Xenical vs Beacita

Xenical is the first Orlistat-containing drug that appeared on the pharmaceutical market. Overweight Americans have had an opportunity to buy Xenical diet pills since April 1999.

Beacita contains Orlistat active substance as well, but it appeared much later than Xenical. Both drugs allow to achieve a clinically significant weight loss, however many people keep asking one question – Which drug is better Xenical or Beacita?

The producer of Xenical is called Roche one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Beacita weight loss capsules are supplied by Actavis. The price of Xenical vs Beacita may differ as well.

As for the rest parameters, Xenical vs Beacita are identical weight loss products. These drugs contain equal amount of active substance, they are prescribed for the same indications and are interchangeable products.

Xenical vs Beacita are considered branded generic versions of Orlistat-containing medications. Manufacturers spent large funds on the marketing promotion of these drugs; therefore, they can be less available for consumers than other Orlistat generic drugs.