Recommendations for Duromine Use in Teens

Today, Duromine is included in the list of the most powerful drugs for the treatment of obesity in adolescents.

Duromine is prescribed to teenagers, when other weight loss methods (diet therapy, physiotherapy) did not result in a clinically significant weight reduction in the young patient.

The optimal dose of Duromine for adolescents is selected individually
For a maximum weight loss, patients aged 12 and more can be indicated 15 mg, 30 mg or 40 mg Duromine a day, depending on:

  • excess weight causes
  • history of obesity treatment with alternative methods
  • individual young patient’s response to medication.

Compliance with the established dosing regimen of Duromine contributes to a significant reduction in the risk of adverse reactions in young patients

Regular use of Duromine helps teens to:

  • restore a healthy weight
  • develop good habits
  • prevent metabolic syndrome
  • avoid the return of excess fat in adulthood.

Children under the age of 12 should not take Duromine. Instead of a Duromine capsules course, little patients are prescribed alternative treatments for obesity that include a balanced diet and physical activity increase.