Phen375 vs Apisate

Apisate is weight loss pills, which affect patient’s central nervous system and can significantly reduce appetite. Apisate contains active substance Diethylpropion Hydrochloride, and is known under such trade names, as Tenuate and Tepanil.

Phen375 is unique weight loss pills, containing only natural ingredients, which disrupt the body’s ability to store fat. Phen375 had been used to reduce excessive weight for not more than 5 years, but have already become one of the best selling fat burners on the Internet.

Medications, containing Diethylpropion Hydrochloride active substance, are used to treat obesity since 1959, in such countries as USA, Canada, UK and EU.

Unlike Apisate, diet pills Phen375 can be ordered in almost any region of the world, without the necessity to leave your house.

Phen375 contains only purest natural ingredients, so they can be bought without a prescription.

Apisate may negatively affect the organism, so they are sold only by prescription.

Treatment duration

The main advantage of Phen375 is that these diet pills can be used for a long time. Obesity is a chronic disease, which often requires treatment and prevention throughout life, so the choice of effective weight loss pills is one of the major challenges in obesity treatment.

It is recommended to take Apisate for 4-6 weeks. Maximum period of Apisate use is 12 weeks. Typically, during this period, not all patients can significantly reduce body weight.

It is allowed to take Phen375 as much time as you need, to reduce BMI, waist circumference and cardiometabolic risk.

The effectiveness of weight loss pills Apisate is greatly reduced in prolonged use. Besides, uncontrolled Apisate use can cause physical and psychological dependence.

Phen375 is unique diet pills, which cause no addiction.

Pros and Cons

The main Apisate disadvantage is that that these weight loss pills can cause many side effects in the central nervous and cardiovascular systems.

Obese patients often have heart problems, so it is not recommended to take pills, which may increase blood pressure and heart rate.

Phen375 does not cause side effects and has no cardiovascular contraindications.

The majority of patients, taking Apisate, get increased blood pressure and heart rate.

When planning your obesity treatment, it is necessary to compare the benefits and harms of any weight loss pills. Phen375 is 100% legal diet pills, which have no contraindications and side effects. Apisate can affect patient’s health and often do more harm, than good.

If you want to take Phen375 for your anti-obesity treatment, then you can order cheap diet pills online. You can buy Phen375 weight loss pills not only in the UK, but also in any other EU member country.