Panbesy and Childhood Obesity Types and Treatment

Panbesy diet pills were developed as medication with anorexigenic effect to suppress appetite and stimulate saturation in people, who have to adhere to a limited diet.

Panbesy medication is administered for anti-obesity treatment in adults and children.

Panbesy and childhood obesity

If childhood obesity is not addressed, check out some of the problems that children will have to deal with, e.g.:

  • high blood pressure,
  • diabetes,
  • polycystosis,
  • ischemia,
  • disruption of the gastrointestinal tract,
  • liver disease,
  • gallbladder lesions,
  • delayed development of boys,
  • fast development of girls.

Children with excess weight often feel rejected by their peers.

These children are regularly subjected to humiliation, cannot play along with others because their body is limited in motion.

With age, obese children have the inferiority complex, which may lead to depression.

Types of childhood obesity

  • Alimentary obesity occurs due to unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle.
  • Endocrine obesity occurs as a result of impaired metabolic processes in the body, caused by different diseases of the endocrine glands (thyroid gland, ovaries and adrenal glands).

Therapist can help to determine the cause of obesity, yet excess weight more often arises in children with poor diet (large portions of food high in fats and carbs).

Genetic burden also plays an important role.

If one of the parents suffers from obesity, then most likely children will have it too.

To determine the stage of childhood obesity, some other methods are used. Thus, not only the body weight and height are counted, but also the age and sex of a child, because boys and girls develop differently.

Treatment of childhood obesity

Weight loss in children has to be gradual.

In order to determine an optimal dietary regime, it is necessary to find out if a child has any present related disease or history of such in family medical history.

For example, early atherosclerosis predisposition means that patient must not eat products high in cholesterol (eggs for instance).

A diet for children differs from a diet for adults.

Food must be nourishing so that a child could handle high physical loads; also tasty because you cannot force children to eat what they don’t like.

Diet therapy is a long-term process, since weight loss in children has to be gradual.

Limitation in food must not violate physical and psychological development of a child.

That is why obesity therapy involves appetite suppressants, also known as anorexigenic drugs, like Panbesy.

Panbesy diet pills are recommended to children over 12 years of age.

Weight loss in children under 10 years old is rational only in rare cases because of high health risks.

Dosing regimen of Panbesy for childhood obesity treatment

  • Starting dose of Panbesy for childhood obesity treatment is adjusted in regard to obesity class and patient’s age.
  • It is recommended to begin the obesity treatment with low dose of Panbesy 15mg a day.
  • If this dose causes no side effects (nausea, high blood pressure), it can be upped to 30mg per day.
  • Panbesy pills 15mg and 30mg should be taken once daily, before breakfast.
  • If a child missed the morning dose, then he can take Panbesy tablet in the afternoon.
  • Do not give your child Panbesy pills before sleep, as it may cause overexcitation of the central nervous system and sleep problems.
  • Do not take two Panbesy doses at once, it may provoke overdose.

Before you buy Panbesy without prescription, please familiarize with side effects and contraindications of this drug for short-term obesity therapy.