Xenical vs Adipex

Xenical and Adipex are two most popular and frequently prescribed weight loss drugs. These drugs (Xenical and Adipex) belong to different classes of drugs and provide a different therapeutic effect. Despite this, Xenical and Adipex are effective in weight loss. Thanks to these weight loss drugs (Xenical and Adipex) many people managed to achieve an optimal weight loss without the risk for their health.


In 1999, the FDA approved the usage of active substance Orlistat, produced by Hoffman la Roche in capsules under the trade name Xenical for obesity treatment. Xenical is the only medication from the drug category of lipase inhibitors. Due to this, Xenical inhibits digestive enzymes, called lipases; prevents fat absorption by 30%.

Therapeutic effect of Xenical is carried out in the stomach and small intestine.

This weight loss drug does not affect the CNS. Therefore, during Xenical therapy, person does not experience the CNS side effects (insomnia, anxiety or nervousness), or side effects from the cardiovascular system (increase in the blood pressure or increased heart rate).

  • Xenical drug was designed for the treatment of obesity in patients over 18 years old.

Xenical capsules are meant for a prolonged use together with a low calorie diet and regular physical activity.

Clinical studies show that weight loss comes in about 2 weeks after the onset of the therapy with Xenical capsules, lasting within 6-12 months. A further use of Xenical drug helps maintaining the achieved results and preventing the regain weight.


Adipex is one of the trade names of the well-known prescription weight loss drugs – Phentermine.

The FDA approved Phentermine for obesity treatment in 1959. It is known that Phentermine is a sympathomimetic, which suppresses appetite. Anorexigenic effect of Phentermine-containing drugs is reached through their effect on hypothalamus.

  • Therapeutic effect of Adipex is based on norepinephrine release, which suppresses the appetite.

Given that Adipex acts on the CNS, it is recommended to take this weight loss drug in the first half of the day. Using Adipex less than 8-10 hours before sleep, may cause insomnia. Besides, a sympathomimetic amine Adipex is prescribed as a short-term adjunct to a low calorie diet and physical exercises.

Just one Adipex diet pill, taken in the morning before breakfast, allows to lose 5 to 15 percent of the initial body weight within 12 weeks.

If needed, patients can repeat the course of Adipex weight loss drug. The repeated medical treatment of obesity by means of Adipex should be held no sooner than 3 months after the end of previous one.
Despite different mechanism of action, Xenical and Adipex drugs actually help in losing weight, as well as in decreasing the risk factors of obesity related diseases.

For instance, weight loss drugs Xenical and Adipex can be prescribed for obesity treatment to patients with diabetes type 2 in conjunction with hypoglycemic drugs (e.g. Metformin, sulfonylurea derivatives and (or) insulin).

It is noteworthy that carbohydrate profile is improved in diabetic patients, who use Xenical or Adipex capsules for weight loss.

  • Thus, these patients might need a dose reduction of hypoglycemic drugs during the therapy by means of Xenical or Adipex weight loss drugs.

As you know, excess body mass is a global issue. Almost every 4th person on the planet suffers from obesity. So, for a successful correction of the body mass and obesity treatment, people got to change their lifestyle on the first place. You can lose weight by using Xenical and Adipex weight loss drugs. These drugs’ safety and efficiency have been proved and approved by the FDA.

If you decide to buy Adipex or Xenical online, but have never ordered the prescription weight loss medications online, please apply to online pharmacy for a pharmacist’s advice. You can buy Xenical or Adipex without Rx and get advice of a pharmacist from any country of the globe.