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What is Xenical

Xenical weight loss capsules contain an active substance, called Orlistat.

It is a strong gastrointestinal lipase inhibitor.

Xenical (Orlistat) capsules are used to fight against excess weight and obesity, when used in combination with low-calorie diet.

Xenical drug inhibits the activity of enteric, pancreatic and gastric lipases and blocks the splitting of triglycerides in the bowel.

Therefore, these diet pills reduce the absorption intensity of monoglycerides and free fatty acids in the gastrointestinal tract.

Xenical is different from other anorexigenic drugs (Phentermine, Sibutramine) by its different action over the body, i.e. it does not affect the CNS functions, so it doesn’t suppress your appetite.


Xenical drug for body mass correction is produced in solid blue gelatin capsules.

The capsule has a sign “Xenical120” on the body and “Roche” – on the cap.

Each Xenical capsule contains 120mg of active substance – Orlistat and 240 mg of excipients in the form of pellets.

Clinical pharmacology of Xenical capsules

The unique feature of Xenical is that it provides a significant decrease of body mass and helps maintain weight at a normal level without any negative effect on psychophysical body functions.

Proper use of these slimming capsules helps to reduce the body weight, as well as to exclude or minimize the probability of concomitant diseases, such as:

  • diabetes type II
  • hypercholesterolemia
  • hyperinsulinemia
  • impaired glucose tolerance
  • hypertension

Xenical exerts its pharmacological action in the lumen of the stomach and small intestines.

The action mechanism is aimed at the formation of a covalent bond with active serine site of pancreatic and gastric lipases.

Under the influence of the active substance, Orlistat, inactivated enzymes are incapable of splitting fats, which come with food in form of triglycerides, monoglycerides and fatty acids.

Only a small part of non-split fats is absorbed in the human body.

Thus, fats that enter your body with foods are excreted out of the body in an unchanged form.

Indication for Xenical use

Xenical is indicated for patients older than 12 and adults, for the treatment of class I,II,III and IV obesity.

It should be combined with a low-calorie diet.

When using this weight loss medication, you should have and follow a clear well-composed diet plan.

Your diet must be based on use of smaller amount of fats and larger amount of carbohydrates and vitamins.

Patients with diabetes mellitus (type II) are often prescribed Xenical diet pills in combination with hypoglycemic drug Metformin or Insulin.

Xenical dosage instructions and adminstration

  • Xenical capsules are only taken by mouth with meals, or within an hour after food intake.
  • Maximum recommended dosage of this weight loss drug is 120 mg (i.e. one capsule of Xenical 120mg).
  • Capsules should be taken 3 times a day, with each main meal.
  • In case you miss a meal, or your meal was low in fats, you can skip one dose of the medication.
  • The daily dose of Xenical 120mg x 3 times a day is optimal, since exceeding the recommended dosage does not accelerate the therapeutic effect.

Effectiveness and safety of Xenical diet pills in pediatric practice, as well as in adult patients with liver and kidney dysfunction, have not been studied yet.

This slimming drug is successfully used to treat people with type 2 diabetes.

When used in a complex with hypoglycemic drugs and hypocaloric diet, it allows patients to achieve great weight loss results.

Contraindications for Xenical use

Xenical is contraindicated to people, who suffer from such health conditions, as:

  • cholestasia,
  • syndrome of chronic malabsorption,
  • hypersensitivity to Orlistat or other drug components.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

There is no clinical data about Orlistat effects over the fetus during pregnancy.

Therefore, this drug must never be prescribed to pregnant women or used by them.

At that, women of childbearing age are advised to pass a pregnancy test before they begin Xenical treatment, to make sure that they are not pregnant and avoid any possible harm for the future child.

In addition, nursing mothers must not use this drug, because no clinical trials on the drug excretion with breast milk have been conducted.

Xenical side effects

Xenical, just like any other slimming pills, can cause some adverse events.

Since its therapeutic effect takes place in the digestive organs, the gastrointestinal side effects are the most common ones.

As you already know, the drug contains one active pharmaceutical ingredient – Orlistat, which partially blocks the function of the gastrointestinal enzymes, called lipases.

The medication removes from the body about 30% fat, consumed with food.

Most side effects are associated with the actual mechanism of action of the drug.

During the use of Xenical pills, you may notice such adverse reactions, as:

  • stomachache,
  • oily or loose stool,
  • frequent or uncontrolled defecation,
  • flatulence,
  • increase in the number of bowel movements,
  • scatacratia (fecal incontinence),
  • steatorrhea (abnormal quantities of fat in the feces),
  • persistent abdominal pain.

Usually, Xenical side effects are not dangerous for health, yet they can cause minor problems and discomfort.

Still, most people can take Xenical without experiencing any negative reactions.

The effectiveness and safety of this slimming drug was confirmed in many large-scale studies.

They have also revealed the drug safety in long-term treatment, e.g. several years in a row.

At that, most Xenical side effects occur at the very beginning of the drug use and disappear after a short period.

Some negative reactions can persist for a long time, though.

For instance, the use of Xenical diet pills may often cause a reduced absorption of some vitamins.

During the anti-obesity treatment with Xenical, it is recommended to take multivitamins, which contain fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, K and organic compound beta-carotene.

Take the multivitamins before going to bed or 2 hours after the administration of a Xenical capsule.

In order to reduce the risk of gastrointestinal side effects, take no more than one Xenical capsule three times a day with main meals.

As mentioned, you should skip the capsule when your meal contains no fat or very little fat.

If you do experience side effects and they cause a lot of discomfort, it is recommended to use similar drugs, which contain a lower amount of the active substance Orlistat.

In the US, obese people can buy Alli drug without a prescription. This medication contains twice less active substance than Xenical does.

In most cases, side effects of Xenical occur in gastrointestinal tract, caused by fats, excreted out of the body in an unchanged form.

The given Xenical side effects are dose-dependent, and tend to intensify with increased daily dose.

With peroral intake of Xenical, the active substance Orlistat and other inactive ingredients of the drug do not penetrate into the blood flow, and are excreted within 3-5 days with feces.

Xenical drug interactions

As you already know, Xenical can reduce the absorption rate of vitamin A, D, E, K and beta-carotene.

Because of this, it is recommended to postpone the intake of vitamins for 2 hours after the administration of the slimming cap.

Xenical can reduce the concentration of cyclosporine in the blood plasma; hence, if a patient uses Xenical and cyclosporine together, it is recommended to test the concentration of cyclosporine in the blood plasma.

To reduce the likelihood of drug interactions, it is recommended to take cyclosporine 2 hours before or 2 hours after the administration of the weight loss medication.

Incidents of seizures were reported in people, who were taking Xenical and anti-epileptic drugs together.

Although, no direct connection between seizures and the anti-obesity therapy has been established, doctors should carefully monitor patients’ state, because the number and severity of seizure attacks can increase.

Patients should avoid combining Xenical and Acarbose due to the lack of data on pharmacokinetic trials.

The great news is that this weight loss medication made a good showing in anti-obesity therapy and it was approved by national healthcare systems in Australia, Canada and Europe, so, the risk-benefit ratio is rather a positive one.

Xenical Diet

Before using Xenical, it is necessary to make a diet plan.

Xenical without diet does not provide rapid weight loss.

Therefore, diet plan should be regarded as an integral part of weight loss program, rather than a recommendation, which is not necessarily to perform.

During the whole period of using Xenical diet pills, diet plan can be changed from time to time.

When changing the diet plan, remember that this weight loss drug prevents the absorption of no more than 30% of fats consumed with food.

Given the fact that Xenical is not able to block the absorption of 100% of fat, patients should follow a low-fat diet.

Herewith, the consumption of fats should not be limited completely.

After all, a small amount of fats is necessary to maintain a normal metabolism.

Various diet plans recommended for use with Xenical diet pills can be found in consumers’ reviews of this drug, and on online forums dedicated to it.

Where to buy Xenical?

If you want to buy Xenical online, you can order it on an online pharmacy.

We managed to find an online store, which offers Xenical, namely Orlistat 120 mg for sale, as well as other weight loss medications.

Xenical Cost

Despite the high price of Xenical (Orlistat) drug in the US, it is very popular among obese Americans.

The group of potential buyers of Xenical (Orlistat) includes Americans, who are contraindicated to use amphetamine-like anorectic drugs.

In reviews about this weight loss medication, you will not find information that this drug causes anxiety, depression or other psychiatric side effects.

Therefore, after comparing the reviews about Xenical (Orlistat) 120mg capsules and CNS stimulants (including Phentermine 37.5mg, Duromine 30mg, Sibutramine 20mg), many Americans choose the former option.

Just as other safe diet drugs, Xenical is sold legally on online pharmacies.

Xenical Reviews

Most Xenical users leave positive reviews on the effectiveness of this slimming medicine. However, to find positive reviews about Xenical price is unreal.

After all, Xenical is one of the most expensive Orlistat-containing drugs.

Therefore, the fact that Xenical helps to lose weight and the fact that the obesity treatment with Xenical is very expensive are confirmed in consumers’ reviews.