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Obesity health risks and Panbesy

Obesity is a chronic disease, which negatively affects every person’s life quality.

Obesity is often accompanied by other serious diseases, since fat deposits accumulate not only under the skin, but also over the internal organs.

If you fail to stabilize your body weight timely, obesity becomes a health risk and can lead to the following conditions:

  • metabolic syndrome,
  • cancer,
  • type 2 diabetes,
  • herniated discs,
  • deforming osteoarthrosis,
  • coronary heart disease,
  • polycystic ovary syndrome,
  • cholecystitis,
  • myocardial infarction,
  • arthritis,
  • atherosclerosis,
  • stroke,
  • asthma,
  • hypertension,
  • cholelithiasis,
  • chronic venous insufficiency.

Preventing obesity-related complications with Panbesy

Panbesy is one of medications, which is effectively used to prevent health deterioration, caused by excessive weight.

They can be used in adolescents over 12 years and adults to treat I, II and III class obesity.

Where obesity is accompanied by risk factors (for example, diabetes), you can be prescribed these weight loss capsules even if your weight exceeds the norm insignificantly.

After the end of Panbesy drug therapy, stabilization in body weight allows not only to improve your health condition, but also to reduce the risk of premature death from obesity-related diseases.

Just a few weeks after the beginning of the treatment course, as your body weight reduces, your metabolism will improve and the risk of other diseases will decrease significantly.

Panbesy – best diet pill for weight loss

Panbesy acts on the “satiety center” situated in hypothalamus, thereby suppressing signals of hunger.

Weight loss with Panbesy diet pills is achieved due to reduced amount of food consumed and an increased energy expenditure.

Treatment with this weight loss medication implies observance of complex treatment regimen, which involves:

  • Switching to a more active lifestyle
  • Compliance with low-calorie diet.

The active substance of Panbesy is sympathomimetic amine Phentermine.

Even though it is an amphetamine derivative, it never causes euphoria or drug addiction.

Phentermine is available at the international pharmaceutical market under various trade names, including Duromine, Adipex, Ionamin and Metermine.

Panbesy (Phentermine) medication is indicated for:

  • treatment of obesity in adults and teenagers;
  • fighting excess weight (to patients with related risk factors only)

To achieve an optimal therapeutic effect, the duration of Panbesy use can reach up to three consecutive months.

Clinical effectiveness of Panbesy

  • Panbesy helps people avoid acute hunger attacks that are common, when you cut your usual eating plan and introduce severe restrictions to the amount of food consumed during the dat. This allows keeping to a diet without discomfort either mental or physical.
  • These diet pills help to modify eating behavior successfully, since you do not feel hungry and get used to the limited dietary regime.
  • Weight loss, achieved with Panbesy weight loss medication, normalizes metabolism and improves the clinical picture of diabetes type II.
  • These tablets help to avoid chronic diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory system, since excess weight is the causative factor of these states.
  • Weight loss helps people gain confidence and achieve the desired goals in both career and personal life.

You should follow some rules so that anti-obesity therapy gave you maximal results in weight loss with Panbesy.

  1. Obesity treatment has to be comprehensive.
  2. You should keep a balanced low-calorie diet for best weight loss.

Dietary regime includes:

  • products low in carbohydrates (100-120 g a day)
  • foods low in fat (80-90 g a day);
  • products with a sufficient amount of proteins (120 g),
  • foods rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Before you begin using this medication, you should choose the diet regimen that you like more:

  • Diet, which restricts the consumption of carbohydrates, and allows fats.
  • Diet, which restricts consumption of fat, and allows carbohydrates.

For best weight loss in the first 1-2 months, the total amount of the daily calories must be less than the energy expenditure in your body, thus leading to weight reduction.

Panbesy diet pills allow patients to cope with hunger, which always occurs with a strict diet.

Weight loss plan and Panbesy

Diet plans are determined on the basis of patient’s age, his chronic diseases and food allergy.

  • An abrupt reduction of calories in food. The amount of calries consume daily should be changed, based on your weight, height, age and activity level.
  • At the initial stage of obesity, the energy value of the diet is usually reduced by 30%, in moderate obesity by 40% and in severe form of obesity by 50%.
  • Along with reduction of calories in daily diet, it is important to increase physical loads, thus making your energy consumption higher and improving your fitness level.
  • The caloric value of your diet should be decreases at the expense of fast carbohydrates and unhealthy fats.
  • Lean protein must be included in your daily menu in sufficient amounts. First, your body needs large amounts of energy to process the proteins. Secondly, insufficient amount of protein makes your body lose muscle mass, the growth of which is important for increasing the metabolic rate. Besides that, protein foods make you feel full for longer time.
  • Some diets suggest limiting of water volume consumed. However, every Phentermine-containing medication requires an increased water consumption, since insufficient water consumption can result in dehydration.

Any diet plan requires a comprehensive compliance with diet regime and restrictions in food.

At that, it does not mean that you need to starve yourself to achieve higher results.

Please, keep in mind the following simple recommendations, which will help you lose weight in a safe and efficient way:

  • Take Panbesy diet pills every day, unless your doctor tells you otherwise or you suffer from uncomfortable side effects.
  • Eat foods rich in f, which can help you improve bowel movements, while also providing fast satiety.
  • Try to switch to the split meals system, which implies that you have small meals, 5-6 times a day.
  • For a faster weight loss rate, doctors recommend having fasting days once a week. These “fasting days” do not imply complete refusal from food, though. You can have a day, when you eat, for example, just the proteins (350g of boiled meat or 500g of cottage cheese).
  • Do not go to bed immediately after your meal. It is better to take a walk to ensure a proper digestion. In general, it is better to have your last meal at least 3 hours before bedtime.
  • Refuse from pastry, sweets and alcohol.
  • Avoid frying your food. Switch to boiling, oven-baking, steaming and grilling the products.
  • If your activity level is usually low, and your weight is high, better opt for physical exercises, which make all muscle groups work without causing excessive load over your joints, preferably fast walks, swimming, cycling.
  • Keep in mind that oxygen improves the recovery processes in your body, so do your best to spend more time outdoors.

Panbesy dosage and recommendations for use

The recommended daily dose of Panbesy for obesity treatment is 30mg.

When weight loss is slower than needed, Panbesy dose can be increased to 40mg, if your doctor says it is safe for you to do so.

The average duration of obesity treatment course is 3 months.

Usually, this time is sufficient to achieve optimal results in weight loss and develop new eating and exercising habits, which help proceed with weight loss campaign without the help of weight loss pills.

The recommended maintenance dose is Panbesy 15mg, which can be prescribed for daily use or with several days interval, depending on clinical picture.

  • Panbesy diet pills are available at drugstores in the dosage of 15mg, 30mg and 40mg.
  • Starting Panbesy dose for obesity therapy is 30mg a day.
  • If there is no adequate weight loss, the daily dose can be increased up to 40mg.
  • Panbesy dose is taken once a day, without chewing or breaking the pills.
  • For a better absorption, it is recommended to take the pill with a full glass of water.
  • Eat your breakfast after you took Panbesy dose.
  • If you missed a morning dose, you may take one Panbesy pill in the afternoon (no later than 8 hours before your usual bedtime). Two doses taken at once may cause an overdose, therefore you should follow your regular dose regime, if you missed Panbesy dose.
  • Panbesy stimulates the central nervous system and may cause sleep disorders, if you take the pill in the evening.
  • Panbesy 40mg is a maximum daily dose of Panbesy, so the dose must not be exceeded.
  • It is not recommended to take Panbesy with alcohol, since it can cause side effects from the central nervous system, including clouding of consciousness.
  • Panbesy can cause high blood pressure, therefore patients with mild hypertension should check their blood pressure regularly. Do not take Panbesy if you are diagnosed with severe uncontrolled hypertension.
  • Weight loss with Panbesy happened to be effective in decrease of insulin resistance, thus patient may require a reduction in dose of insulin and oral hypoglycemic medicines.

Dosing regimen for Panbesy (Phentermine) to treat obesity in teenagers

Treatment of obesity in teenagers must be complex. Classic therapy involves a new diet regime and increased physical activity. Diet requirements, necessary for weight loss in teenagers:

  • Doctor adjusts a diet scheme individually, focusing on the body mass, as well as some present concomitant health condition
  • Along with a low-calorie diet, young patient should increase his energy expenditure. To perform exercises effectively, nutrition should contain amino acids, vitamins, fatty acids and minerals.

The diet should help to normalize relations between the lipolytic and liposynthetic processes in the body, thus it is recommended to reduce consumption of salt and fats.

  • Adolescents should take no more than one 30mg Panbesy pill once a day
  • The highest daily dose of Panbesy to treat obesity in teenagers is 40mg, but requires a careful monitoring by a doctor
  • Panbesy dose should be taken in the morning before breakfast
  • Take Panbesy tablets with plenty of still water
  • Do not break or chew the pills
  • In some cases, adolescents might need a maintenance therapy after the main treatment. This helps to maintain weight loss result longer. Panbesy 15mg dose is administered 1-2 times a week, depending on the clinical picture.
  • To achieve optimal result in the weight loss, adolescents should increase their activity level and improve their fitness level by regular exercises or getting involved into team sports
  • Panbesy is not allowed for obesity treatment in children and teenagers younger than 12 years of age

Panbesy and morbid obesity treatment

Morbid obesity is a severe stage of obesity, which threatens patients’ life.

In morbid obesity, the body mass index exceeds 40 kg per m², and fat deposits cover all the internal organs.

Therefore, morbid obesity is always accompanied by serious chronic diseases, such as:

  • arterial hypertension;
  • type 2 diabetes;
  • lesions of the musculoskeletal system (large body mass increases pressure on the spine and legs);
  • coronary artery disease;
  • vein disease;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • sexual dysfunction;
  • gastrointestinal disease;
  • sleep apnea;
  • asthma.

Morbidly obese people may be prescribed weight-loss (bariatric) surgery to reduce the size of their stomach.

Surgical treatment of morbid obesity may involve:

  • gastroplasty,
  • laparoscopic gastric banding,
  • gastric bypass surgery,
  • biliopancreatic diversion (Scopinaro procedure).

However, surgical treatment of morbid obesity is always a high risk for health.

Besides, recovery treatment takes a lot of time.

Therefore, surgical therapy is contraindicated in some obese patients.

When it is forbidden, morbidly obese patients can resort to Panbesy treatment with a sufficiently professional developed anti-obesity program.

Common dosing regimen of Panbesy

  • Usual daily dose of Panbesy is 30mg. Panbesy 30mg pills should be taken in the morning (before breakfast).
  • Maximum daily dose of Panbesy is 40mg. Use of Panbesy 40 mg pills more than once daily may cause overdose.
  • Maintenance dose of Panbesy varies from 15mg up to 40mg. Maintenance dose of Panbesy can be taken daily, or to increase the interval between its use – up to 48-72 hours.
  • Panbesy appetite suppressant normalizes eating behavior, thereby helping to refuse from large amounts of food even after the end of obesity medical therapy.

Obese patients often suffer from psychological problems, anxiety states and even depressive disorders.

In order to reduce anxiety, obese patients may be required a psychologist’s help.

Duration of obesity treatment course depends on obesity severity, the presence of related chronic diseases and the body’s response to the anorectic action of the drug.

This appetite suppressant is recommended both for short-term treatment courses (up to 4 weeks) and for longer courses (2-3 months).

Where to buy Panbesy (Phentermine)?

Weight loss pills Panbesy are available for sale at the Asia-Pacific pharmaceutical market (including Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, etc.).

It should be noted, though, that pharmaceutical analogs (generic drugs) of Panbesy are available for sale in different countries worldwide.

For example, you can buy Panbesy generic under the original trade name Adipex and under the generic name Phentermine on a trustworthy online store, which delivers worldwide.

On the other hand, you can visit your doctor, get a prescription for Panbesy and find it in your local drugstore.

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