SizeGenetics and Modern Urology

Do you know that the original SizeGenetics system is actively used in modern urological practice for carrying out physiotherapeutic procedures in the treatment of Peyronie’s disease & micro penis syndrome.

Despite the fact that Peyronie’s disease & micro penis syndrome are not dangerous for life, these disorders are the most important social problems for working-age men.

What is Peyronie’s disease?

Peyronie’s disease is characterized by the pathological process of connective tissue induration of cavernous body, which leads to the deformation and curvature of penis during erection and subsequently, to erectile dysfunction.

In urological practice, congential and acquired penile curvature is quite rare and does not bring a man physical sufferings. However, penis curvature in the erection state visually reduces penis size, creating an inferiority complex in a man that often leads to the pathological sexual dissatisfaction of a man.

SizeGenetics system guarantees a complete elimination of penis curvature, however in severe cases in addition to daily use of SizeGenetics extender, medical and even surgery treatment are prescribed.

What is micro penis syndrome?

In adult men micro penis is considered a penis, whose size does not exceed 2,5 inches in erection state. There is no generally recognized definition of “micro penis syndrome”, however all researchers agree that at least 2 factors are definitely involved in the formation of “micro penis syndrome”:

  • Insufficient release of male hormones (androgens) by testicles;
  • Decrease of cells sensitivity of cavernous bodies of penis to androgens.
  • Tissue expansion technique is widely used in aesthetic plastic surgery, being one of the most successful and safe non-surgical methods, allowing to stimulate the natural development and growth of new, absolutely healthy cells of soft tissues.

This is why, use of SizeGenetics device in accordance with instruction allows to achieve the desired result without loss of erogenous sensation – guaranteeing the increase of penis size in just 24 weeks.

Despite the fact that SizeGenetics system really works and guarantees the achievement of unbelievable results, many men choose alternative methods of penis enlargement, used for the treatment of micro penis syndrome.

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We want to draw your attention to the fact that if review of SizeGenetics system seems to you incomplete or medical terms are unclear in the description of SizeGenetics device, before to order SizeGenetics online you have the opportunity to seek qualified consultation to the staff of our customer support center.