Panbesy During Pregnancy and Lactation

How does therapy with Panbesy affect pregnancy and lactation?

Panbesy is a medication, which is used in anti-obesity therapy as a hunger suppressant.

Panbesy also stimulates parts of your brain.

When you can’t find Panbesy, you can search for medications, which contain the same active ingredient, and their names are as follows:

  • Adipex,
  • Fastin,
  • Ionamin,
  • Zantryl.

Are Panbesy and Fen-Phen the same drug?

No, they’re not.

Panbesy is nothing like the restricted Fen-Phen medication, which has been used to help people budge weight.

This medication contained the same active ingredient that Panbesy has, Phentermine, mixed with another active component, Fenfluramine.

Despite its effectiveness for weight loss, Fenfluramine has proven to trigger sever heart problems, which caused its withdrawal from the market in September 1997.

Since then, Fen-Phen has no longer been used.

However, it was proven that it was the Fenfluramine causing these severe health issues.

Phentermine had nothing to do with them, so Phentermine-containing medication, Panbesy, became and still remains very popular in Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand.

Is it safe to lose weight on Panbesy when being pregnant?

If you have gestational diabetes (which only develops during pregnancy) and high blood pressure, it may cause severe pregnancycomplications.

Your therapist can discuss the recommendations for weight gain and loss during pregnancy.

However, Panbesy will not be one of possible weight loss soutions, because it is not advised for use during pregnancy.

Does Panbesy make it difficult for me to get pregnant?

During the trials on Phentermine, it has not been established that this medication affects your fertility in any way.

Therefore, it is fair to say that Panbesy does not make it more difficult for a woman to get pregnant.

I have been using Panbesy for a few months, when I found out I was pregnant for 3 weeks. Will Panbesy harm my baby?

Your baby really was not subjected to the action of Panbesy pills.

Unfortunately, you are not the only pregnant woman, who has beenn unwillingly using diet pills while not knowing about her pregnancy.

However, studies of such cases did not reveal any malformations in born babies or any fault of the drug use for failing pregnancies.

So, if you are on the medication and find out that you are pregnant, the first thing that you should do is discuss the issue with your doctor and stop using the drug.

If the doctor tells you to have some tests done, please do so, in order to help you calm down and actually rejoice over the news about your condition.

I gained weight during pregnancy. Panbesy is my weight loss drug of choice. Can I breastfeed while using it?

Panbesy can pass into breast milk; therefore breast-feeding your child is forbidden if you take the medication.

There is no precise data about the amount of Panbesy, passing into breast milk, consequences for the baby drinking such milk, or the statistics of unwanted effects over babies.

However, we should keep in mind that Panbesy stimulates your brain, and it will do the same with your baby.

Therefore, expected side effects are more likely to be from the CNS.

Besides, you may notice that your baby is not willing to eat or has gastrointestinal problems after ingesting your breast milk with Panbesy in it.

You can discuss with your doctor the possibility of using Panbesy while breastfeeding, but his answer will likely be the same – avoid the drug use or switch to feeding your baby with baby formula.