Panbesy Trims Sleep Apnea as Well as Weight

Panbesy and sleep apnea treatment

Panbesy is a medication, which allows to control hunger.

The active substance of this appetite suppressant is called Phentermine.

Clinical trials have proven that weight loss with Panbesy diet pills causes an improvement in clinical picture of respiratory diseases, as well as obstructive sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea and obesity are closely interrelated.

Just like obesity can cause sleep apnea, sleep apnea may stimulate the appetite increase, thereby leading to weight gain and obesity.

Sleep apnea symptoms

  • Regular breathing cessations during sleep, their frequency and duration may vary (breathing cessation during sleep for a few seconds contributes to oxygen deficiency in the tissues of internal organs).
  • Severe snore (if a patient is able not to notice breathing cessations during sleep, his family for sure notices such sleep apnea symptom, as snoring).
  • Sleep apnea symptoms manifest both at night and during the day.
  • One of sleep apnea symptoms is chronic fatigue, since you experience daytime sleepiness due to poor sleep quality.

What causes sleep apnea?

One of the main causes of sleep apnea is excess weight.

Fatty deposits in the upper part of the body disturb the work of internal organs.

Fat envelopes the airways and lungs, preventing the air penetration.

In regular sleep apnea, the production of somatotropin hormone (growth hormone) decreases.

In its turn, this hormone is involved in the process of fats splitting in the body (lipolysis).

Since lipolysis slows down, extra weight appears even when you follow a weight loss diet.

At that, when obesity is accompanied by overeating, the patient’s state worsens really fast.

Another factor that contributes to a decrease in the metabolic rate and weight gain is oxygen deficiency, which regularly occurs during sleep.

Panbesy and sleep apnea treatment

Since fatty deposits compress airways, the most effective method of sleep apnea treatment is to normalize the body weight.

Clinical picture of sleep apnea improves and the frequency of breathing stops decreases even in insignificant weight loss.

So, a course of obesity treatment using Panbesy is recommended in order to control the disease.

During the use of Panbesy diet pills, weight reduces because you get the ability of controlling the amounts of food consumed without experiencing a painful feeling of hunger.

In addition, this medication helps you increase your physical activity without feeling the loss of strength, which often accompanies weight loss diets and dietary restrictions.

Bottom line, Panbesy appetite contributes to fat burning, thereby freeing the airways from pressure and improving the respiratory system functions.