Scientists Say: Mushrooms Saturate Better Than Meat

Mushrooms Saturate Better Than Meat

Despite the fact that protein was considered an extremely useful element until certain times, the latest news made scientists wonder what it could be replaced with.

It is clear that there are excellent sources of vegetable protein – flaxseed or chickpeas – but we can’t say that these saturate just as well, as the chicken breast does.

Or, may be we can… that is if we take a closer look at the fungi, which, according to the latest data, can fill our stomach just as good as meat can.

Is the protein content of mushrooms high enough to substitue meat?

According to researchers, the secret is hidden in similar levels of protein, capable of providing a long lasting sense of satiety.

Thus, it makes sense to use mushrooms not only as a substitute for protein products, but also as an addition to them.

Simple math:

  • fried eggs with champignons for breakfast will help you avoid hunger until lunch, and even longer.

Are Mushrooms Better Than Meat? Results of a study

The work in question was held by scientists from the University of Minnesota and published in the magazine Appetite.

According to EurekAlert, the experiments helped reveal the fact that a mushroom breakfast is much better than a meat breakfast – and this is a kind of discovery in the world of nutrition.

“Previous studies of fungi as a source of nutrients indicate that they satiate well. Until now, though, the effect has not yet been compared with other, more well-known protein products”, says the study’s lead author Joanne Slavin.

The Mushroom Study Insights

Since protein is one of the most satiating macronutrients, scientists have compared namely the amount of protein contained in meat and mushrooms.

It should be noted that champignons “took part” in the study, yet it is likely that other mushrooms affect our body in a similar way.

The volunteers included 17 women and 15 men, who consumed two portions of mushrooms or meat for 10 days.

The serving sizes were adjusted in such a way that the amount of protein in the dishes was equal with an allowable error of 7 calories.

The analysis of the data showed a significant difference in the satiety estimates among the eaters.

Participants who ate mushrooms reported:

  • less hunger,
  • more satiety,
  • decrease in presumed food consumption after breakfast (snacking before lunch).

This information is especially useful if you are striving to eat properly and in a balanced way.

Dietary recommendations for 2015-2020 contain information that people should try to consume less saturated fats, which are found in animal proteins.

This study shows that mixing mushrooms with meat (for example, to make meatballs) can be a culinary technique that will make your menu healthier without losing in flavor.

In addition to this, mushrooms are real superstars in terms of nutritional characteristics.

One serving (5-6 medium sized mushrooms) contains:

  • Just 20 calories
  • 0 grams of fat
  • 3 grams of protein.

If you also consider the fact that very few products can boast of the presence of vitamin D in their contents, the uniqueness of mushrooms composition doesn’t leave a single doubt.