Sulbutiamine – an important nutrition for the brain

Reduction of physical and intellectual performance, sleep problems, irritability and stress – all these may be the first signs of Vitamin B1 deficit. Yet, there is a way out – buy supplements with Sulbutiamine, a synthetic analog of Vitamin B1.

Packages of various dietary supplements may have such names as Vitamin B1, Thiamine or Sulbutiamine. All these are one and the same substance, only Vitamin B1 is a natural component, while as Thiamine and Sulbutiamine are its synthetic analogues.

However, Sulbutiamine penetrates into the brain much better and faster than Thiamine.

You may compensate Sulbutiamine deficit with food, as well. A variety of cereals, vegetables and potatoes contain it. Yet, about 25% of this vitamin is lost through heat treatment. Besides, the body rapidly excretes Sulbutiamine.

The only way to fully compensate Sulbutiamine deficit is the use of dietary supplements that contain it.

Sulbutiamine has the widest range of applications – from hangover relieving to increasing the libido. Yet, the main Sulbutiamine function is to improve the brain activity.
In various online stores, you may buy online Sulbutiamine powders and capsules. Yet, Sulbutiamine powder does not dissolve in water or juice, so you will have to take it only with milk.

In addition, it has a strong and unpleasant taste. Thus, capsules are the most preferred method of Sulbutiamine administration.

Namely the availability of Sulbutiamine in the body influences the ability to memorize information and cognitive functions. Lack of this element immediately shows through fatigue and confusion.

Sulbutiamine has the following effects over the brain function improvement:

  • It ensures the brain with a stable energy source – glucose
  • It helps relieve fatigue and overwork.
  • It protects the neuronal brain communication from the damaging effects of harmful acids.

The brain is the most energy-intensive of all human body organs. For a normal brain functioning, nerve cells may be fed with glucose only – they are unable to absorb the energy from fats or proteins. Sulbutiamine breaks down carbohydrates consumed into glucose, thus ensuring a reliable power source for the brain.

Yet, these are not all effects of Sulbutiamine that improve brain function. Elevated concentrations of Lactic acid and Pyruvic acid cause fatigue and overwork. Sulbutiamine is capable of processing these acids into an energy source, so the brain receives an additional power source.

Benefits of Sulbutiamine in improving brain function:

  • enhances brain neuronal communication, thereby improving memory;
  • greatly reduces the risk and even the development of Alzheimer’s disease, slows the brain aging;
  • safe and non-toxic in high doses over 1000 mg.

On such resources like Reddit and Raypeatforum, you may see not only Sulbutiamine reviews, but also the overviews of users’ personal experience about the use of dietary supplements that contain this element.

Sulbutiamine-containing drug, which is popular among the USA residents, is called Arcalion. Now you have the opportunity to buy this and other supplements with Sulbutiamine and make sure that this microelement is essential for improving the intellectual activity.