Do you need to improve your memory and thinking skills? Use Prevagen!

Yes, Prevagen will really improve your mental activity, as well as will provide a full nutrition for the nervous system and the cerebral hemispheres.

The results of modern scientific researches and accumulated knowledge on brain health underline a need to preserve and improve memory in people of different ages.

What does Prevagen do

Prevagen restores the process of information storage in the brain, including if memory loss is caused by aging.

Prevagen improves short-term memory in young people with high levels of stress.

Amazing mind and memory supplement Prevagen includes a patented active ingredient Apoaequorin.

Namely this calcium-binding protein provides the stimulating effect of Prevagen.

Pros and cons of Apoaequorin began to be studied in 1962 and continue to be studied now.

Studies on Apoaequorin impact on treatment of people with autism are of particular interest.

Today, Prevagen is used as an effective and safe means for improving memory and other brain functions.

Results of using Prevagen

By taking mind supplement Prevagen, you can get:

  • Professional development
  • Performance increase
  • The maximum concentration in the first and second half of the day
  • Improvement and control of short-term and long-term memory.

Capsules and chewable tablets Prevagen

The manufacturer of Prevagen is the company Quincy Bioscience based in Madison (Wisconsin, USA).

Biotechnology company Quincy Bioscience expanded the range of its products, and today you may buy capsules and chewable tablets:

  • Prevagen Regular Strength 10mg
  • Prevagen Extra Strength 20mg.

To improve memory and exacerbation of mental performance, take one capsule or tablet Prevagen 10mg per day.

To get the maximum benefits of memory improvement, take Prevagen early in the day.

Prevagen Extra Strength Formula provides the brain with the amount of Apoaequorin twice as more than the Regular Strength formula.

Taking a double dose of Prevagen

A double dose of calcium-binding protein Apoaequorin will help faster and for a longer time:

  • replenish deficiency of proteins necessary to maintain the brain
  • improve the neural activity and the ability to concentrate.

Quincy Bioscience recommends daily use of the memory supplement Prevagen for at least three months.

If your brain always needs useful proteins, continue to use Prevagen.

Buy Prevagen

Prevagen is a market leader among mind and memory supplements.

Today, you may buy Prevagen in more than 25,000 sales outlets of the USA and Canada, as well as online stores, such as Walgreens, Walmart, Amazon, CVS, Bartell Drugs and Drugstore.

The average cost of Prevagen makes:

  • $ 44.95 – Prevagen Regular Strength Formula
  • $ 59.95 – Prevagen Extra Strength Formula.

Price of the nootropic supplement Prevagen may depend on the place of purchase and discounts offered by the seller.

Today, you can take advantage of a unique offer from Quincy Bioscience and save on purchase of the memory supplement.

Buy two packages of Prevagen and you will get the third one for free.

Three Prevagen packages (90 capsules or 90 tablets) will be enough for three months of use.

If your memory has improved and further support of the brain is necessary, buy 6 or 12 Prevagen packages and save even more.

Did your body partially lose the ability to store information in the brain?

Prevagen will return it! Start taking Prevagen and you will be able to easily save and revive impressions, facts and events again.