Xenical weight loss capsules contain some active substance, called Orlistat. Orlistat is a strong gastrointestinal lipase inhibitor. Xenical (Orlistat) capsules are used to fight against excess weight and obesity, combining with hypocaloric diet.

Xenical drug inhibits the activity of enteric, pancreatic and gastric lipases, by blocking the splitting of triglycerides in the bowel. Therefore, Xenical diet pills reduce the intensity absorption of monoglycerides and free fatty acids in the gastrointestinal tract.

Xenical is different from other anorexigenic drugs (Phentermine, Sibutramine) by that it does not affect functions in the central nervous system, and thus never suppresses the appetite.

Clinical pharmacology of Xenical capsules

he unique feature of Xenical is that it provides a significant decrease of body mass and maintains normal weight of a patient without negative effect on psychophysical functions of the body.

Usage of Xenical capsules helps to reduce the body weight, as well as to exclude the probability of concomitant diseases, such as:

  • diabetes type II
  • hypercholesterolemia
  • hyperinsulinemia
  • impaired glucose tolerance
  • hypertension.

Pharmacological action of Xenical takes place in lumen of the stomach and small intestines.

Mechanism of pharmacological action of Xenical is aimed at formation of a covalent bond with active serine site of pancreatic and gastric lipases.
Under the influence of the active substance Orlistat, inactivated enzymes are not able to split fats, incoming with food in form of triglycerides, monoglycerides and fatty acids. Only a small part of non-split fats is absorbed in the human body. Thus, fats that come in the body with foods are excreted out of the body unchanged.

Indication for Xenical use

Xenical is indicated for patients older than 12 and adults, for the treatment of class I,II,III and IV obesity. Xenical has to be combined with low-calorie diet. When using Xenical, one should have a clear well-composed diet plan.

The diet must be based on use of less amount of fats and larger amount of carbohydrates and vitamins.
Patients with diabetes mellitus (type II) are often prescribed Xenical diet pills in combination with hypoglycemic drug Metformin or Insulin.

Xenical dosage instructions

  • Xenical capsules are only taken by mouth with meals, or within an hour after food intake.
  • Maximum recommended dosage of Xenical drug to treat obesity – is 120 mg (i.e. one capsule of Xenical 120mg).
  • Capsules Xenical 120mg have to be taken 3 times a day, with each main meal.
  • In case patient missed a meal, or he ate some low-calorie food without high fat in it, the single dose of Xenical 120mg can be skipped.
  • The daily dose of Xenical 120mg is optimal, since the exceeding of the recommended dosage of Xenical 120mg does not accelerate the therapeutic effect.
  • Efficiency and safety of Xenical diet pills in pediatric practice, as well as in adult patients with liver and kidney dysfunction, have not been studied yet.

Xenical side effects

In most cases side effects of Xenical occur in gastrointestinal tract, caused by that fats are excreted out of the body unchanged. The most often Xenical side effects are oily discharges from the colon, flatulence, frequent urge to defecate, loose stool, scatacratia (fecal incontinence), steatorrhea and resistant abdominal pain.

The given Xenical side effects are dose-dependent, and tend to intensify with increased Xenical daily dose. With peroral intake of Xenical, the active substance Orlistat and other inactive ingredients of the drug do not penetrate into the blood flow, excreted within 3-5 days with feces.

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