User agreement

www.sontexhealth.com offers all the Internet users to use its services on terms, listed in given user agreement.

Our website (www.sontexhealth.com) is designed as convenient area for communication (social area) so that users can post their information on it for free.

Posting information

User gets the right to post his information on www.sontexhealth.com after filling in a special application form. Thus, any user can register on www.sontexhealth.com and get extra services. All you need to do is indicate your unique and private email address, password and other required data for registration. Once this was done, user receives confirmation of registration by email, which gives the link to complete the registration.

When using all functions and services of www.sontexhealth.com, you thereby accept the obligations to follow rules and instructions of using www.sontexhealth.com.

User is responsible for his actions on www.sontexhealth.com, when entering the site by using his email and password. Thus, any user can use www.sontexhealth.com service via his private email address and password only. To protect the account, user must keep his password in secret and never disclose it to third parties.

Information provided by user

Information, provided by user means information, which user presents on www.sontexhealth.com or other users. User is responsible for any information he places on www.sontexhealth.com, while the site only offers the space for publication.

Providing personal data for registration on www.sontexhealth.com, user thereby agrees that the site can use this information according to the legislation. User agrees that www.sontexhealth.com can use his personal data in compliance with privacy policy of the given Agreement.

www.sontexhealth.com has the right to contact any user by sending him messages, emails (provided in registration) as well as text on mobile phone.

×User is forbidden to post information that violates the policy of www.sontexhealth.com, this Agreement or the third parties. Provided information must not contain:

  • Vulgar or abusive expressions
  • Promotion of violence, hatred, racism, discrimination, xenophobia, international conflicts, illegal actions, etc.
  • Data, violating personal rights or intellectual property of third parties
  • Fraud information
  • Information affecting property, business secret or private life of third parties
  • Private information of third parties without their permission
  • Slander about somebody or threats to somebody
  • Any information of pornographic nature
  • Information affecting minors
  • Misinformation
  • Viruses, or other potentially hazardous programs
  • Spam, chain letters, pyramid systems or unreliable advertising
  • Internet job offers with no reply address or employer contact
  • Pure advertisement
  • Any kind of information, violating present legislation


Administration of www.sontexhealth.com is eligible to delete user’s information if it violates terms of the given Agreement. User’s information can be also deleted if:

  • User has already posted the same message on the site
  • Main fields are empty
  • Provided information is not correct
  • Name or title of post contains web link to other sources
  • Posted image is of poor quality or contains any logos


Information, objects, designs elements, graphic pictures, photo, video, programs, music, sounds or other content placed on www.sontexhealth.com all this belongs to www.sontexhealth.com, users and other right holders only.

User may use content on www.sontexhealth.com in terms of allowed functions, offered by any service of the site. None of the content on www.sontexhealth.com can be used without prior permission of the right holder (except it is allowed by policy of this website or current legislation). “Used” stands for: play, copy, processing, share to someone, etc.

Using services of duromineiformation.net, user has exclusive rights on content he places on the site and thereby is fully responsible for it.

User is obliged:

  • Not to use automatic programs to get the access to www.sontexhealth.com without written permission of the site administration;
  • Not to perform any activity that can overload the website structure
  • Not to copy, play, change, share and spread any information, posted on www.sontexhealth.com (except information given by user himself) without prior written permission of the site administration;
  • Not to hinder the activity and work of this website, as well as not to hinder the activity of automatic systems and processes and not to limit the access to www.sontexhealth.com
  • Not to use information shared by other users other than to contact with these users without written permission of other users. Exception: personal data, provided by user during registration.

User is prohibited:

  • To discuss the actions of www.sontexhealth.com administration other than through emails with maintainer;
  • To use nicknames similar to other users’ names in other to impersonate another user and send messages on his behalf.

sontexhealth.com is obliged:

  • To fulfill accurately its obligations according to this Agreement, such as normal function of all services of the website and non-disclosure of users personal data to the third parties.
  • Update important information and set limits to some services of duromineiformation.net. Administration is eligible to change or stop the activity of all services on the site anytime it is required. The site administration has the right to inform users about that or not.
  • sontexhealth.com staff reserves the right to limit users’ activity in order to improve the quality of services.
  • Site administration can block the access of user to the website, if user breaks the rules of this Agreement.
  • sontexhealth.com has the right to move or delete user’s account as well as all his posts, previously informing the user about that.
  • Administration of www.sontexhealth.com is eligible to transfer the website (with all content and users’ data) to its assignee.

The website staff reserves the right to ask users to confirm their personal data (registration) anytime it needs. If provided information differs from data, provided during registration and if registration data do not identify user, www.sontexhealth.com can refuse the access to the website for this user.

Website disclaimer

Using services of www.sontexhealth.com, any user agrees to take all the responsibility, all the possible risks, associated with provided content, while the website staff is no responsible for the content of the posts and losses, associated with them.

www.sontexhealth.com administration has no responsibility for the reliability of information posted by users.

Duromineiformation.net administration is no responsible for users’ behavior on the website. All the conflicts between users should be resolved without intervention of www.sontexhealth.com staff.

www.sontexhealth.com is no responsible for unauthorized access or usage of personal data by other users, as well as any viruses, Trojans, etc.; transferred to the website by users or third parties.

www.sontexhealth.com administration and staff is no responsible for technical disruptions, caused by any defects in the hardware or software.

www.sontexhealth.com and its staff is no responsible for incidental or accidental damage, resulting the improper use of the website and services.

www.sontexhealth.com is responsible for advertisement, placed on the website in terms of the present legislation.

Agreement validity

Given Agreement is activated since the moment a user starts to use any services of www.sontexhealth.com, his registration of the website and therefore this Agreement is unlimited.

User is eligible to terminate his / her registration on the website without notice of the duromineinfomration.net staff and explanation of the reasons.


www.sontexhealth.com administration has the right to change terms of this Agreement without notice. The new terms of Agreement becomes active since the moment it was placed on www.sontexhealth.com.

In case user is not agree with changes www.sontexhealth.com made in terms of this Agreement, according to conditions listed above, user should stop using services of the website.

Information confidentiality

All the information, placed on www.sontexhealth.com is public with one exception. No users have the access to private section of another user and his personal data.

User’s registration data is not subject for the transfer to third parties without his (user’s) permission. Exception is a situation when the law requires this information disclosure.

www.sontexhealth.com administration only uses user’s personal data in terms of fulfilling the present Agreement.

Thus, any www.sontexhealth.com user agrees that the website administration and staff transfer his information to the third parties, on the basis of present Agreement for fulfillment of user’s obligations, required for the present Agreement.

Other conditions

User indicates his email address in personal information in his account, so that www.sontexhealth.com administration can send his newsletters and notification.

User can decline to receive information, messages on his email any time. There is an “unsubscribe from newsletters” function available in users account.

When any disputes between two parties of the present Agreement occur, parties are obliged to resolve them through negotiations. If these disputes cannot be resolved through negotiations, they should be resolved according to the active legislation.