The Strangest Ways To Lose Weight, Which Do Not Help

What only people do to get rid of excess weight! The newfangled ways to lose weight get more and more various every day:

  • gojiberries,
  • green coffee,
  • chocolate,
  • wine,
  • pills,
  • needles,
  • belts,
  • diet by the genetic code,
  • diet accordingto the.

Let us try to gain an insight into the new weight loss methods and see, if these work at least to the smallest extent.


While we all know them as goji berries, these in fact are the fruits of Lycium Barbarum, woody plant of the family Solanaceae, or wolfberries. Not so long ago, the fruits were referred to “miracle-berries”.

They contain:

  • vitamins,
  • microelements,
  • fiber.

Our body, however, is designed so that it also needs:

  • proteins,
  • carbohydrates,
  • fats.

Berries do not provide these. People are always looking for a magic pill to lose weight. Yet such things do not happen. It is a myth. You can not, having eaten a wolfberry, lose weight and maintain it forever. To lose weight, you need to work hard. Weight will go away, if you properly balance proteins, fats and carbohydrates.


A huge amount of carbohydrates! Many people believe that chocolate, which is rich in the “hormone of happiness”, can be used to tame the appetite and thus reduce weight. This is not true.

Any diet can provide a short-term result. You will manage to get rid of one or two kilograms with great difficulty, but as soon as you finish it, the kilograms will return, and in larger quantities.


The patch is sewed onto the tongue and makes the process of chewing solid food unbearably painful. Like any other extreme weight loss method, manipulations with the patch are intended to discourage the desire to eat or chew. Hunger, as we know, is not useful.

Everything that you eat, when you are hungry, burns, while everything that you eat on a full stomach, “by appetite”, goes to fats. You are hungry, come home, and start eating, and eat a lot, and feel that you still want more. Not because you are not satiated, but because you quickly swallowed food and the signal from the stomach did not go to the “hunger-satiety” center, and switching did not happen.

In this way, you can stretch your stomach to the size of a bucket, or – to the size of a tennis ball. To make sure that your stomach is of a normal size, you should:

  • eat often
  • consume food in small amounts (no more than 300 grams).

*Within a week, the stomach will decrease in volume. And then, no matter how hungry you are, the feeling of satiety will quickly come. Control yourself.


They contain specific substances, similar to prohibited drugs that block the center of hunger. People becomes energetic, joyful and stop thinking about food. That is, by and large, this is the same as fasting. And fasting is unacceptable! You should not starve.

Our stomach is created in such a way that it must always digest something. If it is empty, it begins to digest itself, its mucous membrane. With this method, excess weight goes away, because there are no nutrients, and this makes kidneys and liver suffer.


There are no magic tablets and capsules. All of them are designed for “excretion”. However, it should be kept in mind that liquid stool removes both harmful and useful substances from the body. You seem to have lost weight, but, getting back to your usual lifestyle, you gain weight back.


Wine can not replace food. Alcohol gives a feeling of euphoria. It contains a lot of calories. A glass of vodka is equivalent to breakfast. Alcoholics drink, but eat almost nothing, and have problems with:

  • liver,
  • pancreas,
  • stomach.


Belts are just additional weight loss means. They work if you eat right and load yourself physically. As doctors say, you should start from the head. Stop prescribing yourself with diets and exhausting your body. If you really decide to change yourself, stop starving and experimenting.

Do you really want to lose weight? Then, you should have less:

  • sweet,
  • fat,
  • “fire-water”.

Nutritionists believe that most of the ways to lose weight have nothing to do with dietetics. It all has to do with psychology. When a dietitian develops a nutrition program, he does it on the basis of the patient’s personal characteristics, takes into account his health, heredity, and lifestyle.