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How to use Pergamid

Smart drug Pergamid comes in form of tablets, which contain 750 mg of the active ingredient Aniracetam.

To improve the performance of your brain, take Pergamid nootropic drug in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • Pergamid should be taken by 2 tablets (1500 mg) per day. Depending on your life regime, preferences and objectives, you may take this dose Pergamid once, or divide it into two intakes.
  • Aniracetam, which is part of Pergamid, is a fat-soluble compound. Therefore, Pergamid pill should be taken with milk to achieve the maximum effect of the drug.

Unlike many other smart tablets, the effect of which may decrease with prolonged use, Pergamid has a cumulative effect.

This means that the longer you use the nootropic drug Pergamid, the greater is its efficacy.

Take Pergamid for a period of two or four months to increase the activity of your brain and improve:

  • concentration
  • cognitive function
  • cognitive activity.

Powerful nootropic drug Pergamid is designed to improve memory and enhance attentiveness in healthy people, exposed to severe stress or tension at work and in everyday life.

Pergamid is also recommended for people, who have a cognitive dysfunction, caused by a neuro-degenerative or vascular disease, including dementia, atherosclerosis or stroke.

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