At present, one of the most powerful nootropics in the US is Oxiracetam.

What is Oxiracetam

This nootropic belongs to the class of racetam, psychoactive nootropic agents that enhance memory and improve brain health.

Oxiracetam nootropic was synthesized from Piracetam in the second half of the last century.

Since then, this nootropic is the subject of numerous studies that have shown that Oxiracetam may increase brain power and learning abilities.

Where to buy Oxiracetam

Today, Oxiracetam is available only in certain countries, including the US.

This nootropics is commercially available in the US, despite the fact that the FDA has not approved Oxiracetam as a supplement.

Available dosage forms of Oxiracetam

Oxiracetam is available in capsules and bulk powder.

At that, the majority of users prefer Oxiracetam capsules by Powder city or Nootropic City, since these companies have received the most positive reviews on reddit.

No matter what form of release the consumer chooses, he should know that Oxiracetam is the most powerful nootropic of the racetams group and it is capable of significantly improving memory, boosting focus and brain power.

Potency of Oxiracetam

The main difference of Oxiracetam from other racetams is the chemical structure and the potency of its effect.

Studies have shown that Oxiracetam has a similar action mechanism to Piracetam.

However, despite this, compared to Piracetam or Phenylpiracetam, Oxiracetam has several times more powerful effect on the central nervous system and brain function.

Benefits of the brain booster Oxiracetam

  • Memory consolidation and learning processes improvement
  • Improvement of metabolic processes in the cerebral cortex
  • Increase of the integrative activity of the brain and cognitive abilities
  • Restoration and stabilization of brain functions (including in the elderly).

It is believed that the action mechanism of Oxiracetam is based on its ability to increase brain levels of neurotransmitters acetylcholine and glutamate, and stimulate their activity.

Normal levels of these neurotransmitters facilitate memory consolidation, increase concentration and focus, as well as the metabolic activity of nerve cells.

Pecuiarities of Oxiracetam use

Oxiracetam reviews on reddit say that this brain booster is generally well tolerated and has almost no side effects.

Yet, if you take Oxiracetam, you should be aware of some of its main peculiarities.

First, Oxiracetam is a powerful cognitive enhancer, which is recommended to be used only for improving memory and learning abilities.

Oxiracetam does not affect the level of the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine, so it may not be used as a mood enhancer.

Second, despite the fact that research and numerous Oxiracetam reviews on the Internet talk about the safety and efficacy of this nootropic drug, its improper use may lead to the opposite effect and adverse reactions.

Therefore, you should adhere to the recommended dosage and not exceed to avoid negative consequences.

Dosing regimen of Oxiracetam

Typically, the recommended Oxiracetam dose ranges from 600 to 2500mg/day.

When you first use Oxiracetam, start taking it at low doses.

As a rule, the daily dose of Oxiracetam should be divided into two or three intakes.

For the last time during the day, Oxiracetam should be taken 3-4 hours before bedtime.

Some user reviews reported that a late Oxiracetam intake prevents them from falling asleep.

Perhaps, this is due to the action of this smart drug, which activates the brain and makes people focus on the flow of thought.

Therefore, you should not take Oxiracetam in high doses late in the evening to avoid problems with falling asleep.

Combining Oxiracetam with other stimulants

Some of the users take this brain booster with other stimulants like Sulbutiamine, or eugeroic stimulants Adrafinil and Modafinil, to enhance the effect of Oxiracetam.

However, such a combination may cause nervous excitement and reduced mental capacity.

In this case, the intensity of side effects may increase significantly and the consumer may experience severe headaches, nausea and excessive nervousness.

If you experience any adverse effects when using Oxiracetam, stop taking it for a few days. Then, start taking Oxiracetam with low doses.

If you want to increase the effect of Oxiracetam, then it is safer to combine it with other nootropics, such as Noopept or Alpha GPC.

Noopept potentiates the activity Oxiracetam, and also contributes to its rapid absorption.

Oxiracetam gives greater mental energy and helps the brain to process the information faster.

Brain booster Oxiracetam is considered an effective nootropic, whose main action is aimed at improving cognitive functions.

Meanwhile, Oxiracetam possesses the neuroprotective action, i.e. it protects the brain cells from destruction.

According to consumers, who used Oxiracetam, this nootropic drug helped them to successfully overcome the obstacles and achieve their goals.

How fast does Oxiracetam effect onset

Already after the first few weeks of its use, they observed:

  • memory consolidation
  • thinking process acceleration
  • concentration and focus increase.

If you want to buy a cognitive enhancer, which is safe for health and is capable of increasing your mental performance and sharpening your mental clarity, choose Oxiracetam.

You may buy cognitive enhancer Oxiracetam online from the suppliers of nootropics.

When you buy Oxiracetam online, please note that certain nootropic vendors offer to buy Oxiracetam with discount coupons.

To get a coupon and buy Oxiracetam at a low price, you should visit the vendor’s website and create an account. Subsequently, you will receive updates on promotions and discount codes on your phone or e-mail.

Do not hesitate to make a choice for Oxiracetam. This nootropic agent helps tens of thousands of people to improve their brain function. Oxiracetam will certainly help you, too!