Piracetam – the first smart drug

Tiredness and fatigue primarily affect the brain functioning.

We are no longer capable of accurately executing tasks or concentrating on a particular assignment.

If you are increasingly often experiencing fatigue in the workplace, you need to buy Piracetam – a proven and reliable tool for improving the brain function.

Who will benefit from Piracetam use

  • Pupils and students to improve academic performance
  • Workers, who require long-term focus – drivers, office workers, etc.
  • Elderly people with early signs of dementia.

Piracetam  history

Piracetam is the first tool that was created specifically to improve brain function.

It went on sale in 1972 and was manufactured by the Belgian company UCB Pharma.

Namely after the creation of Piracetam, a class of drugs appeared, which then became known as the “nootropics”.

Piracetam stimulates the amino acids, which affect the neurotransmitters – the information transmitters.

This class of drugs is called “racetams”.

Side effects of Piracetam

When you use Piracetam, as well as other racetams, it enhances your mental activity, but has no side effects, characteristic of psychostimulants.

Piracetam, like all racetams:

  • does not cause dependence or addiction;
  • does not inhibit the motor functions of the body;
  • does not lead to the depression of breath, heart rate, and so on.

The main advantage of Piracetam lies in the fact that it does not bind to blood proteins.

This means that the drug will not promote serious side effects, as it usually happens after taking other stimulants.

Piracetam dosage forms available for sale

For your convenience, you may buy powders, tablets, capsules or injections of Piracetam.

You decide how to take the drug.

Tablets and capsules are much more convenient, but the injections are more effective, because the drug gets directly into the blood, thus being transported into the brain more quickly.

Piracetam dosing schedule

If you used Piracetam to improve academic performance at the university, and are not pleased with the effect, you may have used the drug at a wrong dosage.

According to the instructions, Piracetam dose should be at least 1.6 mg per day.

You may increase the daily dose up to 9.6 mg, but 2.4-4.8 mg is usually enough to improve brain function.

Most Piracetam tablets are manufactured in a dosage of 400, 800 and 1.2 mg.

This means that you’ll need 6-12 tablets per day to achieve the effect from the drug.

Powders and injections make it much easier – you may choose a single dose, without having to worry about taking a few pills a day.

Piracetam course may combine tablets/capsules or injections.

For example, you may be making Piracetam injections for 10 days, followed by a month of tablets/capsules.

How fas does Piracetam start working

Effect of Piracetam will not be instantaneous.

The first signs of mental activity improvement occur in about a week of Piracetam use.

Yet, a qualitative brain improvement will require at least one month of the drug use.

It is not surely known, how Piracetam improves the brain function.

Piracetam effects are studied much better than its effect over the body.

It is believed that Piracetam promotes blood flow and glucose processing – the main source of energy for brain cells.

Piracetam effects

Frequent fatigue and interruptions in the work of the brain occur due to oxygen deficit.

Piracetam helps the brain enrich with oxygen by improving blood circulation.

As a result, tiredness and fatigue disappear, and we are capable of carrying out tasks vigorously.

Piracetam not only improves brain function, but also:

  • eliminates apathy;
  • eliminates sleep disorders;
  • restores the brain operation after alcohol intoxication.

You may combine Piracetam with other drugs for the mental activity improvement, both synthetic and natural.

You may take Piracetam with Cinnarizin, Citicoline, Ginkgo Biloba, and other components.

Since Piracetam is absolutely safe and well tolerated, it may be safely used in children with antipyretics (Paracetamol) or drugs for the ADHD treatment (Ritalin).

Comprehensive reviews of Piracetam properties and use are available on such resources, as Erowid and Wikipedia.

They contain detailed information about the drug, as well as customer reviews on its use.

In addition to improving brain function, Piracetam exerts additional effects:

  • eliminates tinnitus;
  • improves mood and vitality;
  • relieves headaches and dizziness.

Where to buy Piracetam

Piracetam is widely known in such countries, as Canada, the USA, Brazil, Colombia, Australia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Romania, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Italy, France, Spain and the UK.

You may buy Piracetam online on Amazon, Walmart and other famous websites.

If you intend to enhance the capacity of your brain, you should buy Piracetam.

Tried and tested over the years, this drug will allow you to discover the hidden brainpower and increase productivity without the negative consequences for the body.