Three Main Secrets of Cameron Diaz Slenderness

Actress Cameron Diaz has over 40, yet many young girls groan with envy, looking at her toned body and neat face without obvious signs of aging.

All this is achieved through great efforts of a willed woman, who has been leading a healthy lifestyle for many years and polishes her perfect shape every day. The actress believes that her body is a consequence of good genetics and tremendous willpower.


During the day, Cameron drinks at least two and a half liters of non-carbonated water. This is the exact amount that is required to improve the metabolism and accelerate the excess fat burning.

Nutrition is another very important point. The actress eats small meals, and often – up to five times a day.

The basis of her diet is protein foods:

  • fish,
  • meat,
  • poultry.
  • In addition, she actively consumes raw fruits and vegetables.

Her favorite foods for the weight loss diet period are:

  • porridge,
  • leek,
  • low-fat broth,
  • cabbage in salads.


Together with her personal trainer, the actress exercises in the gym several hours a day, five times a week.

Her primary focus lies on:

  • abdomen,
  • breasts,
  • buttocks,
  • abs,
  • legs.

In addition to training on the simulators, she supports her muscle tone with pilates and jogging.


The actress especially highlights golf among her favorite sports.

This sport allows her to train her arms and stimulate the heart. Cameron argues that golf helps her maintain the normal operation of her cardiovascular system.

Diaz finds surfing no less interesting. It gives her a chance to build the power in her legs and improve the flexibility of her body. Due to the fact that the actress started surfing as far back as childhood, she now is professional surfer.