Saizen 8 mg Click.Easy

Saizen 8mg Click.Easy

Indications for Use

Saizen 8 mg Click.Easy is a biosynthetic human growth hormone (HGH), which is called Somatropin. Typically, the drug is used to treat pathologies associated with HGH deficiency.

Saizen 8 mg Click.Easy is highly effective in treating children and adolescents who grow at a slow rate. If your child is the lowest of all children of his class, his body might be producing an insufficient amount of hormones. Therapy with Saizen 8 mg Click.Easy will help your child achieve a normal height.

Adults also use this drug. Perhaps, they do it even more often than children do. This is because Saizen 8 mg Click.Easy:

  • Reduces weight (burns fat)
  • Promotes muscle growth
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Increases bone density.

Many women choose this medication due to its rejuvenating properties, like wrinkles smoothing and skin elasticity improving. Libido enhancement and stimulation of hair growth are positive effects, which Saizen 8 mg Click.Easy can offer to the male part of humanity.


Somatropin is an artificial active substance, which is synthesized in a laboratory. It works just like hormones produced by the body do.

List of excipients/inactive ingredients:

  • Sucrose
  • Metacresol
  • Sodium hydroxide
  • Phosphoric acid.


Since Saizen 8 mg Click.Easy is available for sale without a prescription, it is tempting to think that it is 100% safe for each person. The drug is truly useful for most people, but not for everyone. Make sure that you actually can use it, and only then begin the treatment.

Delay or avoid treatment for good in the following cases:

  • Acute respiratory failure
  • Cancer (active tumors)
  • Very high blood sugar level (diabetes)
  • Intolerance to the drug or its ingredients.

One of the disadvantages of Saizen 8 mg Click.Easy is that it can increase the blood sugar levels, though not in every single user. If obesity or overweight is accompanied by high glucose levels, you should use growth hormone with caution.

This drug may affect the activity of the thyroid gland. If you feel tired, and there are no obvious reasons for this, it can be a symptom of low thyroid hormone levels.


Although it is an injectable medicine, Saizen 8 mg Click.Easy is very easy to use. The drug is intended for self-administration using a syringe or special device for autoinjection.

The active ingredient Somatropin is supplied as white powder. The powder must be mixed with a bacteriostatic solvent (clear solution), which is also included in the package.

When you buy Saizen 8 mg Click.Easy, you will find instructions for use (with pictures) and recommendations for dosing in the package. Here are the most important nuances:

  • Saizen is usually admionistered in the evening or before bedtime.
  • The solution is better introduced away from the nerves and joints.
  • The dose depends on the conditions to be treated and body weight.
  • The drug is administered every day or several times a week, depending on the purpose of treatment.

Do not expect of immediate effect of treatment. Weight loss and muscle growth are slow processes. It may take weeks and months for you to notice changes.


Saizen 8 mg Click.Easy is a truly useful medicine, which solves a variety of issues.

Although the hormone Somatropin is produced in the body, administration of an excessively large amount of Saizen 8 mg Click.Easy, which is called an overdose, may cause severe adverse reactions, such as:

  • Swelling of the arms and legs
  • Abdominal discomfort
  • Excessive sweating
  • Very low blood glucose level
  • Involuntary muscle contraction.

YourBody.Expert team carefully examined the results of clinical trials and consumer reviews of Saizen 8 mg Click.Easy. We have not found any reports about acute overdose.

Side Effects

Saizen 8 mg Click.Easy is a safe and reliable growth hormone. Like any medicine, it can sometimes cause side effects in some people.

Examples of bad reactions:

  • Excessive thirst.
  • Redness at the injection site.
  • Gastrointestinal concerns.
  • Pain in the head or neck.
  • Feeling of general bodily discomfort.

Usually, these side effects are harmless, do not cause long-term consequences and stop soon after the first days or weeks of treatment.

The likelihood of such reactions varies widely, depending on:

  • Patient’s age and weight.
  • Treatment duration.
  • Saizen dose used.
  • Individual sensitivity.

Saizen 8 mg Click.Easy may cause localized fat loss at the injection site. You can easily avoid this if you introduce injections in different places.

Drug Interactions

The following medications deserve attention regarding interactions with Saizen 8 mg Click.Easy:

  • Antidiabetic agents
  • Oral estrogen
  • Glucocorticoids
  • Thyroid hormones
  • Other growth hormone products.

Laboratory tests have not establish possible interactions with food and herbal products. However, to keep calm, better inform your doctor about all medications, vegetable suppements, vitamin or natural products, which you bought without a prescription at a pharmacy, a health food store or supermarket.

How to Use

Expert Opinion

Thanks to advances in genetic engineering, scientists were able to develop a synthetic version Somatropin. It is just great that we have a new tool in the fight against obesity.

Studies have shown that Saizen 8 mg Click.Easy assists fat burning by hydrolysis of triglycerides in adipose tissue. In other words, you will lose weight without:

  • Low-calorie diets.
  • Intense exercise.
  • Lifestyle changes.

The main disadvantage of Saizen 8 mg Click.Easy – weight loss may be modest.

Do not obsess over it. If you want to burn a few extra kilos of fat and build muscle at the same time, Saizen 8 mg Click.Easy is the perfect choice for you.

The great news is that you even have options to choose from. Means, if you can’t find Saizen pen, you can choose to buy another Somatropin-containing med. Luckily, we managed to find a reliable place, which offers Genotropin GoQuick, so you don’t need to make any unscheduled breaks in your weight loss campaign.

In fact, it can become a great help, if you’re already on weight maintenance phase or close to it. Besides, if you are planning a vacation, during which keeping to a weight loss diet is not an option, you’ll surely appreciate the beneficial effects.