Overweight: Causes and Treatment


Overweight is considered a condition in which excess body fat presents a health hazard. Abnormal accumulation of fat is diagnosed as obesity. To separate these two concepts, body mass index (BMI) is used.

BMI is not the only, but the most common method to evaluate body weight. Excess body weight is diagnosed in BMI of 25 to 30. The term obesity is considered when BMI exceeds 30. If abdominal obesity is suspected, other methods can be used.

Overweight Causes

Modern lifestyle is the main cause of overweight. Reduced physical activity is observed not only in adults but also in children. Usually, low level of physical activity is combined with excessive consumption of high-calorie foods in obese people.

People love to eat a lot and tasty and this is related with the mechanisms laid down by nature. Our body is tend to accumulate energy (fat), which can be expended if necessary. In an ancient person, fat was accumulated during the abundance period and consumed in more difficult times (such as drought or winter). Modern man rarely faces the lack of food products, so fat is accumulated, but not expended.

In order to enjoy food, it is not necessarily overeat. Frequent overeating causes heaviness in the stomach, heartburn, lethargy, apathy, and eventually overweight. In addition, overeating can form harmful habits and psychological problems difficult to get rid of.

Reasons for Overweight Treatment

Obese people may claim that they do not need to change anything, but most likely, each one of them has ever dreamed to return a normal weight or to reduce the existing one. Overweight is necessary to decrease for several reasons.

Firstly, normal weight increases self-esteem and allows a person to feel himself an active member of society. Healthy weight increases the attractiveness in the opposite sex and can eliminate some problems in the family. It is believed that overweight or obesity slows down a career growth, so lifestyle changes can also be regarded from this point of view.

Secondly, overweight negatively affects overall health. Fats accumulated in the abdomen represent particular danger. Adipose tissue increases body weight and negatively affect all major systems of the body. The risk of chronic diseases, especially cardiovascular ones greatly increases in obese people.

Thirdly, overweight is always preceded by obesity. It is much easier to reduce overweight than to cure obesity. The sooner you will understand this, the fewer problems will be in the future. Obesity is often accompanied with various diseases that have to be treated as well. Time and money spent on the treatment of excess weight is much less than when treating obesity.

If you decide to reduce your body weight, it is real to do. The most important thing is constantly to strive to change the habitual lifestyle. Common sense, perseverance and patience are the sufficient conditions to normalize and to maintain body weight at the achieved level.