Getting wants and needs met: water exercises for weight loss

The easiest way to stay in shape without putting much effort is to do water exercises for weight loss. It is especially timely in summer, in a pool or in the sea. Get your wants and needs met, and after spending a week or two in an “all inclusive” hotel, you will get home not with a couple of extra kilos, ennobled with your rich tan, but with taut abs and slimmer hips.

Get a perfect blend of high spirits, grace and plasticity while on vacation.

You might ask “How?” The answer is very simple: by dedicating 15 minutes per day to water exercises for weight loss.

One important condition is the water temperature. If you engage in water exercises for weight loss, the optimum water temperature is 24 to 30 degrees (remember that water temperature is about 10 degrees less than the air temperature). If the water is cool, you will burn fat less effectively. Either way, you will get a highly enjoyable experience. Start memorizing the exercises!


In the fight for the slenderness and elegance, water fun for kids is very useful: just raise splashes with your hands and feet up and you will strengthen the relevant muscles.


Leg swings will help you get rid of the undesired cellulite on your thighs.

  • get into the water so that it gets to your neck level,
  • stretch your arms to the sides,
  • reach your palms with your feet (without bending them at the knee!).
  • make 10 leg swings with each leg.

Similar aqua exercises for weight loss will also be very beneficial for your back.


Making the silhouette of your hands and losing arms fat fast is possible by bringing them together and spreading them back.

  • Get into the water so that it gets to your neck level
  • Place your feet shoulder-width apart
  • Slightly bend your legs at the knees
  • Spread your hands to the sides
  • Make rowing motions
  • Repeat the exercise 20 times.


Swimming without involving arms gives an excellent effect on all women’s problem areas (stomach, thighs, arms, buttocks, and back).

take a board, a rubber ring, or simply keep your arms along your body
swim to the other side of the pool (or shore) making frequent leg movements.


Especially effective water exercises for weight loss is the alternation of exercises with different swimming styles. Thus, you get the possibility to work out different muscle groups without overloading your cardiovascular system. In addition, you will boost fat burning process, if you alternate the intensity of aqua loads.


Water exercise for weight loss named “Ballerina” improves your posture and condition of your back muscles.

  • water should cover your shoulders,
  • stand up straight,
  • bend your left leg at the knee,
  • move it back to the arabesque,
  • to maintain balance, spread one arm in front of you.


Lunges that are perfect slim thighs exercise are especially pleasant when done in water.

  • stand in water up to your shoulders,
  • join hands above your head,
  • make lunges forward with your feet,
  • look at your joined palms during this effective weight loss exercise to maintain your balance.