Surgical Treatment of Obesity

Surgical treatment of obesity is recommended for patients, whose BMI (body mass index) is over 40. When BMI is 30 to 40, it is recommended to undergo a drug anti-obesity therapy combined with diets and increased physical activity.

Bariatric surgery can be prescribed in BMI 35 and more, if obesity is accompanied by high blood pressure, poor blood circulation, rapid progression of the disease and visceral type of obesity.

Patients with severe obesity have problems with almost all organs and tissues. Fat deposits in the area of oropharynx, larynx and trachea may seriously limit the airway patency and the use of instruments.

Thus, while preparing for surgery, the clinic must have not only the standard, but also special flexible bronchoscopes with a cold light source and camera on top of it.

Classification of weight loss surgeries:

  • lipectomy;
  • vertical gastroplasty;
  • adjustable ring on the stomach
  • gastric balloon;
  • gastric bypass.

After bariatric surgery some complications may occur. Obese patients often develop embolism and they need higher doses of anticoagulants that prevent blood clots.

Nowadays, there are many different types of weight loss surgeries. One of the oldest ones is lipectomy. Previously, lipectomy was rarely used, due to the risk of regaining fat deposits. However, it has become more popular last years.

Weight loss provides a positive effect on metabolism and normalizes hormones levels. If BMI is 40-50, the most appropriate procedure – is adjustable ring on the upper stomach.

If BMI is over 50, gastric bypass surgery is recommended. In severe obesity, an adjustable ring on the stomach is most likely not as effective as gastric bypass.

Vertical gastroplasty involves reduction of the stomach size. The main principle of this surgery is making a smaller stomach. As a result, patient starts feeling fullness after consuming 30-40 mg of liquid.

Gastroplasty is considered one of the most effective weight loss surgery.

The weight loss rate may reach 15-30 kg per month. Overall weight loss may be over 100 kg. Patient becomes more active and energetic; some of his diseases disappear, the blood pressure becomes normal, reducing the level of lipids in the blood plasma.

Obesity is a chronic illness, requiring a professional treatment. Using of any surgical method must be considered as extra option to low-calorie diets and change in lifestyle.