Tianeptine is a popular anti-depressant in the US and UK.

It belongs to the group of selective serotonin reuptake enhancers (SSRE).

Tianeptine has a broad spectrum of action.

One of the most well-known Tianeptine powder manufacturers is the company Powder City. Discover what beneficial effects for cognitive function has Tianeptine.

Benefits of Tianeptine

Tianeptine is a strong antidepressant with a nootropic activity. The therapeutic effect of Tianeptine is aimed at suppressing changes in brain receptors, caused by stress.

By using Tianeptine you may:

  • protect your brain against stress or depression
  • improve your mood and desire to work
  • improve your cognitive performance.

Furthermore, Tianeptine tablets may be taken to eliminate withdrawal symptoms after the treatment with ethanol.

Combining Tianeptine

To increase the efficiency of this nootropic, use Tianeptine in conjunction with such intelligent agents, as:

  • Phenibut,
  • Adrafinil,
  • Noopept,
  • Piracetam,
  • Memantine.

In healthy people, Tianeptine helps prevent the development of cognitive dysfunction.

Tianeptine also contributes to a significant increase in brain activity and health.

Take smart drugs with Tianeptine to:

  • strengthen memory
  • improve the ability to learn
  • accelerate information memorizing
  • increase concentration in intellectual work.

Tianeptine safety

The results of several clinical trials confirm the Tianeptine safety for people of all ages.

Buy smart products with Tianeptine sulfate to find peace and mental stability during:

  • a long conference, a scientific work or exam sustaining, important and difficult negotiations with business partners.

Tianeptine will help you prevent any cognitive impairment, associated with severe stress or depression.

Tianeptine will help you to always keep calm at work or studies, and improve long-term memory and memorizing ability.

In contrast to the SSRIs, Tianeptine is tolerated better, does not cause adverse reactions or sedative effects.

Due to its high efficiency, Tianeptine nootropic received a lot of positive feedbacks on Reddit and Erowid.

Where to buy Tianeptine

You may buy Tianeptine online on Newmind or Ceretropic with a home delivery.

In the international market, smart pills with this neuroprotective substance are sold under the generic name Tianeptine, as well as a well-known brands Tatinol, Coaxil and Stablon.