Rules that will help make your efforts matter

You keep sweating in the gym, and the scales indicator keeps remaining at the same point? Perhaps, you are doing something wrong. The basic principles of an effective training – this is what we offer you today.


1. The main mistake of modern girls, who come to the gym, is their strong desire to lose weight fast. They want to see the result instantly, tear themselves up, train too much and too intensely. Girls bring their bodies into such a regime that it simply can not recover.

Then they suffer from discomfort, sleep disturbance and powerlessness. And this is when they give up training, and fail to train effectively. Remember, you do not have to do a lot of work right away. The main rule is to:

  • Let your body get used to the load gradually.

2. Before you start a training course, you should undergo a preliminary testing. This service is available in almost all modern fitness clubs. It is important that your trainer understands, what peculiarities he will have to work with.

Client might have an intervertebral hernia, and some types of simulators are categorically contraindicated for use. Certain cardiovascular problems do not allow increasing the load on the treadmill. In short

Testing helps realize your real level, which allows creating the load

3. The type of physical activity that you choose in the gym depends solely on your goals.

  • If you need to gain muscle mass, then you should focus on the gym and weight trainings.
  • If the goal is to lose weight and “dry up” your body, then it’s functional training and cardio.

In fact, everything is simple. For example, if we want to be strong and big, then we train with big weights and weighting. For weight loss, it is better to combine different types of exercise, including both strength training and cardio, so that our body does not have time to adapt and is always in shock.

If we keep our body in a constant shock, then it will quickly burn off excess calories. At the same time, it is important to keep to a proper nutrition.

4. A competent coach can help you determine your load during training. You should start small, without sharp changes. It is better to take small loads with more repetitions. If we are talking about cardio, then our pulse during training should not exceed 150 beats.

5. Before training, you’d better have a light snack. For example, smoothie will provide you with energy, and almost no calories.

6. You need to drink 2 liters of water in a day. Drink water before meals, and abstain from it during meals and at night. Water during meals prevents it from being digested, and if you drink at night, then you will swell in the morning.

During the training, water is not forbidden, as your body spends a huge amount of fluid, which must be replenished, yet it is better to drink warm or room-temperature water, and not ice cold water, so as not to disturb the heat balance.