What Do The Supermodels Eat On The Eve Of The Show?

9 Victoria’s Secret “angels” told us about their breakfast on the day of the grandiose show. Everyone, who want to look perfect in their lingerie definitely should note this information.


Of course, one of the favorite “angels” is already out of Victoria’s Secret, and we are talking about Carly Kloss. Nevertheless, in the past, the model was happy to share the details of her preparation and “the secrets of the divine body”.

In 2014, the show of the brand passed exactly five days after Thanksgiving – the favorite family holiday of most models. “Angels” complained: when the festive table next to you is bursting with delicacies, it becomes unbearable to keep yourself within the framework of a rigid diet.

Kloss decided to say it straight: she associates happiness with the aroma of pumpkin bread, which her mom bakes in the morning. And she does not intend to deprive herself of this pleasure!

However, the model pays hard in the gym for every piece eaten. The morning on the day of the show Kloss traditionally began with:

  • Fruit juice
  • Almond cookies
  • Handful of nuts and oat flakes
  • Agave juice
  • Olive oil.

*According to the model, this is an “excellent energy cocktail”


“For breakfast, I choose fruit, because I need sugar. I don’t like caffeine-containing drinks. They are bad for your heart. But I do not deprive myself of fat-free yoghurt with muesli and a couple of eggs,” we write down after the Puerto Rican beauty.


The perfect breakfast before “day X” from the Englishwoman is oatmeal, sir! As it should be: a large plate of porridge cooked on milk with maple syrup or honey.


“I had a smoothie and a yogurt, while I was dying for scrambled eggs and fried sausages! But I will still have the opportunity to taste them, the blonde commented in an interview. I was lucky with the metabolism, so I’m not very cautious with food. My secret is simple: I eat everything I want, in small quantities.”


“Most people think that this is a lie, but I eat for breakfast huge portions of food, like a man! I need strength and energy!” Yeah, right!


The face and body of one of the most expensive busts on the planet decided not to deprive herself of her your favorite delicacies a couple of hours before the show. She loves roasted chicken and sweet potatoes. When you look at Lily’s sizes, this sounds like a mockery.


Compared to her frivolous girlfriends, the appetizing Brazilian with wings of success behind her back is much more strict about her diet. Nine days before the show, Lima “transfers” herself exclusively to water and protein shakes, and completely refuses any solid food and salt.

12 hours before the show, she, moreover, stops drinking any liquid


For this young Brazilian, the jubilee Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was the first. The model began this important day with a healthy modest breakfast:

  • Melet
  • Nuts
  • Fruit salad
  • An unidentified green mashed potatoes, a photo of which the excited debutante posted in Instagram.


On the air of the American radio station, the Australian model opened her heart to the fullest, and dispelled all the myths about the “hungry diets” of the “angels”. The catwalk star admitted that all 47 models have a pretty nutritious lunch before the catwalk.

Shaik herself, as part of the show preparation program, switched to a vegetarian menu, drank protein shakes and water. However, Shanina did not refuse her favorite chocolate. The only component that the girl completely excluded from her nutrition was alcohol.

Her perfect breakfast on the day of the show is an omelet with spinach and a salad with lots of green vegetables.