SizeGenetics and other penis enlarger methods

Do not use cheap medical devices if you want not only to increase penis but also to improve sexual function. Moreover, do not use unreliable penis enlarger methods that involve use of any medications.

Firstly, there are no medicines for the increase of penis length and thickness, approved by the FDA. Secondly, topical medications that are positioned as medicines for penis enlargement can cause hormonal imbalance in the body.

Maximum result which can be achieved by taking herbal medicines for penis enlargement is an improvement of erection quality. But cheap penis extenders not only can cause physical discomfort, but also can hurt the penis.

Problem of cheap penis extenders is that they cannot be worn the whole day, including at night during sleep. Furthermore, none of available penis extenders is equipped with a modern system of MDA (Multi Directional Angling), which does not limit the penis angle, only up or down.

Due to modern MDA Technology, SizeGenetics extender can be set in the most comfortable position in a wide range of angles. Therefore, using extender SizeGenetics every man can choose the most comfortable angle for himself depending on the anatomical structure of penis.

Do not risk your health, using cheap and unreliable penis extenders. If you constantly fix the penis in uncomfortable position (using cheap extender), you will not be able to wear it regularly. This means that you will have to use cheap extender not a few months (like SizeGenetics) but a few years.

If you decide to use cheap penis enlargement extenders, do so with extreme caution. First of all, be sure to check a build quality and the materials quality, used for penis extender production.

If cost for penis extender is very low, it is possible that it is of low quality and is made of undurable materials. This means that, penis extender will deform and bend when setting maximum tensile force. Thereby, it leads to the risk of injury to erectile tissue and increases the risk of blood floor disturbance to the penis.

Unlike cheap penis extenders, SizeGenetics is made of high quality and durable materials that are almost impossible to bend in correct use of the penis extender. In addition, together with SizeGenetics kit you will recieve 16 way Ultimate Comfort System which increases the safety of penis extender by dozens of time.

Thanks to innovative technologies, used in the production of penis extender SizeGenetics, men can use it more often than other penis extenders. Thereby , they increase the chances of achieving the best results!

It should be noted that the penis size increases as during erection, so and in flaccid state when using SizeGenetics extender. In contrast to vacuum pumps that increase the penis length and thickness by no more than 60 minutes, the result achieved by SizeGenetics persists for life.

Therefore, penis extender should be used for penis enlargement during 6 months and then you can forget about this medical device. But vacuum pumps is used constantly before each intimacy with sexual partner.