TeaCrine Review: brain & body support

During the day, your work requires high concentration, and in the evening, you are used to spending time in the gym?

Then, you’re probably familiar with stress, fatigue and lack of energy before another workout.

Now, these problems will remain in the past, because you have the opportunity to buy TeaCrine – a new drug for active people.

What does TeaCrine do

TeaCrine provides a triple action to improve the performance of mental and physical labor:

  • Improves concentration
  • Increases the level of energy, required for a proper brain functioning
  • Increases performance and endurance.

Main ingredient of TeaCrine

The main component, through which TeaCrine increases energy and improves concentration, is Theacrine.

It is a chemical element, identical to natural. Theacrine is found in caffeine and some exotic fruit.

Theacrine exerts roughly the same effect on the body, like another well-known stimulant – Caffeine.

Yet, at the same time, Theacrine has several advantages over Caffeine:

  • doesn’t overexcite the nervous system;
  • mild stimulating effect lasts much longer;
  • does not cause side effects, like nervousness, exhaustion and addiction.

Products containing TeaCrine®

  • LIPO-6 Rx contains Teacrine: 100 mg
  • PYROXAMINE contains Teacrine: 50 mg
  • TRANS4ORM CAPSULES contains Teacrine: 25 mg
  • TheaTrim contains Teacrine: 278 mg
  • Hemo-Rage Underground contains Teacrine: 70 mg
  • USN B4-Bomb contains Teacrine: 200 mg
  • USN Amino Stim contains Teacrine: 50 mg.

TeaCrine improves physical and mental performance due to two main effects on the body.

  • Firstly, TeaCrine stimulates the production of Dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter and a hormone that influences the processes of learning and motivation.
  • Secondly, TeaCrine reduces Adenosine production, which is a biologically active substance that inhibits the vitality and causes a deep sleep.

Thus, TeaCrine stimulates the body for energy production and improves mental and physical performance.

TeaCrine studies

The study gathered data on safety and tolerance biomarkers, including heart rate and blood pressure.

The second study revealed similar results to the first study while indicating that larger doses were not needed for optimal effects.

In fact, the following study results show participants received benefits at a relatively low dose (200 mg).

Why would you use TeaCrine

Reasons why you should buy TeaCrine:

  • scientifically proven efficacy and safety in enhancing energy and improving concentration;
  • does not contain Caffeine, and therefore does not cause side effects, characteristic of Caffeine;
  • perfectly suits business people, who combine intellectual work and physical load.

TeaCrine is the latest scientific development of Compound Solutions.

The product has successfully passed both preclinical and clinical studies.

So, you should buy TeaCrine, if you want to improve the intellectual capacity and improve the quality of your workouts.

Buy TeaCrine online by contacting company representatives through their official website.