Sibutril vs Slimex

Sibutril and Slimex review will allow learning about the distinctive features of these weight loss drugs and choosing the one that is more suitable for a particular person.

What are Sibutril and Slimex

These drugs are intended for the treatment of adults and should not be used in children.

Both drugs are classified as appetite suppressants and prescribed for the same indications – obesity (BMI over 30) or overweight (BMI over 27).

Sibutril, Slimex and any other weight loss pills should be used in conjunction with proper eating behavior, physical activity and other lifestyle changes.

It is better to consult a nutritionist and only then start taking diet pills.

Sibutril vs Slimex: pharmaceutical form

Sibutril comes in hard capsules containing 15 mg of active substance Sibutramine.

The capsules have a white body and a blue cap.

Sibutril comes in a blister pack that protects the drug from the negative influence of external factors, such as moisture.

The active ingredient Sibutramine also provides the therapeutic effect of Slimex.

The drug is supplied in tablets and capsules.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose to buy Slimex 15mg tablets with strawberry or vanilla flavor.

One package contains up to 30 tablets (capsules).

Sibutril vs Slimex: side effects

Both medications contain the same active pharmaceutical ingredient, so side effects are identical.

Common side effects may include dry mouth, indigestion, insomnia, dizziness, back pain, increased blood pressure and tachycardia.

Proper dosing regimen of the drugs allows minimizing the likelihood of side effects.

No more than a pill should be taken per day.

To reduce the risk of insomnia, the drugs are better to take in the morning or in the afternoon.

Sibutril vs Slimex: price

Medical expenses can be considerable; therefore, it is clear the desire of people to buy cheap Sibutril or Slimex.

The manufacturers of these drugs are various pharmaceutical companies, so the wholesale price of these weight loss pills will differ.

Both drugs have the same pharmaceutical properties; therefore, it is possible to use the cheaper among them.

Note the package size, since the more slimming pills in the package, the lower the price of a pill.