Sports Nutrition for Women

Just a dozen years ago, the overwhelming majority of visitors of a gym were men. Today, women often go there in pursuit of a slender and sculptured figure. In connection with improper nutrition and sedentary lifestyle, the goal of most new fitness beginners is to lose weight. It is quite difficult to lose weight and such drugs as fat burners can help. Sports nutrition, chosen and accepted according to all rules, can significantly accelerate the progress of workouts.

Mechanism of fat burners’ action

Fat burners are a special kind of sports nutrition, which is aimed at an intensive reduction of the subcutaneous fat layer. Women often make a mistake when taking such a drug, waiting for the effect in the absence of physical loads. It is worth noting that modern fat burners start to work only under the condition of an active lifestyle.

How does sports nutrition work? Fat burners for women:

  • remove excess fluid from the body, thereby eliminating edema and reducing occurrence of cellulite;
  • increase body temperature and accelerate metabolism;
  • initiate active cleavage of hard-to-destroy fat deposits on the hips and arms;
  • release additional energy for more intensive workouts.

Types of fat burners

In order to choose a suitable drug and make a scheme of its intake, it is necessary to understand types of fat burners. Sports nutrition and dietary supplements sold at pharmacies are the only relatively safe and approved by the Ministry of Health. However, fat burners are prohibited in many countries. After all, these are not the safest drugs for health and their intake requires careful monitoring.

In particular, ephedrine and yohimbine, which is close to it in composition, are quite harmful components of fat burners. Such substance as caffeine is used in most modern fat burners. Certainly, its effect is less pronounced, but health is more important.

In general, compositions of dietary supplements for weight loss and of sports fat burners are very similar. The main difference of pharmacy drugs is that they are intended to burn excess fats and carbohydrates when they are coming from food directly in the digestive system. While fat burners are able to reduce the amount of fat tissue already deposited by the body.

There are two main types of fat burners:

  • Lipotropics
  • Thermogenics.

Drugs from the first group are aimed at blocking synthesis of fat in the liver and cleavage the already existing fatty cells in the body to acids.

Thermogenics accelerate metabolism by increasing body temperature. As a result, the body expends additional calories taken from fat stores during the workout. Often thermogenics have natural, vegetable origin and positively affect the body’s condition, increasing its immunity and endurance.

In addition, manufacturers often divide their products into female and male. Such aggressive components as adrenaline and norepinephrine (these are hormones!) are usually found in sports nutrition for men. Emphasis is placed on the amount and variety of components in fat burners for women. A quality product must contain omega-3 fatty acids, extracts of green tea and coffee, chitosan, naringin and tyramine.

For the most part, all modern fat burners for women are complex drugs. They, as a rule, include components that reduce appetite and accelerate metabolic processes in adipose tissue.

Who should not use fat burners?

In what cases, is use of fat burners contraindicated?

  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • diseases of the liver and kidneys;
  • gastritis and stomach ulcer;
  • insomnia and increased excitability of the nervous system;
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Do not buy products that promise effective weight loss without workouts. At best, the drug will not work, and at worst, it will negatively affect the state of your health. If such effective and safe drugs did exist, the problem of excess weight would not be so acute.

Take into account that excessive use of even natural drugs can lead to depletion of the nervous system and dehydration of the body. At the first manifestations of severe nervous excitement, nausea, dizziness and loss of appetite, reduce the dose taken. Always observe the dose recommended by the manufacturer!

Also, do not take several fat burners at the same time. This may cause serious negative consequences.

Drug selection and dose regimen

The best fat burners are drugs with a high content of natural components. When buying such product, carefully study composition and pay attention to the presence of caffeine, extract of guarana and l-carnitine in it. These substances can be taken together in a single drug or separately.

Caffeine – is the main component of most fat burners, is most relevant for those who are engaged in aerobics and cardio exercises. It should be taken an hour before the workout.

Guarana is a shrub common in the South America. Its extract is very rich in caffeine. Guarana caffeine is characterized by a mild effect on the body and gradual digestion. It should be used twice daily immediately after a meal.

The amino acid l-carnitine is available in various forms. Women are easier to take it in the form of sports drinks during workout.

Despite safety of sports nutrition, combination of fat burners is possible only after consulting a nutritionist or a professional trainer. This is due to the fact that the combination of different drugs can behave unpredictably.

Do not perceive fat burner as a “magic pill” that instantly burns all extra pounds. It is only a catalyst that is triggered under the condition of physical exercises and proper diet.