Phen375 and Hypertension

Obesity is a chronic disease, which develops as a result of excess accumulation of adipose tissue in the body. Excess body weight can appear at any age. Accumulation of adipose tissue can be caused by many factors, such as: improper nutrition, lack or insufficiency of physical activity, genetic predisposition, the endocrine diseases, stress, sleep disturbance, and other disturbances of biological systems of the body.

In obesity, first of all functions of the cardiovascular system are disturbed and thus hypertension develops. Regardless of age, obesity creates a high risk of hypertension. The greater body weight, the more often various forms of hypertension develop. Sometimes a patient does not even suspect that he has hypertension resulting from excess body fat. Because hypertension is often asymptomatic.

Body weight should be reduced for the prevention and treatment of hypertension caused by obesity. As body weight decreases, the blood pressure level will also reduce. For weight loss, one should adhere a hypocaloric diet and increase physical activity. If a person, got used to eat high-calorie food is difficult to stick to diet plan, he can be prescribed appetite suppressant Phen375 as an adjunct.

Use of herbal medicine Phen375 helps an obese patient to adhere even the most strict low-calorie diet. In regular use of diet pills Phen375, a person suffering from obesity feels satiety even when consuming a minimum amount of food. It should be noted that slimming pills Phen375 not only suppress the appetite but also normalize energy metabolism in the body. So, during Phen375 use a person expends energy even in minimum physical activity. This means that calorie burning will be more intense.

Due to the use of slimming pills Phen375, content of fats and toxins decreases in the body, thus metabolism improves. Moreover, in patients taking Phen375 pills lipid profile (level of triglycerides and cholesterol decreases) normalizes together with weight loss. So, taking Phen375 pills an obese patient can significantly reduce the risk of not only hypertension but also its related complications (hypertensive crisis, hemorrhagic or ischemic stroke, myocardial infarction, heart failure).

Herbal medicine Phen375 does not have cardiovascular side effects, so it can be included in combined antihypertensive therapy. Depending on hypertension severity, an obese patient is prescribed Phen375 medicine together with various antihypertensive drugs. They include beta blockers; diuretics, calcium channel blockers, ACE inhibitors, angiotensin II receptor blockers, myotropic drugs and ganglioplegic.

Combined use of slimming tablets Phen375 with beta blockers (for example, Propranolol) allows to reduce body weight and to effectively control blood pressure. When treating hypertension caused by obesity, initial daily dose of beta-blocker Propranolol should not exceed 40mg. Daily maintenance dose of Propranolol can be increased up to 320mg to improve blood pressure control.

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