Quincy Bioscience

The biotechnology company Quincy Bioscience is engaged in the development of smart products for improving the performance and life, as well as for improving cognitive function in their older buyers.

Quincy Bioscience was founded in 1962.

Over 50 years in the market, the company has earned a lot of positive reviews due to the high efficiency and safety of their smart products.

The main objective the Quincy Bioscience Company is the search for the perfect drugs for preventing involutional cognitive dysfunction and prolonging the brain youth.

Use smart capsules, produced by Quincy Bioscience, to improve your memory and slow down brain aging.

Most popular nootropics, produced by Quincy Bioscience

  • Prevagen,
  • Prevagen Chewables,
  • Prevagen Professional,
  • Prevagen Extra Strength.

The main ingredient in smart drugs by Quincy Bioscience is Apoaequorin.

This patented formula will have a positive effect on your brain function and prolong its youth, as well as help improve your mental abilities.

The results of two independent clinical trials have confirmed the efficacy and safety of Apoaequorin in the smart tablets, produced by Quincy Bioscience.

Take nootropics by Quincy Bioscience Company and you may quickly and safely improve the performance of your brain.

In addition to Apoaequorin, smart capsules by Quincy Bioscience contain various organic extracts, vitamins and minerals.

Thanks to these components, the nootropics by Quincy Bioscience Company will help provide good nutrition to your brain, as well as:

  • strengthen memory
  • increase the speed of thought
  • improve concentration
  • slow brain cells aging
  • prevent the neurons destruction.

Nootropics by Quincy Bioscience Company have NSF certification and are manufactured in compliance with all GMP requirements and standards.

Each new batch of smart tablets is thoroughly tested for safety and quality.

Quincy Bioscience also produces NeuroShake – beverages for increasing physical productivity.

The composition of the supplements includes whey protein, which helps improve the metabolism and helps recharge your batteries for the entire day.

All products by Quincy Bioscience are manufactured in the United States.

The company is headquartered in Madison, the capital of Wisconsin state.

Quincy Bioscience also has a branch, which is located in Dallas, Texas.