Phen375 and Causes of Obesity

Phen375 and Obesity Therapy

Obesity is a chronic disease, diagnosed in most residents of developed countries. The main cause of excess weight is irregular diet and sedentary lifestyle. In order to lose at least few kilograms, people limit their food intake and torture themselves by long and exhausting workouts. However doing all this, they manage to gain minor results and insignificant weight loss.

Obesity is not only a cosmetic problem but also poses a serious health hazard. First of all, fat is stored around the waist and hips and then in the liver. Fat accumulation in the liver promotes fatty liver disease. The danger is that fatty liver like alcohol or hepatitis viruses B and C promotes the development of hepatic cirrhosis.

However, one can completely prevent the development of fatty liver and restore liver functions. All one has to do is to reduce body weight. It is recommended to start obesity therapy with the change in eating behavior and physical activity. If a person cannot adhere to the diet, he can be prescribed an herbal product called Phen375.

Some overweight people add slimming pills in addition to diet therapy and exercises. Nevertheless, modern diet pills on global market have lots of lacks and side effects. Therefore, many people, who suffer from obesity, refuse to take such weight loss pills.

Recently a new weight loss drug has appeared on the drugs market, it is called Phen375.
Phen375 is a natural drug, which can be purchased at drugstores without prescription. Herbal drug for the weight loss Phen375 suppresses the appetite and increases metabolic rate of the body, thereby providing weight loss.

Because Phen375 consists of natural active ingredients, it does not provoke side effects. In addition to appetite suppression, Phen375 copes with the main causes of formation of excess fat deposits.

Phen375 medication has an anorexigenic effect. Therefore, a man is able to control the appetite and consume only healthy food when using Phen375 diet pills. People taking weight loss medication Phen375 do not experience sugar cravings and they easily refuse from snacking.

The use of Phen375 weight loss drug within 12 weeks allows to decrease the body mass by nearly 15% of initial weight. Phen375 treatment course provides a long-term result. Person, suffering from obesity, gains different appearance after Phen375 therapy. He not only becomes slimmer, but also much healthier. Phen375 normalizes the appetite and diet regime, reduces the need in caloric food, restores metabolism, and improves liver function. All this makes the whole body healthy.

Regular use of Phen375 diet pills allows losing on the average up to 5 pounds a week. Weight reduction just by 10% of original body weight promotes the liver cleansing from fat accumulations that restores its functions. During using weight loss pills Phen375 not only the amount of abdominal fat is reduced, but also the amount of fat in the liver cells.

During the obesity therapy with Phen375 medication, the oxidation rate of free fatty acids in the liver mitochondria is increased and the synthesis of low-density lipoproteins respectively. Timely obesity therapy with herbal medication Phen375 allows preventing serious violations of the lipid profile. In addition, weight loss by means of Phen375 pills, helps restoring the lipid profile.

Herbal pills Phen375 are recommended for both men and women equally. Besides that, Phen375 can be taken by overweight patients, who have comorbidities, for example: diabetes mellitus, metabolic disorders, disturbed hormones and bad tolerance to glucose.

  • In addition, Phen375 normalizes lipid metabolism in people, who take it regularly.

Due to normal lipid metabolism, fat deposits burn faster. In addition, Phen375 blocks the storage of fat cells in problem zones, like waist, hips, abdomen and arms. Phen375 reduces “bad” cholesterol and increases “good” cholesterol, thereby improving metabolism in the body.

During the use of Phen375 herbal pills, patient’s body develop a new system of food perception, normalizing daily diet. That is why, after the termination of Phen375, person can easily refuse from high calorie foods. In addition, therapy with Phen375 improves carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism in the body. Hence, after the termination of Phen375 treatment course, human body can control the metabolism on its own.

Weight loss by means of obesity therapy with herbal pills Phen375 allows maintaining a normal triglyceride level in the blood that reduces the risk of chronic inflammations. Given that chronic inflammations are the important factors in the progression of fibrosis, weight loss and the normal triglyceride level allow reducing the risk of liver fibrosis.

Simultaneously with weight loss, the blood cholesterol level is reduced in people taking Phen375 diet pills. A normal blood cholesterol level reduces the risk of atherosclerotic plaques formation and significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

The use of Phen375 medication allows not only to reduce weight and to normalize the lipid profile, but also to increase insulin resistance. Due to the increase of cell sensitivity to insulin, one can maintain a normal blood sugar level and reduce the risk for developing diabetes.

Thus, timely obesity therapy with weight loss medication Phen375 allows achieving a beautiful appearance and the reduction in the risk of liver cirrhosis. Together with herbal product Phen375, medications such as hepatoprotectors can be prescribed.

Obesity therapy with Phen375 includes medications that restore liver: Essentiale, Turmeric or Liquorice. Hepatoprotectors in combination with weight loss medication Phen375 allow not only to restore liver functions but also to increase the intensity of weight loss. Because the medications for the liver restoration help to cleanse the body of toxins and harmful substances, metabolism increases. Because of accelerated metabolism, the rate of fat burning increases.

To determine the severity of obesity the UK doctors use the body mass index (BMI). To calculate the BMI, you should know your actual height and weight. Knowing this data, you can calculate the BMI in a few minutes and determine the severity of obesity by means of online calculator.

  • In BMI 25 to 29.9 – overweight is diagnosed.
  • In BMI 30 to 34.9 – class 1 obesity is diagnosed.
  • In BMI 35 to 39.9 – class 2 obesity is diagnosed.
  • In BMI 40 and more – class 3 obesity is diagnosed.

The obesity level is increasingly growing in the UK, just as in many other countries. According to statistics, over 26% of the UK people suffer from obesity and about 60% of British men and women have extra weight.

Almost every obese Britons has one or several diseases, in addition to obesity. The most common diseases, caused by obesity are:

  • Cardiovascular pathologies (ischemia, stroke, hypertension)
  • Sleep disorders (obstructive sleep apnea)
  • Breathing problems (asthma, dyspnea)
  • Psychological problems (stress, depression, anxiety)
  • Metabolic disorders (type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome)
  • Musculoskeletal disorders (back pain, osteoarthritis)
  • Gastrointestinal disorders (gastroesophageal reflux)
  • Dyslipidemia (hyperlipidemia, hypercholesterolemia)
  • Cancer (gall bladder cancer, etc.).

Reproductive system disease (infertility, impotence, PCOS)
To reduce the risk of many listed diseases, all that patients have to do, is get a significant weight loss.

For a rapid weight loss, patients should change their diet and increase physical activity. Moreover, obese patients are prescribed a behavioral and (or) medicamental anti-obesity therapy.

If medical or nonmedical methods to fight obesity did not help get a significant weight loss, a patient might be scheduled some weight loss surgery. The assessment of efficiency of non-surgical weight loss methods is carried out in 5-6 consecutive months of the anti-obesity therapy.

  • British doctors recommend a weight loss surgery to patients with class 3 obesity.
  • If patient was diagnosed some other disease apart from obesity, a weight loss surgery is recommended to patients with class 2 obesity.

First degree of obesity

From 10 to 29% of excess weight is observed in the first degree of obesity. At the early stages of obesity, functions of all organs and systems of the body are not yet violated. However, it is necessary to take preventive measures in order that all organs and systems of the body will be able to function normally also in the future.

All nutritionists advise to start obesity treatment with non-drug methods, such as diet and physical activity. However, if non-drug methods of obesity treatment do not provide a desired result, patients are prescribed anti-obesity medications. Phen375 drug for weight loss is recommended to take in the first-degree obesity, as well as obesity prevention.

Phen375 is a herbal medicine which contains only natural herbal remedies. Phen375 is considered the safest medicine for obesity treatment, its use helps to reduce appetite, to accelerate the metabolism and to split adipose tissue. In patients with the first-degree obesity who take herbal pills Phen375, body weight reduces, as well as:

  • the likelihood of breathlessness while walking or physical loads decreases;
  • endurance increases and sweating reduces;
  • defecation is normalized and the likelihood of abdominal bloating decreases.

Second degree of obesity

Obesity affects functions of many systems and organs of the body that leads to serious complications and development of such diseases as: atherosclerosis, hypertension, angina, diabetes, stroke, heart attack, arthritis, etc.

In the second-degree obesity, first of all symptoms of first-degree obesity are aggravated. In addition, functions of some organs and systems of the body are disturbed, particularly of nerve system. In the second degree of obesity, excess of body weight is 30-49% of ideal body weight.

Phen375 advantages for obesity treatment

Herbal pills Phen375 for obesity treatment help to reduce body weight, as well as:

  • to decrease the level of adipose tissue in the abdominal cavity;
  • to eliminate bloating and a feeling of heaviness in the stomach;
  • to reduce or eliminate the signs of respiratory failure.

Furthermore, when treating the second-degree obesity Phen375 pills help to prevent the enhancement of symptoms severity of nervous disorders, such as dizziness, absent-mindedness and drowsiness.

Due to Phen375 herbal pills, people not only lose excess weight, but also rejuvenate the entire organism. After the treatment course with Phen375 all the body systems start to work differently.

Person, who managed to lose weight with the help of Phen375, must understand that in order to keep his weight stable and continue losing weight after the termination of Phen375, he should stick to a low calorie diet and stay physically active. Only these recommendations can help to maintain perfect body shape and stay healthy.