Sibutril vs Adipex-P

Sibutril and Adipex-P are appetite suppressant drugs, which are used for the obesity treatment in patients with a BMI greater than 30 kg/m2 or a BMI of 27 kg/m2 or more in the presence of obesity related diseases (type 2 diabetes, dyslipidemia).

When analyzing Sibutril vs Adipex-P, it is true to say that these anti-obesity drugs have certain differences and similarities.

Sibutril vs Adipex-P: Active substance

Despite the fact that both drugs possess anorexigenic effect, Adipex-P and Sibutril have different active substances.

The active substance in Adipex-P is Phentermine, a CNS stimulant, which is similar to amphetamine in its structure and properties.

Phentermine belongs to the sympathomimetics and has a direct effect on the parts of the brain, responsible for appetite regulation.

Sibutramine is the active ingredient of the diet drug Sibutril, which is an anorectic medicine that inhibits the reuptake of serotonin and norepinephrine, suppresses appetite and causes satiation.

History of Sibutril use

It should be said, that some time ago Sibutramine was widely used in the obesity treatment in many countries, and patients required having a prescription for its acquisition.

However, Sibutramine use has been banned in 2010, when it was proved that the anorexic agent Sibutramine adversely affects the cardiovascular system of obese patients.

Sibutramine-containing medicines have been withdrawn from the market in many European countries, from the markets of Canada, Australia, and USA.

Where to get Sibutril and Adipex-P

Despite the fact that today Sibutramine is used for the treatment of excessive weight in some countries (Brazil, India, Thailand), it is available online only.

As for Phentermine, this anorectic is still widely used in the United States, Australia and some European countries (incl. the UK).

Patients can get Adipex-P in retail pharmacies by prescription.

Obese patients, wishing to get Adipex-P without prescription, can try to get Adipex-P online.

However, the probability that you will get your pills delivered is very low, because selling or geting Adipex-P without a prescription is illegal, and customs are carefully watching the flow of prescription pills.

Adipx-P vs Sibutril: mechanism of action

Although the exact mechanism of Phentermine and Sibutramine action is still not fully understood, it is believed that they act the same way, by affecting the central nervous system.

Due to the exerted anorectic effect, Adipex-P and Sibutril bring obese people feeling of satiety.

At the same time, the amount of food and calories consumed reduces.

With a shortage of calories, the body begins to actively use the accumulated fat, due to which an obese person starts losing weight and those extra kilos.

Available dosage forms & dosing regimen

Comparison Sibutril vs Adipex-P showed that Sibutril is available for obese patients only in hard capsules.

Each Sibutril capsule may contain 10 mg or 15 mg of Sibutramine.

Unlike Sibutril, Adipex-P is available in tablets and capsules, which contain 37.5 mg of Phentermine.

Treatment of obesity with Sibutril pills begins with the smallest Sibutril dosage of 10 mg once a day.

The therapeutic daily dose increases to 15 mg of Sibutril after 4 weeks of the anorectic use.

One capsule or tablet of Adipex-P 37,5 mg per day is prescribed in obesity treatment with Adipex-P. If necessary, the daily Phentermine dose can be reduced to 18.75 mg (half a tablet).

Sibutril capsules and Adipex-P pills are recommended to be taken only once a day, in the morning, regardless of the meal.

Administration of anorectics in the first half of the day reduces the risk of insomnia.

Adipex-P vs Sibutril side effects

Comparison of unwanted side effects, which Adipex-P and Sibutril may cause, shows that they are very similar.

Common side effects of Sibutril and Adipex-P include dry mouth, insomnia, constipation, headaches.

Both appetite suppressants contribute to increased blood pressure and ischemic events.

Therefore, Sibutril and Adipex-P should be used with caution in patients with hypertension and coronary artery disease.

According to experts in weight loss, patients, taking Sibutril or Adipex-P, will be able to reduce their weight efficiently and safely for health, if they follow all the recommendations for use.