Phentermine Diet Pills and Painkillers

Obese people using Phentermine pills suffer from headaches, dizziness, nausea, dry mouth, diarrhea and sleeplessness mostly. Some people even stop the drug therapy because of side effects. Those who continue taking Phentermine despite side effects, note that side effects become weaker when they use these weight loss pills for some time.

In addition, Phentermine has long-term side effects, which can persist or occur from time to time throughout the whole drug therapy. Headache is one of such side effects. To relieve or block the pain some people use painkillers (Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, Morphine and Aspirin).

When choosing a painkiller, a patient must check out Phentermine drug interactions. A combined use of Phentermine and Acetaminophen or Aspirin can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

  • Side effect of many analgesic drugs (including Acetaminophen and / or Aspirin) is the risk of convulsions.

In fact, convulsions are side effects of Phentermine. The risk of convulsions increases when a patient uses Acetaminophen or Aspirin with Phentermine anti-obesity drug. When taking together Phentermine and Acetaminophen or Aspirin, more severe side effects may occur: chest pain, nausea, faint, dizziness or edema of the limbs.

The application of Phentermine weight loss drug can increase the blood pressure and heart rate. When taking Phentermine together with Ibuprofen, these side effects may worsen. People suffering from hypertension and cardiovascular pathologies are at greater risk of these severe side effects. In a combined use of Phentermine and Ibuprofen, a patient might need the dose adjustment and more frequent monitoring of the blood pressure.

A combined use of Phentermine and Morphine can increase the CNS side effects (dizziness, sleepiness or difficult concentration). Some people taking Phentermine along with Morphine painkiller may have difficulty in thinking and judgment.

If side effects worsen during the combined use of Phentermine and painkillers, a patient should consult a doctor. The doctor should be aware of all drugs, herbs and vitamins a person uses at the moment. Discontinuation of Phentermine pills without previous consultation with the doctor is not recommended.