Weight loss secrets of celebrities

Weight loss secrets of celebrities

We see them on the TV screen and wonder how they manage to maintain their body in such fantastic condition.

Many people believe that celebrities use a variety of cosmetic treatments and even surgical interventions to eliminate any excess kilos they have.

We will not confirm nor deny any rumours.

This article comprises the secrets of celebrities’ routines, which help them stay in shape and always look their best.

Let’s join them on their difficult constant battle with nature and find our own recipe for perfection.

Abby Clancy’s simple weight loss training

Looking for something to help you lose weight effectively?

Well the effectiveness of the following set of exercises was already appreciated to the fullest by the British model Abby Clancy.

Now it’s your turn to try it and see if it works for your body!

Let’s get it on!

Glute bridge

a) Lie on your back, bend your legs.

b) Pulling your heels off the floor, lift your pelvis up till you reach a straight line from the knees to the shoulders. At the end point, strongly harden your buttocks without bending your back.

Back down and, just touching the floor, make another rep. Complete 4 sets of 10 reps.

Split-squat hammer curl

a) Stepping back with your foot, go down into a lunge – to the right angle in the knee joints. The knee of the leg that is behind should be torn off the floor by literally 2-3 cm.

b) Having fixed this position, begin to perform bicep curls. Do as many repetitions as you can in 30 seconds. This is one approach.

Return to the standing position. It is time for a lunge with the other leg.

Staying in it, again do bicep curls for half a minute.

Your goal is 4 approaches (2 on each side).

Rest between them, if necessary.

The Climber

a) Take the plank position: body stretched into a straight line with your core contracted.

b) Pull your knee as close to your chest, as possible, without elevating your hips.

Return to the starting position and repeat the same with the other side.

Do not “drop” the hips, continue alternating the limbs at a fast pace.

Perform the maximum number of reps in 30 seconds.

This makes up 1 set.

Rest for 30 seconds.

Do 4 sets.


a) Stand upright, feet on the width of the pelvis, dumbbells at the shoulders. Get into a squat.

b) Go up and push the dumbbells up.

c) Now bring the dumbbells back to your shoulders.

Do as many reps as you can in 20 seconds.

This will be 1 set. Make 8 sets in total, with a 10-seconds rest in between.

Dynamic plank

a) Get into plank on your elbows. Make sure that your body makes a straight line head-to-toes.

b) Turn right to the side plank, and raise your hand upwards.

c) Hold in this position for 3 seconds and return to the original position. This is 1 rep.

Do the same for the other side. You have to complete 4 sets of 10 reps.

The Hundred (Pilates exercise)

a) Lie on your back and lift your feet at an angle of 45 degrees to the floor. Simultaneously, gradually tear your head, neck and shoulders off the floor: the abs muscles are hardened, and your loin stays on the mat.

b) Swing vigorously with your arms extended, up and down: 5 times on inspiration, 5 – on exhalation.

Hold in this position 100 counts = 10 cycles of breathing.

Shakira’s Favorite Weight Loss Exercises

It doesn’t matter, if you still did not manage to master Shakira’s dance moves.

It is not a reason for not shaping your body to be as attractive as this celebrity’s body is.

Here are her favorite fat burning exercises.

The following workouts program helped her lose weight after giving birth and get her body back in shape.

The exercise session was developed by the instructor of celebrities, Anna Kaiser, who owns AKT InMotion Studio in New York.

It has everything we love, i.e. circle workout, performed at a rapid pace and combining as many as 3 types of load:

  1. cardio
  2. head-to-toes strength for your body
  3. dynamic stretching

In general, every part of your body works in many different directions.

The method not only helps burn calories and destroy fat, but also achieve a better muscles definition, and improve your overall body condition.

The first 3 exercises work for increasing your heart rate and give load to the lower part of your body, as well as improve your flexibility.

The focus of the following 3 exercises is your core muscles.

Yet, a serious tension is given to your arms, shoulders and gluteus maximus, as well.

Bottom line, if you want to be stronger, leaner and more plastic – turn the music on and get started.

Round 1

Repeat the movements in circle, performing as many repetitions as you can within the prescribed time.

  • Exercise 1: 1 minute, 30 sec. for every leg.
  • Exercise 2: 15 seconds.
  • Exercise 3: 1 minute, 30 sec. for every leg.
  • Exercise 2: 15 seconds.

Having completed all of them, make a 20-seconds pause and repeat cycle 2 more times before moving on to Round 2.

Exercise 1: Rise Of The Knee

a) Move all your body weight on your knee-bent left leg. Then, move your right foot at a side and let your toes touch the floor surface. Stretch your arms above your head and pull them left.

b) Lift your right knee to your chest in a single motion, placing your hands on the knee. Return into the position a). Do it for another side within 30 sec.

Exercise 2: Jumping With A Leg Tap

a) Stand straight and place put your feet a little wider than the width of your hips. Directing your hips behind your back, lower into medium crouch, bend your elbows and bring your hands to your chest.

b) Pushing off with your heels off the floor surface, make a jump: in flight let your hands go down to your sides and slap heels to each other. This is 1 repetition. Immediately get back down into medium crouch.

Exercise 3: Lateral Lunges With Kicks

a) Your left foot makes a step at a side, while your hips go behind your back. Keep your chest raised and get into a lunge. Push off the floor surface with the same foot and allocate your body weight to your other leg. Lift your left leg, bend your left knee and make a high kick with this leg to the side.

b) Unwind the movement back until you get to the side lunge. This 1 is repetition. Change your sides within 30 sec.

Round 2

Complete the prescribed number of repetitions of each exercise, without pausing.

In total, you have to make 3 such circles.

If difficult, take a 20-sec. pause, like during Round 1.

Exercise 4: Downward Dog Leg Lift

a) Start from a plank on straight hands: hands placed directly under the joints of your shoulders, feet spread apart at the width of your hips.

b) Get into “downward dog” position – direct your hips to the ceiling and bring your body to the position that reminds letter V turned upside down: remember to keep your core muscles in tension, while as your back should remain straight.

c) Lift your left leg towards the ceiling over the side (drawing an arc with the leg) – counting till 3, i.e. slowly.

d) Pause, rewind the movement until you lower your leg (also slowly, counting till 3) into position a) (do not let your toes touch the floor, keep the leg hanging). This 1 is repetition. Make 10 reps, and the same for the other side.

Exercise 5: Towel Push-Ups

a) Place your hands on the floor surface at a width of your shoulders. Fold a towel several times and place it under your right hand. Get into a modified push-up position: you have to make a traditional straight line from the head to the knees.

b) Keeping core muscle tense, bend your left elbow slowly and extend your right arm to the front with a sliding movement (using towel on the floor). Don’t forget about maintaining a straight line.

c) In a slow pace, get back to a). This is one repetition. Make 10 reps, and the same for the other side.

Exercise 6: Sitting spinal twist

a) Start with sitting: both heels resting on the floor surface with knees bent a little bit. Take a towel in your hands and spread your hands to the sides. Then lift them to the ceiling. With a straight back, lean backwards.

b) Pull the left end of the towel to the floor in a slow motion and remember to keep your core muscles tense. At the same time, straighten your left leg.

c) Make a pause and get back into the position a). Then repeat the same for the other side. This 1 is repetition. Make 10 reps.

Rita Ora Diet 2018-2019 and Fitness Formula

The British singer and star of Tezenis underwear campaigns, Rita Ora, uncovered how she manages to keep herself in shape without weight training and refusal from harmful food.

She has repeatedly recognized her love of harmful food.

According to the celebrity, she eats everything she wants, but only half of the portion.

“If I want a burger, I just cut off half and eat it. Or I take off the bun and eat only the patty. If I ordered a serving of French fries, I do not eat anything else,” the singer said.

Ora also confessed that she likes fizzy drinks that are so harmful for the figure and does not see anything wrong with spoiling herself from time to time.

“I do want to be healthy, but I also want to eat my favorite food,” Rita comments.

To keep herself in shape, the singer goes in for calm physical activities.

She prefers these to active trainings and jogging.

“I do Pilates, yoga and walking. If I go jogging, it never takes more than 10-15 minutes. I do it for health only,” says Ora.

Rita advises not to focus on slimness: “I’m not the thinnest girl in the world and I am not trying to become one. I’m more focused on keeping my body toned, rather than slim. I think everyone should think in this direction – it’s so natural.”

The singer leads a healthy lifestyle and tries to eat in a balanced way.

“In the mornings, I have smoothies and eggs, I love breakfast. For lunch I have salmon or chicken, and for dinner – truffles. I love having pasta with broccoli or truffles, and sometimes pizza,” says Rita.

Lose Weight Fast With Kayla Itsines

Coach and Instagram-phenomenon Kayla Itsines, without having any customers among celebrities, she became a celebrity herself.

We don’t have a single doubt that this woman can make you jump.

Jumping of all kinds are the favorite exercise of the 27-year-old Australian.

This is not just because she was fond of basketball since childhood.

“The explosive load combines perfectly with strength workouts. With such a combination, calories burn like crazy,” explains Itsines.

She received coaching education at the Australian Institute of Fitness, worked as an instructor in a sports club in her hometown of Adelaide.

“The most frequent question I get asked by women, who come to the gym: how can I quickly get my body ready for the beach season?” says Kayla.

In response to public demands, she developed a series of 28-minute workouts ‘Bikini Body Guides’, and that made her famous.

Four sets of seven minutes – a guarantee that the intense workout will simply fly by.

“I invented these exercises so that each woman could do them at home, under the conditions of time restriction and without tons of additional complex equipment – I was generally guided by the rule: the simpler, the better.”

Kayla created a website, started uploading videos of her workouts and soon became a celebrity:

“Girls were coming up to me in shopping centers, thanking me, taking photos with me. I was shaking like a leaf! I could not believe that I get recognized in the streets. I was ready to scream on every corner: here they are, the heroines, ordinary women with ordinary bodies, who made them on their own. So, I started uploading to my Instagram photos of before and after training during a month.”

Kayla’s workout attract not only those who want to lose weight fast.

Skinny girls with flabby bottoms start looking like models of underwear advertising after a month of regular exercising.

Juicy photos of tasty and healthy food on her Instagram make you take a fresh look at healthy eating.

Even selfies with Kayla herself with a vacuum cleaner in her hands bring a smile on the face.

The app for smartphones, which Itsines released, makes the exercises easier and more convenient.

This girl is trying to motivate her followers by all possible means.

Exercise On A Regular Basis

For example:

  • Three days a week of strength training
  • Two days a week of cardio
  • One day for stretching and relaxation.

Record The Results

Take a photo at the beginning of each new week. Nothing motivates better than the visualization of your achievements.

Come Up with An Additional Target

It should have nmothing to do with the weight loss, muscle building or definition.

For example, you can register for a charity run with a small distance.

When you want to give up, you will have an additional incentive to train.

Prove It To Everyone

Learn planning your day in advance so that you surely have time for exercising.

The moment when you want to quit, will come for sure.

Remember, motivation may leave you, discipline – never.

Get Yourself Pretty Sports Clothes

Your feet will simply drag you out for a jog, if you put on bright and comfrotable sneakers.



  • Run the first round of exercises as many times as you can in seven minutes.


  • Take a 30-60 seconds break. Do the second 7-minute round.


  • Take a 30 seconds break, and complete another 7-minute round of exercises, which should include exercises from Round 1 and Round 2.

Thus, you will get a 28-minute workout.

First Round – Hands And Abs

– Lie on your stomach, stretch your arms in front of you, feet toes pressed against the floor, legs straight (1).
– Bend your arms, pressing your palms to the floor at chest level (2).
– Tense the chest and the abs muscles and straighten your arms, getting up into the plank.
– Come down, stretch your arms in front of you (1).

  • Lie on the floor, put your feet on a chair, hands on your head, elbows to the sides (1).
  • Slowly lift your body and stretch the right hand to the left foot (2).
  • Slowly return to starting position.
  • Repeat to the other side.

– Start with lying support: arms perpendicular to the floor, hands slightly wider than shoulder width, feet together (1).
– Move your body weight to your hands and jump to the hands, feet at shoulder-width apart (2).
– Jump back to the starting position.
– Strain the press.

  • Start with lying support (1).
  • Bend your left leg, pulling the knee to the chest (2), return to starting position, repeat the right foot.
  • Perform fast, like running a hundred meters.
  • After four repetitions, bend your elbows at a right angle.
  • Return to starting position.

Kayla advises to exercise 4 weeks to get the first visible result.

Second Round – Legs

– Stand on a low platform, feet together, hands locked in front of chest (1).
– Jump, spread legs in the jump, land in crouch on the floor, feet turned outwards (2).
– Jump up, bring your feet together, land on the bench.
– Always land from the toe to the foot and slightly bend your knees to avoid injuries.

  • Start with lying support, hands slightly wider than shoulder width, feet together (1).
  • Quickly in jump spread legs apart at the hips width (2).
  • Without pausing, jump back to the starting position.
  • Hold the upper part of the body fixed.

– Take dumbbells (at least 3 kg each), stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width, arms along the body.
– Make a squat: thighs parallel to the floor, back straight (1). Do not let your knees go over the toe line. Straighten up, pushing your heels to the floor, at the same time bringing the dumbbells to your shoulders, and then lifting them upwards; palms inward (2).
– Bring your hands down.

  • Spread your feet slightly wider than shoulder width.Make a half-squat: thighs parallel to the floor, back straight, knees do not go beyond the toe line (1).
  • Jump far ahead, helping yourself with your hands (2), in the same position, from which you jumped.
  • Land from toes to the foot, slightly bending the knees.

Kayla recommends to taking brisk 40-minute walks to the music with a proper pace, twice a week.

Sophia Loren’s Diet Includes Pasta, Or True Italian Diet

Everything you see, I owe to spaghetti. I cannot imagine my life without pasta, I eat it every day and I am not getting fat, am I?” Sophia Loren

However, facts speak for themselves.

According to official statistics, only 9% of Italy’s population suffers from obesity.

When you see all these slim women in the Mediterranean region with a piece of pizza in their hand, you start believing miracles.

Meanwhile, nutritionists came up with the “formula of success” of the local diet, which explains why the Italians eat and do not get fat.

Rule no. 1: Small Portions

Nourishing, but small portions of food are served in Italian homes.

Most people in this country do not worry about the caloric value of their daily diet, because they can stop when they are full and just drink a cup of coffee at the end.

Italian diet is very balanced, it is not very fatty, contains the required level of carbohydrates, is rich in fish and chicken, AND the Italians consume truly moderate amounts of red meat.

Rule no. 2: The Correct Oil Is Olive Oil

In Italy, olive oil is known as “liquid gold with thousand years of history”, and the vast majority of national dishes are based namely on it.

It is added to sauces and salads, sauté and grill.

Olive oil occupies a huge niche in the life of the Mediterranean population.

It is difficult to find recipes, where it is not used at all.

Vegetable fats in its composition are better than trans or saturated fats.

However, even while we do agree that olive oil is very useful, you should not forget about moderation.

Bind the sack before it be full!

Rule no. 3: Go In For Fresh Products

Fresh fish, tomatoes, herbs, artichokes, capers, eggplants, zucchini and giant lemons are the basis for the incredibly delicious and healthy dishes, especially in the south of Italy.

Italian diet pasta is always “al dente”, with only a few drops of olive oil or simple tomato sauce with vegetables.

Do not forget, it always comes in small servings.

Rule no. 4: Modest Breakfast

We all know that breakfast is the main meal of the day.

The Italians do not miss it under any circumstances.

However, their breakfast usually includes a small cup of coffee with milk and croissant or a small cereal cookie.

Rule no. 5: No Sweet Drinks

No sugary drinks or soda during meals!

Mineral water along with a glass of red wine (not a bottle!) is much nicer and actually promotes healthy appetite and digestion.

Rule no. 6: Pizza! But Not Every Day

Regular presence of pizza in the diet, of course, does not contribute to weight loss.

In Italy, pizza is weekend food, eaten in the company of friends.

Often, it does not contain any meat at all, favorite toppings being just the cheese and vegetables.

This lowers the caloric value of the dish, while providing higher levels of fiber and nutrients.

Rule no. 7: Light Dinner

Italians try to make the last meal as light as possible before going to bed (unless they go to dinner with friends).

Traditional dinner may include minestrone soup, cold meats or a small plate of pasta with a slice of cheese.

Rule no. 8: Italian Diet Is Not A Diet

The Italians are not obsessed with weight loss diets.

Are you willing to lose weight?

Cut fried foods and avoid serving pasta with fatty sauces.

Herewith, you can eat tomato salad, pasta with vegetable sauté and use olive oil, herbs, lemon, capers and spices.

Last, yet very important: eat any Italian dish without any feeling of guilt!

Cher Is Planking For 5 Minutes. What About You?

Even young girls can envy her perfect body.

We found out what helps the singer to maintain the amazing body, despite her considerable age.

At the Billboard Music Awards, Cher stepped onto the stage in such outright outfits that the Internet simply exploded into discussions about her perfect shape.

And the singer also added fuel to the fire, writing in her Twitter: I turned 71, and I can stand in plank for 5 minutes… Just saying.

Unequivocally, Cher is a superman, because in her 72 she easily does what we, ordinary mortals, sometimes can not endure for more than one minute!

We found out something about her lifestyle, and learnt how she manages to always be in a great shape and maintain her body weight at the perfect level.


While communicating with her subscribers on Twitter, Cher writes that she does not consume ham and red meat, preferring vegetarian products to all other foods.

I simply do not like meat, so my nutrition seems healthy to many people.

No bad habits

Cher does not smoke, does not use drugs and almost does not consume alcohol.

Watching my health has always been a part of my life, and over the years I see that it actually works. But there are things that I just do not like, so I will never do it – for example, drugs and alcohol. Of course, I can drink a little, but it does not happen more than three times a year.

Relaxing days

Cher admits that sometimes on sets she caves in and allows herself to enjoy some fast food.

At the end of filming “The Witches of Eastwick”, Michelle Pfeiffer, Susan Sarandon and I seemed to go nuts. We stuffed our stomachs with cheese crackers, chocolate bars, sweets, generously washing them down with cola. It came to the point that Michel and I decided to have instant mashed potatoes. It changed our life – we simply lived on all this fast food – sweet potatoes, baked potatoes and Caesar salads.

Active lifestyle

Surfing (which she engaged in when she was 60!) is not the only physical activity that Cher loves. She runs, walks a lot and trains in the gym five times a week.

I work hard on myself and spend all my free time in the gym. But I like it. As a child, I was a tomboy, and was engaged practically in every kind of sport. I started surfing just now. And, God, I simply love it!

Cher’s training schedule will seem a real hell to someone.

Yet the result is obvious.

The main thing is to enjoy it.

And, finally, do not forget about the plank.

Five minutes.

Every day.

Expert feedback

Considering the individual characteristics of a particular person, the set of Cher’s habits will surely help to keep an excellent figure.

1. Sports.

Muscles need to be loaded, and they need strength exercises, at least 2 times a week to maintain form.

Cher trains 5 times a week – we bow down before her.

In addition, we need to walk or engage in outdoor activities, at least 1 hour a day, and preferably 1.5 hours, because it:

  • stimulates the work of the heart,
  • accelerates the metabolism,
  • tones the muscles.

Plank is a universal exercise for maintaining the body structure, and Cher is absolutely right when engaging in it.

2. Nutrition.

Theories, systems and techniques are plenty out there, when it comes to proper nutrition.

It is important to understand that our body needs proteins, fats, carbs and fiber.

And we definitely do not need dead carbohydrates.

As for meat, especially the red varieties, we also know many different myths and theories.

We keep to the theory of individual characteristics of a particular person, his convictions and the place where he lives.

Cher lives in a warm climate, and the consumption of meat there is definitely lower than in a cold climate.

3. Water.

Cher does not say anything about water, which is also very important.

Do not forget to include at least 1.5 liters of clean drinking water in your diet, replacing tea and coffee with it.

4. Microelements.

After the age of 40, our body needs microelements. Judging by Cher’s appearance, and especially her hair, she definitely takes them in proper amounts.

Bottom line, celebrities are people, just like us, and they also need to work hard to look perfect every day.

Choose the routine of any of mentioned celebrity or try them all and find your own perfect formula of a perfect body.

Stay healthy and happy!