Sibutril Dosage and Guidance

Sibutril can have an effective impact on a person’s weight, but it should be dosed properly to ensure the highest effectiveness.

Even non-prescription drugs should be taken carefully, so when using Sibutril, dosage requires close attention to avoid any risks of health damage.

In addition to the normal dosage, of course, there are still special cases that need to be considered when you decide to use this weight loss medication.

For this reason, it is important that you read this short overview about Sibutril dosage.

Keep in mind that this non-prescription pill can exert its full effect without causing any damage and assisting in achieving the desired weight loss goal.

The average dosage of Sibutril

Sibutril use is generally recommended only for people, whose age is between 18 and 65.

The normal daily dosage is 1 capsule, equivalent to 10 mg of Sibutramine, and after a period of 4 weeks, it can beincreased to 1.5 capsules (15 mg Sibutramine), if you did not achieve a loss exceeding 2 kg.

If the weight loss is less than 5% after a three-month Sibutril treatment, the drug should be discontinued.

Besides, this slimming medication is not suitable for long-term use of more than 1 year, since it can promote negative effects, like increased blood pressure and extreme weight loss in an unhealthy way.

Why consult a doctor before using Sibutril?

Dosage should be determined by the physician and the patient should not vary it on his own.

During pregnancy, it is recommended to refrain from taking Sibutril no prescription pills.

Moreover, to avoid cardiovascular risks, it is recommended to control blood pressure on a regular basis, at least in early stages of anti-obesity treatment with this medication.

Regular monitoring by a doctor brings more safety and can help you prevent health issues.