Adipex Pills Side Effects

Adipex is a potent drug, which may cause some side effects in both men and women.

Mostly, they are insignificant and may disappear within a few days or weeks.

Side effects of Adipex may cause negative emotional state in obese patients, which manifests through the following symptoms:

  • stress
  • irritability
  • fear
  • depression

Obese patients should understand that the use of Adipex slimming tablets does not mean that side effects will certainly appear.

Compliance with all recommendations for a proper obesity treatment significantly decreases the risk of side effects.

Please, keep in mind the following notions before you start the anti-obesity campaign:

  1. Unwanted side effects is a natural body response to the pharmacological effect of Adipex (Phentermine).
  2. If the benefits of using this medication is higher than potential health risks, you can continue the drug treatment of obesity.
  3. The use of Adipex slimming tablets gives obese patients a chance to lose weight and change their lifestyle.
  4. If you delay the obesity treatment because you are afraid of side effects, the likelihood of the obesity progression and new pathologies increases.

Most Adipex side effects are mild or moderate and are treatable where needed.

Possible Side Effects of Adipex

Adipex side effects appear at the beginning of obesity treatment and may manifest through:

  • Breathing problems;
  • Increase in blood pressure or cardiac rhythm;
  • Change of sleep cycles and insomnia;
  • Depressive and other mental disorders;
  • Swelling of the legs;
  • Difficult defecation.

Reducing the Risk of Erectile Dysfunction While on Adipex

One of possible Adipex side effects, such as sexual disorder, is an understandable fear of many men, who are willing to use this medication.

Potency disorder most often occurs in elderly patients taking these slimming tablets.

To reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction, observe the following recommendations:

  • Keep to a healthy diet – improves metabolism and normalizes the activity of the whole body.
  • Be physically active on a regular basis – promote an increase of calorie consumption, increase self-esteem and improve your cardiovascular system function.
  • Reduce the psychological load during the day. Depression and other mental disorders are among the main reasons for erectile dysfunction in men.
  • Abstain from excessive alcohol consumption and smoking (including passive). Alcohol and nicotine may cause many diseases and affect your cardiovascular system in a negative way.

During Adipex therapy, erectile dysfunction can be controlled by means of special medications.

Most modern medicines for the treatment of erectile dysfunction have no drug interactions with Adipex (Phentermine) and significantly increase potency.

However, before you take any ED medication with Adipex, ask your doctor or pharmacist whether it is safe for you to do so, or not.