It sounds tempting – to become a smarter, to increase performance at work or in learning, to learn one or more foreign languages for a short time without problems, to develop imagination and oratory skills, does not it?

Learn how TruBrain helps quickly make these dreams a reality!

What is TruBrain

TruBrain – is a complex of nootropics, whose unique formulas were developed with support of neurologists of scientific and medical laboratory Neurotech.

TruBrain will help you to improve your cognitive functions for a short time.

Cognitive function tends to deteriorate with the patient’s age.

What does TruBrain do

TruBrain will help to maintain or improve clarity and sharpness of mind at any age in representatives of various professions.

Buy TruBrain now and you will be able to quickly increase performance of your mind, improve memory, reduce mental overload, and to perform hard work will be easier, more pleasant and more interesting.

Benefits of TruBrain use

Using TruBrain, you will be able to:

  • concentrate better on the set tasks,
  • significantly increase your level of working capacity,
  • less distract from work or study,
  • improve communication and speaking skills,
  • faster memorize a lot of information,
  • improve your cognitive functions.

TruBrain – is a drug that will help you to improve mental performance and increase your intellectual contribution to social and personal life.

Try TruBrain in order to quickly, easily and safely improve cognitive functions of your brain.

Who will benefit from TruBrain use

TruBrain is useful for people who daily face complex intellectual and creative tasks: systematization, development, learning, and analytics.

Nootropic TruBrain was designed to improve and facilitate the brain work of representatives of different professions and social groups:

  • students
  • businessmen
  • managers
  • journalists
  • analysts
  • developers
  • programmers
  • creative people
  • researchers.

TruBrain dosage forms available

TruBrain is available in two dosage forms – as drinks and capsules.

Both forms are very practical for use:

  • TruBrain capsules are easily placed in your pocket, you can use them at any time convenient for you, anywhere – at home, work or in college, before conference or important meeting;
  • TruBrain drinks are available in convenient package, allowing you to take your think drink in the office, audience or car without worrying that it will be spilled.

Trial pack of TruBrain

Buy online 10 trial packets of think drink TruBrain for only $ 1.9 per pack and make sure of beneficial properties of this nootropic for the brain!

TruBrain capsules

Another significant difference between capsules and drinks TruBrain is in components they contain.

Active ingredients of TruBrain are amino acids necessary for our brain for qualitative, continuous and complete work.

There are three unique formulas of TruBrain capsules that contain different combinations of active ingredients.

To improve cognitive functions, each of them should be used at certain time of day or in special circumstances:

  • TruBrain Morning contains a combination of Citicoline and Piracetam that help to set the person’s mind on intellectual work, to focus and better perceive the necessary information.
  • TruBrain Afternoon includes amino acid L-Theanine. It will give you a sense of calm and relaxation that are so essential for a productive and quality mental work.
  • Active ingredient of TruBrain Boost is Oxiracetam. This amino acid increases activity of neuronal cells and provides the brain with oxygen that leads to improvement of memory and attention.

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TruBrain drinks

TruBrain drinks are also divided into three types, depending on combination of active ingredients they include:

  • TruBrain Original contains caffeine increasing the brain performance and L-Theanine that promotes relaxation. To improve cognitive function of the brain, this think drink should be used during breakfast.
  • TruBrain Caffeine Free is recommended to drink during the day to improve concentration and enhance memory. Combination of Piracetam and Oxiracetam in composition of this drink improves delivery of oxygen to the brain that contributes to active work of neurons.
  • Think drink TruBrain Boost includes natural compounds Centrophenoxine and Uridine. They enhance the RNA synthesis that leads to a considerable improvement of memory.

TruBrain drinks can be ordered once; its price depends on size of order: 60 drinks cost $ 135, 30 packages – $ 70, and 20 think drinks – $ 55. Get almost 11% discount by ordering a monthly delivery of TruBrain drinks!

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Additional ingredients of TruBrain products

Drinks and capsules TruBrain contain auxiliary nutrients that protect the brain from overwork and enhance effect of natural active amino acids:

  • Magnesium – reduces tension and stress in heavy mental work;
  • Tyrosine – improves memory and enhances effect of other TruBrain components;
  • Carnitine – has a strong antioxidant effect, protects and stabilizes neuronal cells, allowing them to keep activity for a long time;
  • Omega-3 or DHA – helps to restore brain cells and enhances action of other components;
  • Citicoline – increases neuronal metabolism and strengthens walls of neuron cells that helps to protect the brain from over fatigue and results in improved cognitive functions.

Main advantages of TruBrain use

A dose of active amino acids in TruBrain is calculated so that this nootropic does not cause any adverse reactions.

TruBrain has no sedative effect, but can save you from stress, and your brain – from overwork.

Without compromising your health, TruBrain will help you:

  • timely and qualitatively to solve more complex intellectual tasks;
  • completely eliminate or minimize dangerous brain overload caused by the large amount of information, or stress;
  • facilitate perception of information and speed up process of its memorizing.

One of the most important and priority tasks of TruBrain – is improvement of work and increase of performance of your brain.

TruBrain will help you to enhance creative productivity for practical solution of a wide range of tasks:

  • scientific
  • personal
  • analytical
  • creative
  • organizational.

Nootropic TruBrain will help you to quickly prepare for heavy multi-day scientific conference, easier to learn a lot of information when preparing for exams, increase fluency of thoughts and speech during a business meeting with important business partners.