Phentermine Post Pregnancy

Physiological norms of weight gain during pregnancy constitute an average of 11 kg.

Typically, woman gets rid of extra kilos on her own during childbirth and the postpartum period.

However, in most cases, women gain more than 20 kg during pregnancy, which are not so easy to get rid of.

Why use Phentermine after pregnancy

It is especially hard to lose weight for women, who were overweight before pregnancy.

Women can be prescribed Phentermine for losing weight after pregnancy.

This weight loss drug provides gradual weight loss.

How long to take Phentermine to lose weight after pregnancy

Losing Weight with Phentermine after birth can take from 6 months to 1 year.

Losing weight after pregnancy should occur gradually to prevent weight gain in the future.

For losing weight, women are recommended to take one Phentermine diet capsule once a day (in the morning on an empty stomach or 1-2 hours after breakfast).

It is recommended to use these slimming pills in combination with diet therapy and increased physical activity.

When can you start taking Phentermine after pregnancy

It is possible to start obesity drug therapy with Phentermine at any time after pregnancy.

However, it should be noted that breastfeeding is contraindicated, while taking Phentermine pills.

The drug can get into baby’s body with breast milk and have a negative impact on health and behavior of a nursing infant.

Side effects of Phentermine over breastfed baby

An infant, who received Phentermine with mother’s milk, may have:

  • decreased appetite,
  • sleeplessness,
  • irritability,
  • tremor,
  • diarrhea.

Therefore, a woman should stop breastfeeding, if she had decided to lose weight after pregnancy.

Given that breast milk is the ideal food for a baby and promotes his healthy growth and development, it is better to stop lactation in 6-8 months after delivery.

If a woman is not breastfeeding, she can start taking Phentermine weight loss pills at any time.

Warnings and precautions

It is recommended to exclude pregnancy before starting obesity pharmacotherapy with Phentermine.

There is evidence that Phentermine has teratogenic effect and can cause congenital malformations in fetus.

Therefore, women are recommended to use birth control pills during the anti-obesity therapy with Phentermine.

Studies have shown that Phentermine has no effect on the efficacy and safety of oral contraceptives.

Phentermine and birth control pills

It should be noted that some of combined oral contraceptives may cause weight gain.

Therefore, obese women should consult a doctor when choosing birth control pills.

Experts believe that birth control pills, containing only progesterone, do not contribute to weight gain and can be used simultaneously with Phentermine.

Pharmacotherapy with Phentermine is indicated for three months.

Taking Phentermine pills for more than 12 weeks may cause drug and psychological dependence.

If necessary, you can undergo a second course of obesity drug therapy with Phentermine in 3 months after the end of the previous weight loss course.

To maintain the achieved weight, you should keep to a balanced diet and active lifestyle after Phentermine discontinuation.