Rules of Life: “non-diet” for those who want to lose weight once and for all


No one likes to keep to diets. While as the perfect weight, obtained in throes of hunger, is practically impossible to maintain. Any, even the most new-fangled and effective weight loss diet, upon a closer look, turns out in a continuous discomfort, and, which is extremely sad, does not promise a long-term result. After all, the perfect weight, obtained in throes of hunger, is practically impossible to maintain.

Dr. Yoni Freedhoff developed an action plan for those, who want to lose weight once and for all. His system, the main provisions of which are described below, has almost no restrictions and prohibitions, but it has rules of life, the observance of which may lead you to the desired goal.

“In modern society, it is assumed that you have to lose weight quickly and dramatically – said Freedhoff – but when such a “brilliant” plan fails once again (as it happens in most cases), women blame themselves, not the popular weight loss diet. Why?

“Load up on patience and optimism – and forward we go to the long-cherished goal by the rules of “non-diet” by doctor Freedhoff.

Stop Weighing

“The numbers on the scale are not an indicator of health – justly observes Freedhoff. – The main thing is how you feel. Success doesn’t lie in losing a certain number of kilos, or in living the life style that you barely endure. Success – is a stable life style that you enjoy. If you are successfully losing weight at the same time, your chances are a lot higher for not getting extra weight back.”

Be Careful With What You Drink

If a cake with icing and whipped cream is the enemy to a slim body, which is obvious for everyone, packaged juices, soda and alcohol are comparable with to guerrilla forces.

It is not only about the fact that controlling the amount of calories you consume through the straw, and not with a dessert spoon, is much more difficult.

Meanwhile, the calories in sugary drinks are enough to help extra kilos stubbornly remain in their places. So, drink wisely if you want to lose weight. Your best allies in the anti-obesity fight are water with lemon and green tea: they accelerate metabolism.

Do Not Starve

At first glance, this advice is contrary to logic, and yet. “Hunger affects the amount of food that we need to feel satisfaction – Yoni explains.

– When you are so hungry that you are willing to eat an elephant, you eat an elephant, and don’t even have time to notice how it happened.

Therefore, the appetite is better kept under control. You will benefit from having breakfast, lunch and dinner (of course, light), plus two snacks a day. And yes – it is an obligatory condition – to have breakfast.

People who do not eat anything within an hour after waking up, eat more in the evening – and the consequences follow”. Stomach, rumbling with hunger is like that crazy friend, who always gets you into trouble.

Keep A Diary

Studies show that people, who keep a food diary, lose weight twice as fast as those who do not fix the food they consume per day. The main rule: no self-flagellation – just the facts. “Diary should help you see your own habits, so put down in real time, what and how much you eat. In the evening, spend the final calories counting.

In the same diary, on a scale of 1 to 9, mark the level of hunger, which you experienced during the day. If the number of calories is less than the value to which you aspire, but the intensity of hunger at the same time constantly keeps on nine, the chosen diet does not suit you, and it should be revised.”

Eat Protein

“It satisfies hunger best of all – Yoni says – it also stabilizes blood sugar levels, and, consequently, saves you from uncontrollable bouts of binge eating.”

Yet, you should keep in mind: it’s not about the quantity, but about the consumption of uniformity.

“Each meal should contain twenty grams of protein. These are three tablespoons of lentils or, for example, lean steak with the size of a palm”- the doctor explains.

Clean Up The Kitchen

“Going to the gym is necessary and important, when you want to get in shape, but kitchen is the place, where people lose weight in the first place, – says Dr. Freedhoff. – Shiny clean kitchen inspires culinary adventures. After clearing up the space, you will soon begin to use it for its intended

Yet, you first should throw out the deposits of harmful products from f the closets and the fridge – not to let them stray you away from the course. Frozen pizza, dumplings and potato chips have no place in your new life.

And, finally, promise yourself to learn one new healthy recipe each week. Just a couple of months – and you will have a whole menu, which – most importantly – you will enjoy. “