Procera – is a well-known brand of “smart drugs”, manufactured by еру company Procera Health.

Almost the entire production of Procera Health Сompany is aimed at people who wish to optimize the brain’s overall health and potential.

Procera brand

Procera is presented on the western pharmaceutical market for more than 10 years and today is one of the most popular cognitive enhancers in the United States, Europe and Canada.

Several different OTC nootropics are sold under the brand Procera.

All Procera products contain high quality and safe ingredients that have a positive effect on the brain function.

From a wide range of Procera nootropics, some of the most widely used with proven effectiveness are:

  • Procera AVH
  • Procera XTF
  • Procera Mood
  • Procera Sleep.

Procera AVH – is a patented nootropic, the efficacy and safety of which has been confirmed by the result of researches, conducted by the Australian Brain Sciences Institute.

Procera ingredients

Procera AVH includes three main components that originate from natural ingredients:

Huperzine A

  • Supports normal level of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, protects brain cells from the negative effect of free radicals.


  • Nourishes the brain, improves mitochondrial function and increases nerve-fiber growth.


  • Increases blood flow to the brain, improves cerebral metabolism and increases oxygen levels.

Procera effects

Unique combination of all Procera components has a triple impact on function and condition of the brain:

  • Provides neuroprotection
  • Increases blood flow and oxygen to the brain
  • Maintains normal levels of key neurotransmitters.

Numerous customer reviews say that Procera AVH really helps to maximize brain performance, improves memory and focus.

Many consumers trust Procera AVH, because this nootropic does not contain prescription stimulants and its ingredients are natural and safe.

Procera dosing

The recommended daily serving size amounts to 3 Procera AVH capsules.

Try taking Procera AVH at the same time of the day and preferably during meal.

Procera AVH affects every person differently, so it should be taken no later than 4 hours before bedtime not to cause any sleep disorders.

Procera XTF (extreme focus) is designed especially to increase the brain’s energy that helps to improve cognitive performance and brain function.

Cognitive enhancer Procera XTF includes the same clinically proven ingredients as Procera AVH does, plus additional ingredients that boost energy: natural sources of caffeine, B Vitamins and Rhodiola rosea.

Rhodiola rosea (known as Golden root) has long been considered a powerful adaptogen, which increases resistance in hormones, brain and neurotransmitters to the harmful effect of stress.

A small amount of natural caffeine (from green tea and guarana) may work synergistically with certain ingredients of Procera XTF and enhance mental performance and focus.

Benefits of using Procera

Due to the unique, carefully selected composition of ingredients, Procera XTF helps:

  • Increase mental energy
  • Improve circulation of blood to the brain
  • Improve key neurotransmitters (acetylcholine and dopamine).

To achieve a special cognitive edge and increase your mental energy right now, you may buy Procera XTF, one of the most sold cognitive boosters in the United States.

Procera price and purchase

Procera XTF is sold online and a discount coupon may be used for its purchase.

One Procera XTF box contains 40 capsules and its price makes $ 34.95, so the price of 1 Procera XTF capsule amounts to $ 0.87.

If you want to save and buy cheap Procera XTF, you need to buy 3 boxes of this brain booster.

When ordering 3 boxes of Procera XTF online, you get 120 capsules of the effective cognitive enhancer and a discount of $ 20.

Buy Procera XTF already now and start improving your mental performance today.

Customer reviews indicate that Procera XTF is an extremely great product, which helps you feel full of energy throughout the entire day.

Procera Mood

Procera Mood is a natural mood stabilizer, which helps maintain cognitive function and support emotional stability.

Procera Mood is designed to reduce stress and increase relaxation.

Procera Mood capsules include 13 natural ingredients that reduce the feeling of anxiety and promote a calm and positive mood:

  • Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), B (B2, B3, B6, B12, folate)
  • Trace elements: zinc, magnesium
  • Amino acids: L-Theanine
  • Natural extracts: ashwagandha, Rhodiola rosea, American ginseng, Zembrin (patented extract of Sceletium tortuosum).

Use of only two Procera Mood capsules per day provides the body with important vitamins, trace elements and minerals, supporting cognitive function and providing potent antioxidant support.

Non-prescription nootropic Procera Mood comes in small bottles of 60 capsules each.

A package of Procera Mood is enough for a month of regular use.

If you decide to buy Procera Mood, and herewith want to save, then it is beneficial to order 3 bottles of Procera Mood, in which case the manufacturer provides a discount of $ 40.

Moreover, when ordering 6 Procera Mood bottles, the discount increases to $ 100.

Procera Sleep

If you suffer from sleep disorders, cannot fall asleep for a long time, and wake up tired the next morning, Procera Sleep, a natural sleep aid will help you.

Procera Sleep helps improve sleep without difficulties in falling asleep, nighttime awakenings and painful morning sleepiness.

Procera Sleep ingredients

Natural ingredients of Procera Sleep promote continuous deep sleep and provide nightly nourishment that supports a full sleep cycle.

  • Melatonin (neurohormone): normalizes abnormal sleep patterns, improves sleep quality.
  • Valerian (root extract): reduces anxiety, facilitates sleep onset
  • Vitamin B-6 (pyridoxine): helps to relieve stress, anxiety and insomnia.
  • L-Theanine (amino acid): stimulates alpha waves of brain, has a direct relaxing effect on the nervous system.
  • Hops (plant extract): has a soothing effect on the central nervous system, normalizes sleep.
  • Magnesium (mineral): helps to cope with stress, improves blood circulation and helps muscles to relax.
  • 5-Hydroxotryptophan (amino acid): raises serotonin levels in the brain and regulates mood and sleep patterns.

Procera Sleep capsules quickly cause drowsiness and lethargy; therefore, they should not be taken during the day, but only in the evening, 30 minutes before bedtime.

Furthermore, car driving, as well as alcohol use should be avoided, while using Procera Sleep.

Procera Sleep comes in plastic bottles that contain 60 capsules.

This number is sufficient for a month of regular use. Price of 1 Procera Sleep bottle makes $ 29.95.

Consumers have an opportunity to buy Procera Sleep in a small number as a sample.

In this case, the price of Procera Sleep will be much higher. You will have to pay $ 19.95 for 20 Procera Sleep capsules.

If you want to buy Procera Sleep at low price, you need to order more packages of this natural sleep aid.

  • order 3 bottles of Procera Sleep and you will get a discount of $ 10
  • order 6 bottles of Procera Sleep and you will get a discount of $ 30.

In any case, whatever Procera product you choose, you can be 100% sure that you buy a safe and effective nootropic, which will help you maintain brain health and wellness for better living.