buy the only Zembrin-based drug, called Elev8.

In other countries, such as the USA and the UK you may also buy, including online, supplements with Zembrin.

For brain function improvement, Zembrin interacts perfectly with other elements: Thiamine, Zinc, L-theanine and Magnesium.

Stressful conditions are among the main obstacles to a normal and productive work of the brain.

When we feel excitement, we are incapable of properly concentrating on a particular activity.

Yet, Zembrin will help you forget about psychological disorders and concentrate on carrying out your work.

Effects that Zembrin exerts to improve brain function

  • eliminates stress and anxiety
  • increases energy levels, motivates for active and productive activities
  • improves concentration.

Zembrin action for mental activity improvement develops in two directions. Firstly, Zembrin inhibits the production of PDE4 – an enzyme that plays a key role in causing stress and anxiety.

Secondly, the plant extract increases the level of Serotonin – a crucial hormone and neurotransmitter, required for a good mood.

Advantages of Zembrin

  • only a natural product, no synthetic additives and impurities;
  • simultaneous elimination of anxiety and brain function improvement in a single capsule;
  • quick action – within half an hour after Zembrin administration you will notice that stress and anxiety were left in the past, and your mind will be clear and ready to proceed with intellectual activity.

Dosing regimen of Zembrin

Zembrin dosage may range from 8 to 25 mg daily.

However, 25 mg is considered to be the optimal dose for reducing stress and improving concentration.

It is no coincidence that most dietary supplements contain namely 25 mg of Zembrin in one capsule.

Judging by the numerous reviews, high doses of Zembrin (up to 50 mg per day) never caused any side effects.

Now, you have the perfect opportunity to verify the effectiveness of this herbal extract.

Just buy Zembrin, and you will see that psychological problems remain in the past, and your brain works better and more productively.