Therapeutic Fasting: Body Cleansing

Fasting is one of the methods of weight loss and body cleansing. Such radical methods bring good results. If this process is correctly executed, the first results appear quickly and last for a long time.

Fasting is the most effective among numerous ways of weight loss and body cleansing. This method helps not only to get rid of extra pounds, but also to improve health. If this procedure is carried out correctly, the human body is purified, slags are removed, the immune system is strengthened and so on.

Correct therapeutic fasting

So that fasting benefits, but does not harm to the health, it is necessary to fast properly. Not only the process itself is important, but also its start and stop.

The whole process is divided into phases, which occur:

  • the first – on 7-9 day;
  • the second – on 14-16 day;
  • the third – on 28-32 day.

All these phases are natural for the body. The body is cleaned during the first phase, the body switches to a healthy lifestyle during the second phase, and the most profound cleansing of the body – the person’s hormonal balance begins to recover during the third phase.

Let’s take a closer look at each phase of entering and exiting fasting:

Entering the fasting

During this period, your body is switched to endogenous nutrition, so you will not feel hunger after about three days. Not receiving energy from food, the body begins to feed on the reserves that it accumulated earlier. During the entire period of fasting, be sure to drink water, this is the only thing you need to use at this time. In order to facilitate the entering the process, do a cleansing enema or take an easy laxative.

First phase of exiting

It is necessary to pay a special attention to this period. Refusing from food, you can only eat fruits and juices.

Second phase of exiting

Now start to gradually add vegetables to your diet. The cleansing process is stopped, and the body needs to get plenty of nutrients.

Third phase of exiting

The process of fasting is completed. You can eat whatever you want, but first try to avoid foods cooked at high and low temperatures. Avoid foods such as sugar, white bread. Refuse from alcohol and smoking. A healthy diet during this period will help you to fix your result.

Long-term medical fasting

To achieve a positive effect, many people prefer long-term therapeutic fasting for more than 21 days.

To make the process easier, determine the exact terms before starting fasting. Entering the process is carried out by the usual method. Do not disturb water regime throughout the procedure. Passing through the first phase, you will feel a considerable relief – the feeling of hunger will be blunted. If this is your first experience of prolonged fasting, you need to do enemas every other day.

You can feel some deterioration in the condition after about 20 days, which will disappear after 2-3 days. Many people stop the process because unable to withstand the whole period. In this case, the exiting the procedure should be carried out according to the generally established rules.

Pay attention that you will lose 500 grams daily after the first phase; you will continue to lose 300 grams daily after the second phase. Your body is actively cleansed during this phase.

After completing 21-day fasting, begin a gradual exiting according to the above-mentioned method.